Chapter 2:

unexpected reunion

love sick delinquent

all my life i had never thought i would came up with delinquents across the streets on my way to school

a group of delinquents,a pervert,a thief and an angel ascends from heaven

this is too much for a day....after that endless road i walked i finally see the school entrance

I blinked open my eyes to see a beautiful woman standing in front of me near the street. Her hair was long, jet black with crimson red streaks wearing general department uniform

''its you,katarina"she finally turned her gaze to meet my blank face"Good morning!''she greeted with a smile

"claudia..."i blankly whispered her name...i'm so glad she's here

Safe and sound

"Did you run?"Claudia asked''You don't need to It's homeroom now"she calmly said''do you know what time it is?i've been waiting here for two hours?''

'if only you knew what i've been through just to get there i thought to myself"

''you shouldve go to to school without me ''i said as i titled my head''why did you keep waiting?''i said looking at her

''i couldn't reach you on phone,i was worried sick about what if you came but couldn't find me.or you had an accident so i couldn't leave even when i'm late already"

''but i'm completely okay''i lied

"I'm happy she always think of me and my safety...and im glad i am to her as well

"oh by the way,listen katarina, a music competition will be held at our school"claudia said excitedly as she shook me off

"okay,i got you...calm down"

"I don't know about music or whatever, the concours involve the music department right? They have separate buildings and it's not like we have classes together and don't think it has anything to do with us"i responded

''Looks like the participants shouldn't be from the music department''

''Really?and why is that?"i asked

''some general department students can play music instruments too ya know''claudia said

''but , it's been even really ending that way."i responded

"Would it be nice if I was chosen?"claudia said excitedly

"Hey, that reminds me. It's not uncommon for you to be late. Did you sleep late or what?"

“didn't do my English homework. And trying to finish a chapter in my novel ... before I knew it down it's morning ''i lied

“It sucks the teacher is very strict''claudia replied as she cheerfully walking separate from me

"I'm still really sleepy and tired after all that running''i whispered when i finally reached the classroom and sat on my chair

''The class is about to start. Please sit down''the teacher who just came in from the door said as she starting to write down on the board

i still can't move on about what just happened and i couldn't remove it from my head

I was drowning in my deep thoughts when I saw something flattering outside the window and saw a butterfly"Miss Campbell ?!" My teacher called me"are you with us?" wow thats a weird question to asked

"Sorry, there's a strange looking butterfly flattering over there"i explained and pointed it out

"You're easily distracted aren't you?" she just sighed''i want you to bring this sheet to the music department class A your punishment for being late''

i stood up from my seat and walk to my teacher

It was far to the music department and back I picked up the music sheets even though I wasn't where the section she was talking about

I was dumbfounded not knowing what to do and walked out of the classroom and went through the court because that was the only shortcut and the building was also far away.''Where did the building go? Am I lost again” before i noticed i just made a u turn and found myself at the back of the main general department building

defeated. I sat down and the grass made a comfortable seat as a pleasant breeze gently brushed against my cheeks."ah it feels good" without thinking, I lay on my back and looked at the sky"for some reason, I can't get it out of my head" I whispered and gently close my eyes and turned aroundAs my consciousness drifted The song replayed in my mind

"The song of the clear eyed dude is really's beautiful.''

''He must be somewhere in the school and I can't find him anywhere. But I can recognize him,as soon as I see him"I clearly remembered what it felt like to hear his voice replay it in my head"Why do I seem to know him from where?

I need to find out

"hey, wake up" someone gently tapped my cheeks as I opened my eyes to see another set of eyes looking me straight in the eye.

" Mismatched eyed "i jump off my seat in surprised but he silently stare at me his black hair swayed weakly in the breeze, blue as the sky and golden as the sun i felt pleasure in that moment

"Never saw a mismatched eyes before?"he asked directly he probably noticed i've been staring at him

''If you've met someone with heterochromia, you're probably having a hard time looking away from the uniqueness of their eyes''i thought to myself

"So, what are you doing sleeping in a place like this?''he stared at me confusedly as he tilted his head

"I'm so upset! Why can't I do anything ?!"i said in frustration without realizing

"Oum actually, I got lost"i smiled and scratched my cheeks awkwardly

he giggled''You look dumb"he said bluntly

I got shock from what he said.first he said he hate poor people and now me being look dumb?what a sharp tongue he got gezzz

"Ahh katarina campbell from class A-1 and you "i said ignoring his insult.i mean he just saved me earlier and i have to act calm

"Katarina? ..."he whispered

"Somethings wrong?" I asked,"No, it's nothing." He answered and then he suddenly smiled at me

