Chapter 1:

[Extra] Chapter 1 Hello and Goodbye


[Extra summary]

Darkness is a friend, but not everything shall be tainted by it, but only the ones who can take it, one boy who was actually happy by it, alone in the darkness but still believing in the light, both sides are enemies but one boy made it through the despair.

Curt Praise a second year in high school but, Curt is a mystery, 10 years ago when he was 7 years old, everything was gone from him, his friends, family, and his home. Despair was the only thing left to him back then, but somehow he survived it, in an exchange his emotions were completely gone.

Somehow the accident made his life filled with darkness.

[End of summary]

The alarm clock was beeping at 5 int the morning, looking around Curt found himself in a love hotel with a girl sleeping next to him, "Eh, oh yeah last night I was, not the time I need to go now." suiting up Curt was hurrying out the door silently.

"Everything I own and everything I know will just be gone." The next day one of his classmate was blabbering about something, it was about his friend "Curt perfect timing, you remember her right Sera one of our classmate." of course Curt knew about her because she was the one who had s*x with her last nigh but, "Who are you talking about."

and he said it, Curt has actually a phenomenon about him everyone that gets in touch with him, the one who consider it his friends or his family and what he owns disappear. But there is a flaw one of the persons friend or family remembers about the person.

He was continues walking towards and then "Why does nobody believe me." his classmate was running and crying, "Better not get in touch with random people" then Curt saw someone was in his seat and see someone was sitting on his seat.

Curt wanted to avoid talking friendly to her and as always he have no emotions so he didn't care "Should I skip class today again." but if he skips class he will be going back again to the office and make yet another teacher disappear.

"But a classmate is better than a teacher." then Curt talked to her "Excuse me, that's my seat" then she realized that it was not hers "Huh- ahh.... I am so sorry didn't know." and then when Curt was about to take a sit "You, Your new here."

"Yes, I just actually moved in yesterday and got transferred here, and I am actually really nervous and just took a sit next by the window." Curt knows mostly everyone in this school, juniors until to seniors. "Oh, I see, My name Curt Praise, don't try to be friendly with me."

"Oh we haven't have introduction yet, My name Hara Simon, and no I am already you friend Curty Praise"

"My condolence, Hara and class 2-2 is the one next in my class" Curt knew everything info and gatherings about the school, he already knew about the new transfer student here "What! This isn't class 2-2, It's the one next door!"

The bell was ringing and she ran as fast as she could to her class and "Oh yeah, Thank you Curt!" like last night, when Curt had known many girls in his life and had many encounters, but she was the one who ever held a warm smile to him really true in his life.

"What a waste. A blonde hair and red eyes and was wearing contacts to hide them, well goodbye"

alarm clock was beeping at 5 again with another girl in bed "woah, she was really good, but too bad she is not worth it." same as always but one thing that surprised him that morning, he saw a blonde hair flowing against his seat.

"Huh, I think I am seeing things" Curt was shocked he expected her to not exist anymore. "Why am I hear? Oh! I came here to thank you from yesterday."

"No, that's not what I mean." Curt never sees a person to have held a normal conversation to him twice.

"But, Curt Praise I know everything about you, family, friends, and even home."

Curt was not surprised at all but, he expected it to happen, someone who knew something about him and his mystery, "After school Curt Praise, meet me at the park 10:00 PM, and you'll find your answer there."

She walk away and never said a thank you from it, but it was another step of light within Curt to be realesed.


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