Chapter 3:

beautiful yet fragile

love sick delinquent

i was walking down the hallway when i noticed a group if students gathering around the bulletin board

i squeezed myself along with the crowed to see whats on going on when i noticed a poster says:


this notice is to inform all student from any curriculum can enter and play a single song for the concour's four selections an inter school classical music competition will be held.please stay tuned for further details about the selection process for this competition


i sigh after i found out what's going on and why the students so excited about this i mean,they all know only music students are capable of joining in such kind of competition especially in music

we maybe in the same school but music and general education student is different from one another we ordinary students from general department focus on general education while music department students focus on entrepreneurship,music and arts

I decided to walk away from the scene and looked for claudia.

she's probably waiting for me by now at the library since i promised i will help her with research for her assignment

As soon as I entered the library,I immediately looked around the area and noticed the window sittin there was handsome and frail-looking and at the same time, appearing as a tall and slender young man.

i like feel saw him before..."i thought to myself

he glanced in my direction and smile gently ''um,you've been staring at me you need something?"he asked politely with a low voice since he's only few meter away from me

"No way!He could tell I was staring at him?!

thats right...hes the popular guy yahiro and i saw and the music department i guess yahiro is right. he does seems to have a tender personality which is a charming and considered Prince type character

i shook my head and looked at him straight to his eyes"i just thought you're so beautiful''and smiled realizing what i just said i immediately covered my mouth and awkwardly walked away

he just silently glanced at me confusedly watching me go away

after twist and turns i finally found claudia

'katarina over here''she whispered and waved her arms around the air.

she was sitting at the last corner of a shelf.perfect spot

The library is triple bigger than a normal library and most students visit here from general department.i heard it was because music students have a separate library.well, i've never been able to wander the music department building .But they sure have a completely different structure.

music department building is completely different maybe its because palantine was originally a music school after all, and its originally "palantine institute of music".

but after the school decide to offered a basic education the general department building was especially constricted and design like a normal school building especially for the needs of students

i sat down beside claudia in a wooden bench probably for three people and noticed a hard covered book on the table with ''saint palantine academy ''written on it

''okay so...''she started and adjusting the frame of her circular glasses as she opened the book and flipping the pages

there it is'''she excitedly said and drop the book on table closer to me

the other our attention because of it at they get over and minding back their own business

we can finally gather some.information regarding the music competition

but i thought this is for your assignment

thats a lie''she slightly giggled

i leaned my face a little closer where claudia pointed her finger in some part of the book

i have to get closer since the font is kind off small for me to read

"saint palantine academy was built in year 1781"i started reading minimizing my voice and it immediately caught my interest so i snatched the book from claudia's hand and back oN the back chair

''1891?so this school is older than i imagined?''

"on year 1995 the music school has closed after a law had been passed that larger school districts had to include some students involved in juvenile delinquency

on the year 2004 is the continuity of the school

''Each year in the spring, saint palatine holds a private concur. Any student from any curriculum can enter and play a single song for the concour's four selections ."I glanced at claudia who is listening to me.she just rolled her eyes at me''whatever you say"claudia said.

i just shrugged .she probably don't find it interesting anymore well, i do

hahaha go for it claudia,go scare yourself''i teased her

it seems like the last participant joined the competition were friends.''i said pointed out a black and white picture from the book .standing there was a girl playing a violin and a boy sitting on a piano

hey speaking of friends you know what today is?''claudia smiled smugly

21st?''I raised my brow confusedly."What's On 21st?'

claudia closed her eyes and smiled''the seven year anniversary when katarina and i first met'' she said calmly and sweetly

"oh yeah i remember it was only like 5 years ago ''i got surprised and cant believe that i forgot such special event

''got a gift for me?she.asked

i always have presents for you know"

''yeah you do have a gift but seems like you're not putting effort on it tho with you and your cheap taste''

"Hey, I have you know I don't have cheap taste,'' I protested.'' Are you saying I have terrible taste when it comes to presents ? hey they're all signatures..for your information"

