Chapter 36:

Adventurer’s exam! (Part 3) – Chapter 36

Summoned as a Ghost in another world

After we finished the first challenge, we were led to another room where we would take the next exam.

“Aya, you were amazing! I still can't believe that you made Layton go all out.” And once again Ito came near Aya as he praised her about the match against the instructor. This guy should already know that he's being a bother to Aya.

“I-iIs it that amazing?” ( Aya )

“Of course it is! Even though he has a missing arm, he still holds the title of a C rank, veteran adventurer.” ( Ito )

Hm… So there are ranks for adventurers in this world?

“Hey Aya, you should definitely join my party!” He asked Aya once again to join his party. This guy is being really annoying. Doesn't he already have two girls on his party?

“um, i.. Don't--” And since Aya couldn't manage to fight back from the way he was talking, I decided to take control of her body. I couldn't stand it when Aya feels anxious about refusing someone who keeps pushing her.

“I already said I wasn't interested, why do you keep bothering me?” Both Ito and the girls beside him looked at Aya in surprise when they noticed the sudden change in Aya's behavior.

“I k-know that I already asked, but sooner or later you're gonna have to find a party.” ( Ito )

“And why is that? I can manage on my own just fine.” Besides, Aya isn't alone. If Aya is in a dangerous situation, I can help her anytime, even during the night since I can not sleep.

“Well, all the new adventures start off from G rank. And the guild has made strict rules about the G rankers. They all must be in a party until they reach at least ‘i’ rank.” ( Ito )

I see, so in order to increase the safety rate of adventurers, they make the newbies do quests in groups. But since Aya is an introvert, it might be a little hard for her. I do want her to be more confident in the way she talks, but I'm not sure if the people in this world are as pure as they seem to be.

“I will think about it.” I said as I started walking away from them.

[What do you think about them?] Since I didn't want to make decisions about Aya's life choices, I asked her telepathically like usual.

[I… don't know. I'm fine with just Hiroki…] ( Aya )

[I know, but they don't allow newbies do quests if they aren't on a party.] ( Hiroki )

I could feel that Aya was a little troubled about this kind of situation. Back in my world, I had a friend who was an introvert like Aya. And It always bothered me that he was always alone and never talked to anyone, that's why I tried to befriend him. When I got to know him, I found out that he was a cool guy, but he would always reject all of my offers to join group activities I did with my other friends.

"..." ( Aya )

[You don't have to worry, even if you join a party. You should know that I'm always with you.] Her heart started racing again when I said that to her...




Everyone who passed the first exam was led to the next room where we would take the second one.

“Okay, is this everyone who managed to pass the first exam?” The other instructor said as he took a look at all of us. If I remember correctly, only one party failed the first exam so there aren't any differences in numbers in this group.

“In here, I will be testing your skills and strength so be sure to join a party if you haven't already.” The instructor announced as he started preparing himself. Me and Aya didn't know anyone in this place, so finding a party here might be really hard. Maybe I can join Ito’s group, but I don’t know how to feel about that guy.

“Is it okay if I do this exam solo?” I asked the instructor, but he didn't seem to take the question that positively.

“What's your name, little girl?” He asked Aya.

“Aya.” I responded to him.

“Okay then Aya, If you really think you can manage to do quests alone, then I'll give the guild master a word just for you.”

“Really?” But before I could respond, Aya took back control and excitedly responded to the instructor.

“...That is only if you can beat me in a fight.”

I thought so… the guild takes this kind of thing seriously so the goal of becoming a solo adventurer might be hard.

“The match will be simple, if you manage to hit me once, then you win. Any kind of tricks or magic is allowed, also this room is filled with recovery magic so you don't have to worry if you get a scratch or two.” The instructor said as he took a fighting pose. On the other side were me and Aya who were trying to think of a strategy about this. Wait, I only have tried this on Aya, but can I actually see other people's statuses? I tried checking his status, but before I could see his information, he charged towards us barehanded.

“Checking your opponent's information is a good thing, but you should be careful on who you do that!”

And the next thing we knew, we found this guy in front of us in a split second.

Huh?! He's so fast! No wonder he's bare-handed, if he was using a weapon, Aya would be dead by now. But since this was just an exam, the instructor held himself back and hit Aya right in her stomach.

“Aghh!” Both me and Aya could feel the pain through her entire body.

“Rule number one, never look away from your enemies!” That guy came on our side and hit Aya on her shoulder, pushing us some meters away.

“Aaagh!” Even though this guy is facing a little girl, he still didn't mind hitting her. Just what kind of ruthless bastard can he be? I can understand that he wanted to make a point, but that doesn't mean to bully Aya like that.

“Rule number two, your confidence might cost your life!” This guy came in front of us once again and tried hitting Aya in the face, but this time we barely managed to block it.

