Chapter 1:

Author's Notes

FanFic - Midnight Cinderella: An Updated Original Story

Hello there! Thank you for giving this story a chance. If you're new: welcome! If you're my old readers from FanFiction: I'm back! Sorry it took forever, but I'm finally back! (^_^) This time, I'm going to restart the whole story from the top with more contents & realism (to an extent). I got my hands on all the guys background stories and I spent a week fleshing out MC's background so it will fit with this new, updated version of Midnight Cinderella! Some of the guys stories are a bit flat and repetitive, so I took the liberty to sprinkle some pixie dust (imagination) on them to kick the drama up a notch. 

Since I'm sticking to their individual back stories, there will be spoilers in my version. Please do not read if you're sensitive to spoilers. Also, there will be a ton of OC (original characters) in here for world building and what not. Don't be too surprise when I introduce someone that's not in the game. 

Anyway, before we begin, there are a few things I want to put out there. Due to my desire to make this realistic as possible (none of that ambiguous crap that leave us with questions), I went the extra mile to map the Wysteria & her bordering countries, along with all the cities/towns mentioned in the game. I came to realize that they never reveal the capital of Stein or Wysteria... so I thought I would put together an info-dump prologue or maybe a characters list for those who are unfamiliar with the game.Bookmark here

A.A. James
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