Chapter 0:


love sick delinquent

I doubt that there is any high school student more disappointed in life than myself.I, Katarina Campbell. A student from St. Palatine Academy, an extremely prestigious private high school where everyone can learn and experience the joy of music and is famous for its music education

I am absorbed in literary works and live a normal and the thing i hate the most is standing out but everything changed out drastically

It all starts when an unwitting boy came into my life

His bizarre behavior draws my interest The moment he began to sing

A beautiful melody wrapped itself around me... I couldn't stop listening

His right eye is as red as garnet and his left eyes boasted the blue of torment. They look so much like beautiful jewels. The moment our eyes met, my chest warmed up, as nostalgia was over me.

I have always regretted listening to it that day

No matter what I tried still wasn't able to escape from that song

I don't know what else I can do...

I put all that hard work I put in misguided efforts and convinced myself it would pay off. I even resorted to this thing. I'm so selfish

It serves me right ... All of it

but I still won't hate that person. even if my love does not reach him.

because they are still my precious feeling

I like his voice just hearing him say a word warms my heart yet he doesn't even realize it .. and it makes my heart ache so terribly

A melody of the unrequited love i hid in my heart.

Is true love worth the ultimate sacrifice?