Chapter 5:

twist and turn

love sick delinquent

i stared at the music box on my bed claudia gave to me and i took it and roll over my bed until i fall down

''ouch''i said and coh my body in pain and i rub my nape when i noticed the slumbook claudia have me earlier so i crawl down and reach out for it

i read and flip few page.its like a yearbook or bio data perhaps with photos attached contains important details about a person

i blushed as i accidentally lay my eyes on yahiros 2x2 picture on the upper left corner of his profile

i covered my face with the notebook out of embarrassment when a bookmark drop from its pages

Name:Yahiro paxley

Birthday:April 2

School: saint palantine academy

Department: general ed

Likes:peaceful and quiet place to live in


Motto:"if I can do it tomorrow,I won't do it today"


Fruits: star apple

Desert:French macaroons

Colors: blue

Book: Affection across time


Describe yourself: see me in personal

Friendship means: Like a family

Qualities I look for a friend: someone like Gabriel

Who is your crush?:money

What attracted you most: money

Have you been in love:yes

With whom: Money

What is love:love is money

Most unforgettable moment: that moment when I fell in love with money

What are you afraid of: losing money

What are you plans in the future: make money

Who the heck is money?

i flip the cardboard which i mistook as a bookmark and saw a picture of yahiro sitting on a bench and a blonde boy beside him wearing music department uniform

i grin

that's right?! if i want to be closer to him i have to be friends with his friend


later in the morning,i came up with the plan

to wait for yahiro and pretend it was a coincidence and asked him regarding his friend. That's the only way to talk to him. it would be hard if i do it in school

after a long wait

things were going according to my plan

i saw yahiro sitting in the riverbank near that park where the first time i saw him

i smiled smugly as i stand behind looking at him watching the river flow

We just sat down and looked at each other "why isn't he saying anything??should i break the silence?!

''oum nice weather we have today''i said awkwardly

''yeah it is''i responded.shortly without even looking at me

after that...the minute of silence

What's with this awkward silence?let's to get this conversation a little longer

''kyahhh ''someone yelled

"50% discount potato chips at the convenience store. I got a jar of mayonnaise here HAHAHAHA"i look in the direction of the laughter I heard "whos there?!"i looked at the direction where the voice came from

I looked up to find a boy wearing a plain light blue shirt with a dark colored tie,pristine white blazer, dark blue pants,A pair of brown Shoes and dark blue socks. holding a case


we confusedly stared at each other the moment our eyes met

Music department uniform?

"Yahiro!"he called

''Give me a break genro! i can't take this anymore!"yahiro said and ruffled his hair

yahiro seems annoyed

"she's probably hoping for an unrealistically romantic "boy meets girl encounter"

he had this choppy undercut style, with the top dyed blonde and the sides kept his natural black hair

isn't he the one in that photo beside yahiro?

''that's not what i mean''yahiro defended and confusedly looked at him

''doesn't she even know how painful it was for you to squeeze out those ridiculous lines?"he said mocking at him that any minute by now he will bust out laughing

''hey it's that''yahiro smiled awkwardly

"black blazer with a black deep v neck vest over a white button down shirt with ruffles near the neckline with a white bow visible through the v of the vest and a bow red tied neck above the white bow ... black skirt that ends above knees with a white petticoat underneath with black socks and brown dress must be from general department" he describes my great detail...weird

i rolled my eyes 180 degree

'the brooch''he said looking at the accessory on the left side of my blazer

The two stared at each other for a while ... Later a strong wind blew causing the papers to fly and scatter from my bag. My bag is open! I immediately let go of my bag and quickly handed over the papers that flew in the air. I tried to chase them as the wind flew and scattered in the air. They immediately helped me pick up the papers! My eyes caught a glance at the front page of what I had written Wag !! crap too late! I see...

