Chapter 6:



As the blinding light engulfed my vision, I was filled with turmoil and disbelief. What just happened?Bookmark here

My head only thought one thing, "Is this really how it ends..?"Bookmark here

The truck tried swerving to the right but it was already too late. Soon a loud horn blared knocking me out of my trance, it grew closer and closer till suddenly....Bookmark here


In that very instant it felt as though my whole body shattered into a million pieces, then in the next it went completely numb. My vision faded to black and I was conscious no more.Bookmark here

We are finally here, in the present. All that's happened was all the moments that led up to now. Bookmark here

Soon my eyes opened again and there I saw my friends huddled around me, they were panicking and trying to help me. It was very dark and blurry but I was able to see just enough to know it was them. My hearing was muffled and impaired, and I felt extremely weak. It felt so cold and damp, but also so warm.Bookmark here

I could see my friends speaking to me, however I couldn't understand their muffled words. There was a loud ringing in my ear that dominated all other sounds around me, it sounded so scary. My eyelids grew heavy again, so I closed them and felt a small release.Bookmark here

Soon I opened them again and saw my friends touching me and moving me, however I couldn't feel them at all. The sky beyond them was so bright and blue, and it also felt so close to me as though I could touch it.Bookmark here

I couldn't speak to them anymore, and I began to feel more afraid. Was I really about to die like this, where no one can even hear my final words? Everything was so surreal; it didn't feel real at all. I couldn't grasp what happened at all, all I remember seeing was a large... truck..? Maybe a horn too..? Then the rest is a complete blur, however one thought kept playing in my mind and I couldn't shake it.Bookmark here

"Am I really about to die..?"Bookmark here

"Is this finally it...? Am I really going out like this? But there was so much I had to experience! So much I wanted to do! This can't be real! I can't leave everyone behind like this!"Bookmark here

My thoughts started running wild, I felt the fear building up inside of me. My vision began to brighten with every passing moment. I started seeing others gathering around me too, they must be trying to help but what could they do?Bookmark here

Soon my memories began to flood my mind, I saw myself as child learning how to walk. I was walking towards my father, he had such a large smile on his face and I felt so excited. More memories passed me by, I saw the time in school where we made clay pottery for our parents, then another when I met my first girlfriend. These happy and loving memories passed me by so quickly, it felt like I could touch them but they fled as soon as I reached.Bookmark here

"I'm sorry Mom and Dad... I'm so sorry... Please know that I will always love you."Bookmark here

I then remembered my fond memories of my little sister, "I'm sorry little sis, but Big Brother is leaving soon. Please take care of yourself while I'm away... I'll always watch over you... I love you and goodbye..."Bookmark here

Then I saw when I first met Satomi, we were so young and so curious of the outside world. We explored everything that could be explored, everyday was an adventure to us. Ah such a bittersweet feeling...Bookmark here

Soon I saw when I first met Kyoko and Kazuya, they were always fighting and arguing, but in the end they always made up and grew closer to each other. I felt happy seeing these two get along, it reminded me of a strong married couple.Bookmark here

Soon even those memories fled its face from me, that's when I saw Yamada. Always so cold towards everyone, but even the cold ones harbor feelings. We always argued with each other, but at the end of the day we shook hands and moved on. That's what you call a real friendship!Bookmark here

Then I saw a dimly lit classroom, and a familiar figure stood by the window looking out towards the sunset. The girl turned around and saw me, she waved and a tear fell from her eye. I reached out my hand to the girl, but she was a great ways off. Something began to pull me away from the girl, the distance between us grew, but she didn't move a muscle.Bookmark here

"Shizuku where are you going!? Please don't leave me here alone."Bookmark here

The girl smiled once more then faded to the darkness and I saw her no more.Bookmark here

"I didn't even get to say goodbye to her... Such a bittersweet ending..."Bookmark here

I opened my eyes and saw everyone once more. I could feel their despair, their sadness and even their fear.Bookmark here

Their muffled cries grew more and more distant to me, until I heard them no more.Bookmark here

I then saw a large beaming light shone over me, I couldn't perceive the luminosity of the Light, all I could describe it as was blindingly bright.Bookmark here

Soon all of fear and despair began to fade from me, it felt as though they were being replaced by another feeling..?Bookmark here

"Peace..? Joy...?"Bookmark here

I saw 3 Entities of Light ascend down from the skies, then the sound of otherworldly music filled my ears. I can't even describe what I heard, it was music that I couldn't even fathom, the only word that came to me was, "Beauty..."Bookmark here

My body began to emit a blue haze as the 3 Entities grew near to me, the Entities began radiate their warmth to me as though they were trying to comfort me?Bookmark here

Soon one of the Entities said unto in a powerful but gentle tone, "Be not afraid nor dismayed Child of Man for The Lord awaits."Bookmark here

It all made sense, it's all about to be over soon. I took a long and final look at all my friends and said, "Goodbye everyone, I'll be waiting for you all on the Other Side... Till we meet again..."Bookmark here

The Entities then put me in their grasp, my final thought was, "It's time for me to go, it was a short but very fulfilling life..."Bookmark here

I lifted my eyes to the Light shining above, it was welcoming me in. I felt myself being released from my mortal body, then I ascended up.Bookmark here

"The Lord Jesus awaits me..."Bookmark here

Then from the Brink of Death I felt a firm grasp wrap around my body and heard a loud cry say to me, Bookmark here


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