Chapter 9:

A familiar sweet scent

love sick delinquent

why does time flying so fast when you're having fun''i asked to myself as my feet lead me to a botanical garden behind the music department building

woah i didn't know they have one here''i said

when i noticed some group of male students in pristine white uniform holding a baseball bat

i immediately hid behind the nearest bush

"You really are a stubborn guy so we need to have a word with you"I overheard a male student saying"So tell me what's on your mind ?"

''are you full of yourself just because you're one of the participant?''

''its not that if i withdraw you'll be the one to substitute me anyways

''he was totally staring at my breast''

''why would i stare a loosen D cup breast?''

"you were looking then"

i saw nicols black face staring at her face''you're not cute as you think you are....melty''he laugh as if he's mocking at her and spit a blood

''nicol''he's adding fuel on fire now

''these scumbags knows it too.the only reason why they are frowning at you is because they think you'll let them bang you"

what the hell are you doing?!i thought to myself as i began to panic

everyone is probably on class right now and it would be hard for me to look for help

''you pervert!'The girl yelled angrily and the boy beside her kicked nicol causing him to fall on the ground

without hesitation, run towards nicol and tried to assist him of standing up"are you okay nicol"i asked worriedly"the moment nicol saw me -his face was painted with concern

When I suddenly felt a strong grip on my shoulders pulling me away from Nicol"hey let go of me i told you to let me go"gritted my teeth and tried to kick them with my legs. Uh.theyre too strong, Darn it!

"is anyone here"i panic looked around hoping someone to pass by

''you're dead if you come closer!''

''don't look at me,you punk''i said

''its payback time ''the guy whispered as he tightened his grip on my arms

It hurts!

''aren't you a man?''the guy asked and smiling at nicol

I breathe heavily ...maybe I'm just intense!!! I'm not that athletic but still, it doesn't seem like have a choice

'get the hell away from him''i cried as i saw a swinging bat that was about to hit nicol ''nicole watch out ''i wasted no time at get off away from their grip and throw myself to nicol to block the bat

i felt the bat hit my back and i tried my best not to endure the pain as i grab on nicols sleeves for support

"youre okay right?''nicol asked in his usual calm tone''what are you doing anyway? ''he said as he grabbed my waist and pin me on the ground

i closed my eyes as i saw they guy hit nicol again from his back protecting me?

he looks in terrible pain...what should i do?!

''i'm sorry you had to get involved for now,...lets run?''nicol said in serious tone as he trying to assist me to stand up

''what? ''

''lets just run for it''

''right now we have to run don't worry i promise ill protect you ''nicol grabbed my hand and was about to drag me when i noticed something behind me and i closed my eyes waiting to the bat to hit me

''even if we run away it will only take a couple of seconds for them to catch us''

''katarina!!'' i heard yelled out of fear but i are too open my eyes when suddenly something soft wrapped around me

''such a lovely perfume"i closed my eyes sniffing nicols hair above me

sound pervert i know but for some reason i was attracted to the i know this scent all my life

it's very familiar as if nostalgia was over somewhere in my life i already smelled this sweet smell

ny thoughts suddenly interrupted we heard a loud impact of the bat being hit to something

nicol and i both turn around to see who it.was it was a tall girl standing infront of us blocking the bat with her bare hands


she glanced at me with daggers

i think she doesn't like me.should i cry now? No!

"what are you trying to do with both of them?" i turned around to see whos talking

oh it's a blonde boy that's talking.

i stared at gabriel'' gabriel''i whispered his name and he just smiled at me when he averted his gaze to nicol

''yo wuss boy"he said waving at nicol

nicol did not respond and just staring at me i imagining things or nicol is looking at me with a kind expression on his face

''stop calling names gabriel"the tall girl said with authority and pull the bat from the other student and threw it away

"It's not my fault if he's weak and a loser''gabriel responded to the girl whos taller than her'' But these devils grabbing my princess are unforgiving and scary! ''

''Darn! I can handle myself but not with this number of enemies...with not so nice reputation in addition i am the student council president after all''

the long skirt girl rolled her eye as she took a handkerchief from her pocket rubbing her hands off dirt

''are you hurt?''gabriel said as he looked at me worriedly''im sorry im late''

i shook my head''nicol protected me and thank god you came here''i said and he smiled at me

"from this day forth ,you're my princess okay?kyashi'' he cheerfully said

"kyashi? "

'' who started this?" gabriel turned around to see the other students

"uh-y-yes"said the boy who beat me with a bat

gabriel walked closer to him.he is more taller and the more muscular

"just who the fuck do you think you are?" gabriel pulled his hair down and smash his head on the ground

he curl down in pain''lets bring you to the clinic okay''gabriel cheerfully said as if he did nothing

he nodded

Why does that guy seems scared of he really?and why is he awfully strong?

gabriel stood up and step on the guy laying on the ground."From this day onward,katarina Campbell is my princess''he declared''touch her even once and you must face the consequences."

"Now all of you get,the hell out of my sight!" Gabriel commanded as the other students came running away from him.but some were too scared to move.

"all of you.stop doing childish things show is over''the girl beside gabriel shoo the other people left and grabbed gabrels hand pulling him out of the scene

''i have to take kyashi to the clinic aws well so stop pulling me around rei-''gabriel cut off his own words when the girl glared at him

i guess no matter how strong you are there's still something you scared about

and gabriel...rescued me?

i smiled watching them walking away

"you don't mind getting kick out of school?"nicole said and let out a big sign

woah thats deep

i completely forgot about nicol after what happened while ago

after a seconds he stood up and turned his back on me and silently walked away leaving me alone in this bushy side of the botanical garden

I just watched him slowly walking away from me.i weakly made myself sit down and even had to push myself to stand up. but for now,i guess i just have to stay here to get my body to recover after that big impact from the bat on my back

then nicol stop walking"Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong."he said coldly without even looking at me''Stay out of things that have nothing to do with you''he added won't really going to help me?''i asked curiously

''Is he really serious about leaving me here?

"I'm sure you can handle it," he said in the same cold tone as he walked away far enough to make him lot out of my sight

Did he just get in here and vanished despite seeing a person in need? I can't believe this! He's a heartless, cold, stone, selfish and arrogant bastard!

he may be good looking but his attitude is a rotten cheese

Oh, please,this is all his fault.i won't be here if it wasn't for him.hes the reason why i got stuck into this situation

all i did is to be nice to him hmmp such an ungrateful creature I curse him to death!!!

Just when I'm about to lose hope, someone carefully lifted me up. He's so quick that I didn't even notice him. Oh, even how Gabriel footsteps earlier is too late for me to notice.

"are you alright?said the sweet voice that I missed every now and then

want me to bring you to the clinic" asked the familiar voice when we skf into the post light

the light illuminate his face which made my jaw drop

yahiro?!but how?''i asked in whispered staring at him

really felt comfortable being on his arm. Well, it was the most comfortable place at the moment


someones point of view

''that woman is she the participant from geberal department?

"yes she is''

''shes horribly plain looking But she's one of the participants of the music concours....''


calling gabriel by his fieat name as if theyre.close and kniw him for a long and act like his girlfirend''

''who is that porcelain guy beside her earlier?''

''he is nicol carlton,one of the particant as well''

nicole?oh yeah i saw the back then

and whos that mismatched eye student earlier?ive never seen him before?

''i think hes yahiro,president gabriels friend''

''is that so?gabriel never mentioned about a friend before''i whispered''yahiro i see...''