"Yahiro .... yahiro paxley''he introduced himself and immediately looked away

his eyes sure was beautiful"Why do I seriously feel like I know him from where?"i thought to myself

"Where are you trying to go?"he asked as it brought me back to my senses

"Music department"i answered shortly''my teacher got me this map but it's confusing''i said as i show him the map''

"because youre reading it upside down''he said as he turn the map 90 degree ''you must be really stupid and cant tell direction''he looked away and lowered his voice

now he appeared to be mocking at me

"Oh i'm sorry please don't mind what i just said''yahiro said with a guilty look

Wow he had sharp tongue''Its okay i don't mind''i lied but he's actually getting in my nerves

''Ill make it up to you''he said and let out a big sigh and scratched his cheeks

i got surprised on what he said but i just smiled widely

''I don't think I have a choice, do I? I'll walk you to the music department building''

I'm so excited"Are you really going to do that for me?"my face brightened

"There is no way I would just a left you here''

"You will do that for me?''Yahiro just stared at me.and Without saying a word, he held out his hand to me "Yahiro?"

''Hold still" He said as he put his hand in my hair and pulled it

"Um ..."

"You had grass in your hair"I love it when he strokes my hair.

I feel like we understand each other through the contact between his hand and my hair i can't help but to secretly smiled

just by Thinking about it is giving me butterflies in my stomach

yahiro took out the music sheets from my hands and started walking"i'm kinda sorry ... for having you help out"i shyly said

'its fine. Wouldn't it be hard for you to carry them alone?"

I hoped and line up with yahiro

something about it seems familiar as if we have done it all our lives

after a long walk we finally reached a huge building like mansion structure

"Wow I 've never been in the musical department but the environment here is really different" I said in amazement as I looked around. Even though the ceiling was high and there was still a chandelier-a scarlet carpet spread down the large staircase

''The ceiling is very high you can't see it unless you look all up to the height!It's like a castle build a.fairy tale!''I stepped upstairs, completely absent from the dreamy world I was in

"It seems to have been inspired by famous monuments such as Buckingham palace. In addition, a large part of the architecture of the Department of music building is reminiscent of mid -nineteenth -century Paris" replied yahiro

"This school building itself appears to be different. Even the uniform is different"i amazement

"regular students? .. i wonder what they're doing here"i heard some students whispered as they look at us with disgusted look

"Are they talking about us?" i whispered

"It looks like they're really talking about us" we keep on walking in silence for a moment before he quietly added"It doesn't feel good to be treated by such an outsider"

That's the cold voice he had this morning...

"Yeah both the music department and the regular department each have a strong sense of pride. But have a weak sense of belonging as a school"i said hoping it will light up the mood"I'm just glad we have a different uniform"

In the distanceI noticed a boy with an exotic face. A crowd of people gathered around that person"He sure is handsome"i whispered as i noticed sunlight from window brought out blonde highlights in the black waves of his hair braid in pigtails matches his skin is pale white skin

"So, you think he's attractive" Yahiro asked noticing where I was looking

"Well I'm not sure"i shrugged"But I just think he seems famous"

"So who is he?"

yahiro paused for a moment as if trying to remember something"Cecilion reize I think"


"Yah he's considered as a perfect student you won't find any bad rumors about him"yahiro slowly shopled his head,his eyes,shooting a sideward glance at me

i was about to twist the doorknob when the door was swung open and hit me on my forehead

"You two there"someone in front of me said as i look up to see who it was

"Move. You're on my way"he added as he glared at me

"Sorry"i struggled not to breath in the scent of his hair and failed.winter roses,rosemary and mint shampoo

Yahiro pulled me close to him and smiled at the music department stupent"We were asked to bring these things to class. Will you take them?"

"Take them. It has nothing to do with me"he turned before yahiro could speak and walk away leaving us dumbfounded

He sure is good looking...i thought

shrugging -yahiro stared at him coldly and didn't speak but i just shook my head.where did it even come from.... I wonder if I will see him again.well, i just hope we shall never see each other again ...

so far we successfully survived in that place and got out safety and as soon as we walked out from the music department building and walked back to the general department i was following yahiro at the back and stop my track "ah yahiro"i called out

''Thank you so much for your help especially this early morning...''

he blinked, unable to speak''is that so?''he said slightly tilted his head

"So, I have a class today so I'll go ahead" he smiled his hair swayed gently by the wind

“Can I still see you again?”i couldn't help but ask

“Sure i promise”

"Sorry to keep you so long"I smiled and waved as I watched him walk away what a kind soul


I smiled and waved as I watched him walk away what a kind soul

Speaking of where They were saying something about the contest this morning

I wonder If this is a big deal in the music department