Chapter 7:



I can't remember much after that incident, I still don't know what happened. As I gazed around my surroundings, I realized I was in a classroom in my old school.Bookmark here

"Where am I..?"Bookmark here

I walk around for a bit and start 'sensing' some peculiar 'vibes' around me, some felt angry while others felt depressed. My body also felt strange, I felt like air in a way. I couldn't explain what was happening to me nor where I was even at.Bookmark here

The classroom seemed dark due to the setting sun outside, there was desks neatly arranged and erased words on the large chalkboard up front. I peer outside of the window in front of me and realize that it was already dusk and that I should probably get home soon.Bookmark here

"Home soon... Why does that sound strange...?"Bookmark here

Then it clicked in me, "Wait a minute!"Bookmark here

I ran over to the closed door and reached for the handle, to my surprise my hand phased through it like water.Bookmark here

"What the hell!?"Bookmark here

Soon strange memories started flooding inside of me, it felt like a raging storm brewing inside my head.Bookmark here

"GYAK!? What the hell!? A truck..? Ambulances? What? Where are my friends going!? Aaaah!? What's happening!? What is this!?"Bookmark here

I then saw something that truly frightened me, "Is that...? ME DOWN THERE!?"Bookmark here

A memory of me looking down on a distorted and bloodied version of myself flashed before me, I was surrounded by lots of people and paramedics. However there was no life left in that body of mine, the light in my eyes had already faded.Bookmark here

"That's right... I died... My life is done... but how am I here!?"Bookmark here

Soon I heard someone slide open the classroom door next to me, I turn over and see a familiar female figure standing at the entrance looking in.Bookmark here

The girl then waved at me and called out, "Oh you're here Shin, I thought you were in the clubroom already?"Bookmark here

I replied back confused, "Clubroom? What do you mean by that? Who exactly are you again?"Bookmark here

She tilted her head at me and reciprocated my confusion, "Did you forget or something? We were all supposed to meet at the clubroom?"Bookmark here

I then got hit with a serious realization, I then shouted back at her saying, "Wait a second!? Satomi! How are you able to see me!? Didn't I die!? Why am I still here!?" Bookmark here

I began to feel all over my body, it didn't feel normal at all. There was some strange phenomena happening with my body, there was a spectral flame on my head as well as a hitaikakushi.Bookmark here

The girl named Satomi replied back to me, "Are you messing with me or something? Do you actually not remember?"Bookmark here

I am then hit with more flooding memories randomly, I drop to the floor in pain, "Ack!? It's happening again!" I fall to the ground while grasping my throbbing head. The pain was extremely sharp and it pulsed like crazy, it wasn't unbearable though, it just gave me a huge headache.Bookmark here

Satomi quickly ran to me and got down on her knees, "Shin are you alright!? What's happening now!? Tell me!?"Bookmark here

I began to speak out everything I saw, "I-I was hit by a truck, then there were bright orbs taking me, but then I was grabbed by someone! Ack! Gyaah! What happened to me!?"Bookmark here

The memories kept bursting in my mind, there was almost no end to it, "There's me in a dark place, is that an altar with my picture!? Arrrck!? Wait why am I inside of the school!? I see all of us gathered in a classroom!? Aaaargh!? What's happening!? How am I still here!?"Bookmark here

Satomi pulled out her phone and quickly called someone, "Kyoko! Bring everyone to Class 2-C, Shin is having another memory thing!"Bookmark here

She quickly hung up the phone and tried reassuring me, "Hang on Shin! The others are coming right now! Just bear with it a little more and tell me everything you see!"Bookmark here

Without question, I began speaking out everything I saw, "We are standing outside of a familiar place! Wait is that my house!? There's so many people there!"Bookmark here

The memories were moving so fast that I wasn't able to say all of them, however I kept going to the best of my ability.Bookmark here

"I see lots of flowers, people in black crying all around. We are all standing in the back, we look very perplexed! Wait now I'm walking to the casket!? Is that my casket!?"Bookmark here

I am now confronting a memory of me walking towards my own casket, my family was in the front grieving bitterly. An extreme sense of sorrow washed over me, but I kept walking.Bookmark here

Soon I heard the sliding door burst open and another voice called out, "SHIN!"Bookmark here

I open my eyes and look towards the entrance, it was 3 other people who I felt like I knew but couldn't remember their names. They all ran and got down on the floor with me, one of the students asked me, "Shin what do you see now?"Bookmark here

Before I knew it, the memories faded like smoke and I saw them no more. I say back to them, "It's gone guys, what is happening with me!? Didn't I die!? How am I still here!?"Bookmark here

They all looked at each other with puzzled expressions, soon the Satomi girl spoke up to them saying, "He was like this when I found him, I don't think he remembers much of what happened."Bookmark here

The other girl in the group responds, "What? Did he lose his memories again?"Bookmark here

A boy next to the girl says to her, "His mind must be trying to remember everything all at once, it's probably all jumbled up right now."Bookmark here

