Chapter 0:

A predilection to true love

Much Ado About Everything

Love. A beautiful thing, is it not? And the most alluring is true love. Bookmark here

True love is tenacious. It's obsequious. Meritorious.  Bookmark here

Amusing about the experiences shared. Being adorably annoying. Being partners in crime. The laughs. The fun times. That's what true love is about.Bookmark here

This is a comical yet wholesome tale of a couple whose indefatigable daily adventures in life, that will undoubtedly drive them as mad as a wet cat, will also drive them closer. It is a tale about the deeper meaning of affection, full of light and joy, signifying many things. From the little things to the big. Woven from the stuff of dreams. Bookmark here

And so, on a moonlit night, in a scattered silent breeze, under a slightly scented Sakura, we begin.Bookmark here

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