“Rule number three, never turn your back to your enemy!” Aya's whole body was burning from the way this guy was hitting her.

“And lastly, your comrades will always have your back!” He said after coming from our behind, knocking Aya out. But thanks to me, I can take control of her body even when she is unconscious.

“Hee? So you're still awake even after that?” The instructor wondered as he was looking at Aya. Aya right now was unconscious but thanks to me I can pretend to be her and get my sweet revenge.

I've had enough listening to his shit while pushing around Aya like that.

“Hoo? I like the look on your face, if you still have energy left to attack me, then bring it on.” He provoked Aya as he was waiting for her to attack. And of course, it wasn't going to be that easy, since this guy hit Aya really badly. I still could feel all of his hits that reached Aya. But I won't allow this to continue any longer. Since Aya's body didn't have much stamina left, I thought of another plan for this situation. I charged towards him with all I had, but I already knew that my attack wouldn't do much damage even when using Aya's skills.

<Double swing>

Throughout the first attack, Aya can attack the opponent two times at the same time. But this was really easy for him to dodge. But I wasn't over yet, since this guy underestimated Aya, I can take this as an advantage. Another skill that Aya has earned from Aito's gift.

<Certain Hit>

Thanks to this skill, Aya can hit anything at any possible means, leaving the enemy with no other choice but to face the attack.

“You think you can manage to get me with that?”

But once again, this attack didn't do anything to him. The instructor managed to grab the dagger with two of his fingers. He was taking it really easy, but that's when my win came.


This was one of the skills that I got from Aito. I tested it before and I could see that it was a good way of restraining my target from moving, but in order to use this skill, I have to be in physical contact with the target. And right now he was touching the dagger's blade.

“Hhhng!” The instructor reacted for a bit after receiving my attack. Right now he shouldn't be able to move at all.


“You almost got me there, but…” But it seems like I was underestimating him a little as well. After he took a deep breath, he managed to recover and move perfectly fine.

“It's not that easy to take me down.” The next thing I knew, I was flying in mid-air until Aya's body crashed into the corner of the room. This bastard didn't hold back at all, did he? If it wasn't for the recovery magic in this room, Aya wouldn't be able to recover from this kind of wound.

“You're quite tough for a little girl, I have to say that I'm impressed.” He said with a smirk on his face. He's definitely having fun…

“But you still have to form a party with two or three members or you won't be able to join this guild.”

So it still comes to that in the end?



After this, I sat down near some seats and looked at the other matches which the other participants were taking. Most of them ended up pretty quickly and the instructor didn't seem to hold back at all when attacking them.

“I once heard that this guy managed to kill a dragon.” On Aya's side, a girl came with weird clothes. Wait, isn't she the same girl who was on Ito's side? I think her name was… Tamiko?

“How do you know that?” I asked her.

“He is a famous adventurer who has accomplished a lot of achievements.” Her voice seemed a little excited as she was explaining this to me.

“What about his rank?”

“He is currently the strongest adventurer in this city who holds the "BBB" rank.” She replied to me. Wait, a ‘BBB’ rank? I thought ranking in this place started from G to A, but a ‘BBB’ rank?

“How many ranks are there?” Asking this now might be the right decision since I still don’t know what kind of world this is.

“You don't know that as well? If you're joining the adventurer's guild, you should at least know the basics of how things work here.”

I'm basically a ghost who used to live in another world, and Aya doesn't seem to know much about this either. We also didn't have time to figure out how the guild works.

“Anyway, this guild has 21 ranks. If an adventurer manages to get three symbols of the same rank, they can manage to go into another rank. For example, if you want to go from ‘j’ rank to ‘i’, you have to earn another two ‘j’s’ until you reach ‘JJJ’. That way the guild will allow you to jump in the other ranks.”

I thought that this guild only had ranks from G go S, but seems like there are more ranks.

“I see, thanks for the information.” I thanked her as I tried checking if Aya was conscious.

“No problem. It's always nice to help someone.”

Right now, we were waiting for the answers of this exam. I wasn't sure if Aya had passed or not. This actually felt as if I was waiting for the test results from my school. Even Tamiko was by my side watching the other members take the exam.

“So did you find a party yet?” Tamiko suddenly looked at Aya and asked. I tried looking for a group of people who would accept Aya as their comrade, but everyone ignored her. Do they think that Aya would be a bother to them?

“Not yet.”

“Then why don't you join my party? We would really like it if we had you as a friend.” She smiled as she said that to me. Aya was asleep right now, and I couldn't ask her what to do. But based on the circumstances right now, joining their party might be the best option.

“Okay.” So I decided on joining their party for now since I didn't seem to have any other option.

“R-really!? Yay! Ito and Ryoko will be really happy when they hear this!” Also, I've been wondering this for a while, why do they keep trying to make me join their party?