Chapter 10:

sweet argument

love sick delinquent

nicol's point of view

my head was spinning and still can't get over about what happened earlier

i slammed my fist on the wall as i walked down the hallway.''is she gonna be okay?''i asked to myself frustratedly

i shouldn't have left her.but to cover up my guilt i left her even tho its my fault she got into that situation

i looked around the area and notice there's no annoying students wandering around.probably because it's getting late and most of them went on their respective homes

i calmed myself down and walk straight back to get my things in the classroom when saw glenn leaning its back against the wall with his arm cross.he seems like in mid 20s and his presence irritate me even his breathing annoying ne

i walked pass to him when he fixed his postite''i heard miss campbell got injured when she stuck up for you.roseblade told me so''i stopped and paused for a moment

''come to think of it,there's no reason why you can't deliver this little something for me right''he said and heard him waving a piece of paper.from his hand

is he trying to make me feel guilt?is he black mailing me?!my eyes widened as i turned around to see him smiled smugly at me

katarinas point of view

what does it feel like being on yahiro paxleys arm?" claudia excitedly askes and sat down on my bed

"Comfortable compared to the hard grassy ground," i proudly answered

despite the happiness i felt and the smile a flustered.i still can't get how nicol coldly left me alone in the dark...with his emotionless eyes staring at me

I know he doesn't like me but is he mad at me?Does he have to be that heartless?

i looked down staring at my hands with i heard someone knocked on the door

i looked up to see who it was

''katarina''nicol gently called me out''i was asked by glenn to give this ''he added as he walked to me handing me a piece of paper

''he asked you to go through such trouble?''i asked in a timid tone.i still can't looked at him properly after what had happened

he he pull a chair and put it beside my bed and sat to it as crossed him arm and closed his eyes

i sigh without saying a word

claudia just looked at us two confusedly hill go get you some water katarina''she said and excuse herself glaring at nicol

''thank you for looking after me claudia''ill just quietly go home like this but what a relief they didn't find out

''i'm so-''

nicol cut me out ''i should be the one saying that''

''no not at all,i want to keep an eye on you so i started following you to make sure you wobt tell anyone about what you hace saw in the practice room yesterday ''i said as i tried my best to keep my cool but cant stare at him straight into.his eyes''the real me is dull plain looking boring and has no friends just look how pathetic i am even if it was exhausting i wanted to shine.i struggled so hard to enjoy everyday like everyone else sounds stupid right''

''but why do you have to go that far?blocking a bat for me?''my eyes locked into him.i was mesmerized

''well,i thought i can impress you if i took them out and maybe in that you'll accept me as participant but guess i was just too scared to move and being a shield us all i could manage you can go ahead and laugh all you want''

nicol stared at me but his expression did not change a bit''you hard working not only you are working hard to become the person you wanted to be,but you're also enriching other people's lives''

''i dont ever care about anything round me so i'm useless to society.and youre complete opposite of me and truly admirable i feel even bad comparing myself to you''

''nicol''i said looking at him worriedly when i.noticed a sudden look cross his face

''i never thought anyone would say something like that to me than you''i thought but i stopped myself from saying that to him and just look down my head

all the tension from today got me beat ''it's physically impossible to maintain the katarina everyone knows''

'' keep this current appearance of mine secret?''i said,slowly and with a raspy voice

''i have no interest in other people's lives"

"and whats with his sudden change of mood?''i thought to myself as i glanced the paper nicol handed to me"woah saint palantine intra school concours?1st selection?''i said as i looked closer''its starting already?it hasn't even been two weeks ''

''seems like it''he responded

''what piece are you going to play nicol?''

''me?i don't have any obligation to answer that questions don't you think?''he said as he looked at me''and beside,i don't think it will help if you asked''he added as he stood up from his chair and silently walk away''at any rate i'd like it if you take a care of yourself so the quality of the concours doesn't decrease"

"the quality of concours huh?don't make me laugh!'claudia said sarcastically when she entered the room with a glass of water

how long is claudia standing there?nicol seems shocked of what claudia said but blankly stared at her

"a music senior student only cared the competition and harmony instead of ''claudia said sarcastically

''so what?'nicol cut her word off and within a seconds they stared glaring at each other

"if I'm aiming for the same victory as she is,i would only comptere to get the higher rank than she is

"that's worthless''

"hold on..what's with this two''i worriedly said trying to calm them down

''it's about the attitude we have towards music''

''excuse me?''claudia gritted her teeth

''it can't be help because you're a regular student''

after hearing that insult from nicol. claudia laugh sarcastically'' youre saying that just because you study music ?what do music students from the music department do anyways?drinking tea?playing music?acting like noble and aristocrats like it was stage play play?how ridiculous

nicol ignored what claudia had said and threw glance at me''take care of yourselfs''his lips were.left open as if he's trying to say something

he looked at claudia as well who is still glaring at him so i glanced as claudia.when she noticed me she just smiled

nicol seems guilty about what he had said but the fire in his eyes and annoyance is written all over his face .for some reason

''um nicol..''i called him out worriedly

he looked at me surprised and suddenly ruffled his hair and went out of the room slamming the door shut

''Oh yeah , what's with the pretentious attitude?how plastic"claudia whispered

''Nope. This doesn't give justice. He's not giving any "mysterious boy next door" vibe. It's not even charismatic and looks bland eMO. This one's disappointing ''she said shaking her head

minutes of silence had past when we heard footsteps and girls whispering and talking about something

''katarina?''some familiar soft voice coming from the door''

''how are you feel? 'the door had slightly opened and i saw familiar face smiling at me

''prince boy''i called him out cheerfully' 'do you have a business here ?i asked

''i came here to visit you''

really? "suddenly i got a warm feeling in my chest and stomach. I felt like i was gonna throw up

"yeah i s" I hearing those words from him started to make blush .i immediately look away hiding my face.