Chapter 0:


Love and Delusion

A Long long time ago... there live a beautiful sorcerer who had a lovely hair as red as blood.

wandering around the forest and in the moonlit garden of a big castle where she found a young man. Beckoned by the moonlight was a regal Prince as tranquil and as cool as the twilight

The sorcerer hid herself on one of the thickest bushes and starred at him But unfortunately the prince notice her presence.

She hardly Think of something to say and instead asked "The moon is beautiful, isn't it?" The prince replied" yeah,the moon is beautiful and so are you"

He's simple words filled her heart with joy and For the very first time, someone smiled at her genuinely.

as she spend time with him, her dull and gray world she has been living in,everything started to filled with brilliant colors.

and thats when she made a vow, that she would become stonger so that she can be the one to protect him but the prince was already engaged with a princess and know she cant be with him forever no matter how much she feel for him, but still she want to stay with him as much as possible Despite that fact, she still wishes on a star that her feeling will get through him someday

however. the rift and animosity between their kingdom deepenend and leads to an era of war between the south kingdom with the north kingdom and the prince and the princess were unable to meet

unable to let go if his love, the prince ask for the king for the princess hands in marraige

But king of north kingdom challenged the prince and promised to give him the permit to marry the princess only if he could navigate the labyrirth underneath the royal palace

Yearning to marry the princess,the prince readily accepted this challenge

The sorcerer figured out it might be a trapped but she know how much the prince love the Princess and Even tho the Prince was already in love with someone ,She would still do everything to protect the prince for she genuinely love him

Going backwards in time over and over again causing her to become detached from reality as well as from the reasons she cared about saving the prince Later on,she decided to help the him navigate the labyrinth underneath the Royal palace by giving him her magic compass But what they did not know was that the labyrinth had no exist.

And the king cursed him to be forever lost in the labyrinth for the rest of his life.

After knowing about what happened, the sorceress immediately went to see the witch who lived the in the darker part of a forest and said, " I want him to stay alive in the labyrinth! I want him to live! Forever!"and the witch replied "Then, I shall grant your wish only if you offer me your hair. but keep this on can stop time but when you do,you will lose your life soon afterwards"

The sorceress doesnt want the prince to die and the only way to keep him alive is to stop time in the labyrinth .as a payment, cut her hair with a knife and her hair turned into white,as white as snow and set out for the labyrinth to look for him. Starring at her beloved prince she whispered"Now I can finally save him ....for the last time".she kissed the prince on the cheek.

At the moment when the time resumes in the outside world, the princess was no longer beside him,instead, his bed was covered with strand of lovely red hair as beautiful as silk that is more crismson the strawberry blonde.

In profound sadness,the prince wandered for eternity, trapped within the labyrinth looking for the sorceress,as day become a month and the month become a year,two,three years... through more than 100 years passed, but he could not escape from the labyrith and still roams the underground labyrith even to this day.....

all to meet his beloved , the sorceress.


''well done miss valentine''said euphimia after reading my story,our president in literature club''youre really fond of unrequited love dont you''she smirked and put put the picture book back on her table at stood up from her seat '' you did so great collaborating with the art club for this fine graphics. Congratulation to your fist ever published picture book here in our academy'' she said in blank tone

I smiled '' I could have not done it without you'' she looked at me and seems surprised to what I’ve said and shyly looked away

miss president is always like this, a sassy, tough, dark and grouchy beautiful girl with outstanding style, and an active high school writer who won several national annual writing competition awards, but despite all she had achieve, many students find her weird and mean...because of her cruel personality who rejects boys in humiliating ways by exposing their dark secrets and calling them names often in front of the whole school but she only hurts others to avoid hurting herself its not because she enjoys it

I’m glad i was able to see that side of her and always admire her because it,

she’s the reason why i joined this club. I want to be like her someday. Being able to write stories that touches the heart and soul of her reader despite her being like that, I can tell that she's really kind and have great passion in literature works pouring her emotions on her masterpiece and her passion to music

‘‘I want you to publish your very own novel as well''

‘‘Really miss president?''I said in full excitement

''please don’t call me that way, it’s pretty embarrassing “she said and looked away

'' I’ll do my best''i said confidently and took my backpack from the table

A gentle smile formed in miss fildora lips as she looked at me'' you're always so bright and cheerful. I envy you ''she said and a saddened look came across her face

''I’ll take my leave'' she turned around and I silently watched her walk to the door

i looked around the empty classroom with untidy books on shelves, the disarranged chairs, the plain white curtains swaying on the window, gently moved by the wind. ... When the orange tranquil rays of sunset began painting the sky

‘‘How beautiful''i whispered to my self- Enjoying the sunset in the classroom when someone knock on the door

i opened it and an unfamiliar guy was standing in front of me

Is euphimia here? “a tall fragile looking boy with shoulder length hair alternately dyed in black and blond tied in two neatly woven pigtail braids asked as he looked around the classroom

''i guess she’s not here “he said realizing euphimia was nowhere to be seen

''oh miss pres.? She left few minutes ago''i said and immediately turned around as i panicked what to say next

‘‘Is that so? “He said as he went quiet and seems like remembering something

'' euphimia left you here alone? “his faced seems concerned about something” want me to stay here with you? “he asked

I smiled awkwardly and refused'' I’ll be fine''

But I can’t just left you here “His head turned weakly to look at me and I smiled awkwardly at him watching as his face became even more worried

ah you don’t-''i said in panicked waving my hands on the air

He giggled a bit and smiled” it’s okay I insist'' he said and step inside the classroom

‘‘I-I’ll go get some tea''i excused myself for a bit and went to euphimias tea set

She said i can always use this so I’ll be fine

i went to him and serve him a cup of tea.''thanks''he smiled as he thank me when my legs are shaking as he left the cup to take a sip

oh noh what if it’s too bitter? Or too hot? I started overthinking when he put the paused

''it’s so gentle and warm” he whispered and smiled gently

‘‘That picture book? “he glanced at the table where euphimia left the picture book

oh this? I reached out to it ''want to see?''i handed it over to him and he reached out my hand to took it

''i didn’t know euphimia is interested in kid books “he said and run his finger to the hard book cover

I felt blood rush to my face and shook my head''i wrote it myself. pres said she will help me publish it and even contact the art president for this so I brought it her to show her the result''

'Is that so?''

i nodded “i dreamed to become a children book author making picture books to help them sleep and inspire them to see the world and help them see the wonder beyond imagination “I said cheerfully ''that’s what i always what to do” added

He just quietly listened to me and smiled gently

i covered my mouth when i realized i talked to much

He just gently giggled “What is this story all about”

it’s about the sorceress who fall in love and forsake her precious dear life all just to help the prince to be with his lover, the princess ''

''oh really? But why?''

'well, its because if you love someone doesn't mean they have to like you back?''i shyly questioned him back

‘‘What do you mean?'' he asked

"Real, enduring love is not something you can bargain for “I said "to love someone unconditionally without condition, expectation or limitation, not for some selfless greatness is a wonderful feeling? I said before lifting my head

''oh it’s an unrequited love''he said “I see....i guess you’re right"

Is it just me or his eyes went cold for a moment?