"the phantom thief and the tower of memories?"he confusedly read out the paper attached to a paper clip

"so you're writing a novel?"he asked looking amazed while I blushed in embarrassment

"Uhmm lets see....wandering around the forest and in the river bank near of a big castle is where she found a handsome boy. beckoned by the moonlight was a regal prince as tranquil and as cool as twilight who possesses stunning beauty,described to be as pretty as a doll With black hair and eyes and a perfect doll-like face, and a devilish charm that can even capture men as well as women with his unique atmosphere."he once again read out loudly and check the other side of the paper

"Listening to his crystal singing voice His song filled her heart with joy..." "surprisingly similar to the current situation!what a coincidence!" he said cheerfully"so basically,this girl wanted to turn her fantasy into reality and chose you to be the protagonist of the story"he smiled as he added

Smarty pants!I know he doesn't mean any harm....but he shouldn't have said those going to make me cry from embarrassment

i'm sure they will going to make fun of me

yahiro let out a sigh "Your face looks red are you sick? "he asked a little worried while putting his hand on my forehead and leaned closer this feels weird...i shook my head

i've never been this close to anyone before "Eight twenty-five Were going to be late! "said the blonde boy

"The bells are gonna ring! I'm not late yet! "yahiro responded as if he is fooling himself

"I've never been late yet! You're the problem yahiro!if you walk you'll definitely be late!"gabriel said and hopped on his bicycle

" How about the Potato chips?"

"Isn't it was you the one who called ne to backup and rescue you? "he said and looked at yahiro surprisingly

"oh is that so"yahiro averted his gaze away as he scratched his cheeks

"If a member of saint Palatine student council is late, it sets a bad example"he said worriedly and starred at me for a while ''not all students got the school crest i was like pride of every student in st.palatines academy''

"Hop on my back, I'll give you a ride "Gabriel said as he pointed to the back seat''gear up milady,''my eyes widened as I started the school bike for a while.are you serious....we are going to ride on this bike?

"Being late is bad, but is three people on a bike are okay?"i asked worriedly

he grinned and didn't answer and pulled my hand

This isn't good, riding triple on a school bike

"We'll get in trouble if we get caught huh??"

The school law take precedence over the highway law"he answered cheerfully

well,i don't want to be late either so i just sat down at the back seat of the school bike and yahiro was sitting in the handle bars

"can i seat on the handle bars?"he asked even tho he was already sitting and trying to get balance

"It's absolutely bad, stupid, and dumb to have someone sitting on the handlebars"gabriel respibded as he try to get yahiro out

"we can't be late,but you're perfectly alright with riding the same bicycle?"yahiro asked as he glanced at me

i just nodded with a smile"hold on tight "my face turns red with mixed emotion of happiness and embarrassment as he wrapped my arms around his waist this unique feeling I have on while riding a bike is the freedom I feel wherever I am or wherever...i guess all i wanted to see what it was like on time... to be like anyone...and rode off to school together with someone... as the warm breeze hitting against us as we headed out to the school.i.smiled i were a modern day lady,prince and knight who rode to escape from's kind of romantic and thrilling even tho i'm completely not comfortable with our position right now

but at least yahiro is close to me

its kind of weird seeing a music department students appears and yelling for a 50%discount of potato chips and chastises a regular department student for walking to school which would make him late... They seem to be very good friends

could it be possible he's gabriel?the one yahiro referring to in the slumbook ?


"Good afternoon everyone.this is from the committee of announcement, there are some things you should know regarding this years musical concours which will be held in the school" we were in the middle of the class when the speaker echoed through out from the school intercom system "so,i will now announce the participants of the concours" he added

"to begin with...from the music department in class 2-A, cecilion reize" "in the same class...Gabriel roseblade" "to continue ,from 3-B...nicole carlton and then from 2-B euphemia fildora ...class 1-A reijimin Li" "and lastly from the regular department ,class A-1 katarina campbell"

" me?!"

"Why would I be selected as a participant?!!''i said and table on surprised which caught my classmates attention and the whole classroom covered with whispered and gossips

"I really don't know how to play any musical instruments?!! it.was.probably just a printing error or.something''i convinced myself and march to claudia's classroom

all students eye are on me...veez i really hate standing out

i rush out and immediately knock at claudia's classroom

i sigh in relief when there's no teacher on class

I told her my problem. And she was just silently listing and nodding at me''This Competition should have a teacher in charge,looks like you have to ask that teacher personally''claudia suggested

i was shocked.claudia.seems to be the who is not surprised regarding this

but i just nodded at her