''yeah your signature'"claudia said and smiled smugly"on the card''she added and burst out laughing

did she forgot where in the library.i sigh in relief when no one reacted on how claudia act

stop teasing me” i murmured

claudia's face turned serious as she straight look at me''are you happy with my past few gift for you last year katarina?'' she asked and smiled gently''because i can't imagine what you will feel when i give you this'' claudia handed me a wooden box and she adjust her glasses again

"allow me to give you a small token as a gift"as soon as she opened the box.i heard a sweet tune playing from the box and i noticed a shining object i stared at it

'tadaaa''she whispered excitedly and widely smiled

i went blank and paused for a second...not knowing what to do or say

im so touched by claudia's surprised

'hey say something

''its beautiful..''

'' you got me a music box?and a beautiful silver broach?''why?''i asked in disbelief

oh its no big deal” claudia smirked

''why?don't you like it?she asked worriedly

i looked closer to the broach and the box still playing the gentle and beautiful amd stared at her when claudia took the broach and put closed the music box and put it on table

''our friendship has no price,no rules no limitation and no conditions,as long as you have this,i want you to always remember that you have a friend you can always rely at all situation,at all time''claudia step towards me and attached something to my uniform pocket

when i glanced downward ,i saw she had given me,it was indeed a beautiful brooch with a beautiful turquoise gem on the center

'"let it be the charm that gives you good luck in your journey here in our school"

i will cherish this forever.thank you claudia''

''sure thing''she answered

i felt guilty having no present for her so i decided to make it up to her ''you know what im gonna get you?''i confidently asked even tho im not really sure about this and dont know what to do but i hide my worry with a smile

''you don't have to''

i remembered the flier beside the poster from bulletin board while ago so i came up with an idea

''tickets to 2nd year music department student orchestra concert for the next Friday you and me''i said trying to be cool

i always know claudia is fond with classical music.this might cheer her up

"' but its been sold out for months''

''you let me worry about that i got ways ''

she smiled and wrapped her arms around my claudia is such a nice girl

''I bet my life here is gonna be so much fun''i said excitedly''its like i still can't believe that I'm here''

''what do you mean?''

i got a into a wild situation early this morning''

''Why don't we talk about it until you feel tired and feel like going home?

are you sure?''

''its cool im not tired either thanks''

''hmm now that i think about it i've met some new.people today oh yeah there was this other guy and oh he had two different colored eyes''i said and i decided not to be detailed especially the part where i encountered some delinquents who tried to rip off my clothes and a perverted boy touching and trying to steal something from me

she's a bit neutc sometimes and knowing clauda.she might blame herself thinking its her fault asking me to walk with her at school .i'm sure she will be distraught

also i just don't want her to worry much about me

claudia.went silently as if trying to remember something'' yahiro right?yah yahiro "

'you know him?'i surprisedly asked

''Of course I do. yahiro gives off a perfectionist vibe yah know. also, he's seems rude and hard to approach

''really?he help me before and even walk me to the music department i thought he was a really nice guy though sometimes what he says a little cruel i think you'll found out. he's actually pretty nice if you try and talk to him ''i added

''hmm maybe i'll find a chance to do that sometime then''Claudia answered and she seems do not believed me

''I'm sure you'll get along just fine ''i said with encouragement

''they're beautiful yah know..those Mismatched eyes if his..they remind me if Jewel sort if lost myself in then for a moment ''

claudia just looked at me smiling as if having fun listening to my stories

'oh i once had a friend from.....she had pretty mismatched eyes too ''i continued

''oh i get it now '' .i must be feeling nostalgic about her. that's why i felt like when i saw yahiro''i said in conclusion

''have you kept in touch l''claudia asked

i shook my head ''no. that was back then almost years ago her name is sayuri. we used to play together all the time ''

''i want to be friends with him"i said and gently smiled

''its nice that no one caught us chatting here.well,except that time i voice''claudia giggled

i smiled''thanks for listening to me claudia''

''no,thanks for telling me''