Chapter 4:

tranquil as moonlight

love sick delinquent

''tada''i cheerfully hand over claudia the ticket i got

''woah orchestra concert ticket''she surprisedly said as she shook the tickets up and down''where you got this?they're sold out''

''oum...from music department student ''

''she must have charge you fortune''

''zero.i trade her the music box you gave me for this ticket''

''wait you trade the music box?''claudias eyes widened and step away from me''that might be a plain rose wood a jewelry box to you but that's just the shell. whats on the inside is actually a gold plated music box"

"how can you trade that expensive music box that i made customize for you to some indolence kid"claudia said frustratedly

''but i didn't gave the box away.i trade the music box for something you really wanted''i said firmly

''but that music box was really special to me''

''you said it was no big deal''i fired at her

''well that's what when they give something off''claudia said calmly but she can't hide frustration in her tone and voice'' it's no big deal well,it's always a big deal''last thing she said and walked out.


i didn't expect claudia could be so frustrated about it....i just want her to be happy but i didn't expect it to turn out this way

after claudia walked out i run out of the classroom.i immediately rush out and went back to the library to look for the girl i trade the music box for

i have to get it back at all cost''i said to myself as i started to look around to the girl i traded the box for

she was few meters from me

should i approach her now?she seems busy tho....

what should i do?''oum...i would like to ...''I drew next to her and let out a timid voice

''we meet again''a voice behind my back said as i turned around to see it was

"prince boy.."i said without even thinking

''oh im honored?''he weakly smiled as he glanced the open music box playing music on the table

the girl in front of me does seems surprise when he saw him and she now glaring at me

"What a beautiful and tranquil ...''prince boy said which caught attention

he said gently''can i have it?''he.asked and the music department student flattered and blushed so hard.''you looked.awfully red are you alright?''prince boy asked once again and tried to put his hand on her forehead.

Can he be any denser?

he smiled at her as girl panicked hand it over to him without a word and dash off out in the library

prince boy looked confused at the girls reaction but he turned to.look at me and took the box on his hand and opened the music box

beautiful yet fragile melody"

''yeah just like you ''i answered without even thinking

he seems surprised about what i said and immediately managed turned back to his weak and calm expression and closed the box shut

"I know there could be a meaning of nostalgia behind it. I look at it as a beautiful piece that could have a music theme that is represented by something that the person loves or the person giving the music box thinks the song has meaning behind it. Being able to hold your beautiful pieces of jewelry that every time they open the jewelry box and the music plays you will always remember the person who gave you this gift. I think it is a beautiful gift to give someone.

i nodded in agreement"a friend of mine gave i to me seems really special to her so i dont get why she handed it over to me"i said weakly and leaned on the table and buried my face with sleeves

A music box represents so much on so many levels. Consider the music played. Consider the decoration of the box itself. It represents nostalgia, memories and it can only come from a person who only has the purest and most sincere of hearts.It represents the giver's heart, with no expectation of what you put into it."he said as if trying to lighten up the mood

i don't want to be rude so sat down properly but i still not able t looked up.i feel bad for what i did

It will continue playing it's music when you wind it up and stop whenever you want it to, while always being there, just for you and it last generations.The music box is symbolic to something you can lean on when the giver is not around."i couldn't help but to smiled on what he said

why do we even have a conversation here?i chuckled a little bit

he pulled a chair and sat beside me "The Canon is really a beautiful piece and very well crafted piece of music"he placed the box on the table and touching the surface on it

that music called canon?

''yes it is "

i feel like i heard it before somewhere in my life ..but i .don't know where or when.i thought to myself as i stared at him

''you're from music department right?you must love music so much"

"yeah in playing music you You don't need anything else to speak upon the already beautiful notes that the instruments play.Some people think their emotion needs to be expressed by speaking what's on their mind, but it Doesn't"

"Just pour your heart into what you're playing and the emotion will come off beautifully."

"Canon is such a masterpiece. Elegant, tranquil, and just perfect."i whispered

he responded with a smile''I think giving away something that was given to u from a friend was the wrong should trade it for anything in this world''

i looked down....just by listening to heart ache terribly everything he said is true and i did a horrible.thing to claudia

if only i could turn back the time,then i shouldn't have trade the box

''here please take it back''he stood up from his chair handed me the music box

l looked up to see him.smiling at me

''but why?i don't understand''

''well, i've never seen such an interesting girl my entire life before''he leaned close to me and smiled you caught my attention''he added and silently walk away leaving me confused

The ray orange sunset descends from.the the library...everything is so quiet as if time.have stopped.

i smiled as i looked at the music box''i'm glad i did not lose you''i said

in distance i saw claudia waiting for someone and the gate.i shyly walk closer to her

i should apologize

oum claudia...''i started

claudia handed me a slumbook"i got this slumbook from yahiros class and you got everything you want to know about yahiro. don't mind paying me.ill hand it over for free"she said proudly

''but...i glanced at the.notebook with teary eyes''you're not mad at me?”

''nope.not anymore ''claudia turned around and wink at me before she walk away waving her hands around the air

claudia!''i called her out and turn towards her''i'm sorry i was a jerk!''i said as i close my eyes and wrapped my arms around her tighter

''from this day onwards i'll cherish this forever''

claudia didn't say a word and slowly turn to face me and hugged me back''i still have one more present for you katarina,look forward to it okay''she glanced at me and smiled

despite my confusion i nodded with a smile''i will''

with that claudia turn around and silently running away from me.i was stood there dumbfounded as i watched her slowly far enough to disappeared out of my sight

I glanced at the slumbook claudia had given to me and flipped open the page until i saw yahiros profile and picture on it