The other boy with the mean look said to them, "He better start remembering soon, right now his trash memory is the only thing stopping us from getting cured."Bookmark here

I turn to the mean boy and utter unconsciously, "Shut the hell up Yamada..."Bookmark here

The boy named Yamada responded back sarcastically, "Well at least he remembers how to do that."Bookmark here

The other two in the group looked at each other then at me, the other boy asked me, "Do you remember me? I'm your best friend Kazuya and this girl is your other best friend Kyoko."Bookmark here

Memories of the students around me began to flood my mind, "Arrgghh damn it! It's happening again."Bookmark here

I saw all of us talking and laughing in various places, those memories were fleeting but also very dear to me. One of the boys in the group says to the others, "let's take the idiot back to the clubroom for now until he sorts out his memories."Bookmark here

The others agreed in unison, "Yeah okay!"Bookmark here

There was two students that somehow reminded me of a married couple, they seemed really compatible with each other. However those two students grabbed me by my arms and helped me up, we walked together through the empty school corridors. Soon we all stopped before a dusty door and 'Yamada' opened it for us. As we walk in, I began to notice all the occult-like scenery around.Bookmark here

There was candles, spell-books, fake skeletal parts, strange talismans and inscriptions, weird medallions, ambient music coming from a small speaker and even sweet incense all around the room. The two students helped me down into a beanbag chair in the corner of the room. The others sat around me on the rug floor and all stared at me.Bookmark here

Soon one of the girls commented to me, she looked like the Kyoko from my jumbled memories, "I can't believe you actually died..."Bookmark here

I then look up at the crowd and ask them, "Okay so I died right? How am I here then? Am I really just a 'ghost' in this world?"Bookmark here

Kazuya then asked me, "Do you remember anything about the Spirit Medium we met a few days ago?"Bookmark here

"Spirit Medium?" I replied.Bookmark here

He took a deep sigh, "It looks like he doesn't remember that either, how much do you remember?"Bookmark here

I began to think for a bit, I couldn't really pinpoint exact memories in my head, I then reply to them, "I don't know... I can't think of anything other than when I see the burst of 'memories'. However I do remember the moments that lead to me dying. I remember when I first learned of the Revenant Maelstrom séance, also the night I spent at Kazuya's house... Other than that I can't remember much."Bookmark here

Kazuya then took a deep breath, he looked at me with pure determination, "Hmm do you remember how long it's been since you died?"Bookmark here

I take a moment before responding, "I don't know..."Bookmark here

Yamada then stands up to his feet and walks over to the long desk next to us, "To make a long story short, you died over a month ago, however your memories have been off and on this entire time."Bookmark here

"One month!? I've been dead for a whole month!?"Bookmark here

I replied back to him, "What!? Are you serious!?"Bookmark here

They all nodded to me, Kazuya then spoke up saying, "That's not even the scary part of it..."Bookmark here

I turned towards him and stuttered, "W-What do you mean by that..?"Bookmark here

He replied to me with a scary face saying, "During those two weeks we found out the truth about you and how to end this."Bookmark here

"Truth about me? How to end this?"Bookmark here

I then questioned them, "What do you mean by the truth? And what do you mean by end this?"Bookmark here

Before Kazuya could answer my question, Kyoko spoke up, "Let me explain it to him."Bookmark here

She turned to me and said, "When we visited the Spirit Medium they told us you are a wandering ghost."Bookmark here

I reply back, "I already know that though?"Bookmark here

Kyoko shook her head, "I don't think you understand what a ghost actually is..."Bookmark here

I look at her with a puzzled expression, "What do you mean?"Bookmark here

She replied, "Ghost aren't the spirits of deceased people like it's commonly known for. Real ghosts are something much different..."Bookmark here

I felt my heart sink a bit, I don't like where this is going.Bookmark here

She then added on, "Ghosts are just memories of a dead human, you think the same, you act the same, you talk the same, but you are not the same. The Shin Tsuki we was once knew is long gone. However his memories got left behind and thus your existence."Bookmark here

I felt deeply sorrowful in my heart, I stuttered back to her, "W-What..? You're joking right..? How is that even possible...?"Bookmark here

"What do they mean that I'm not the real Shin? I know my memory is jumbled up right now but I remember everything. I need answers right now!"Bookmark here

Satomi stepped in and said, "I wish we were joking but it's the truth, you aren't the real Shin. You're almost like a doppelganger of him however you aren't evil. A lot of factors played a part in this, but the major ones would be Yamada stopping your ascension and because our sixth sense awakened after the séance."Bookmark here

Yamada then added saying, "I'm not the only one at fault here, it's also because we have such strong ties with him and were there during his failed ascension."Bookmark here

"Whatever it was we can't be pointing the finger at him, no matter what he is, he's still Shin." Kyoko said butting in.Bookmark here

Kazuya then commented, "Yeah and he's also the key to closing our sixth sense."Bookmark here

I then said to them, "I have so many questions guys, I don't know how any of this is possible! And what do you all mean by the key? What kind of key am I?"Bookmark here

Yamada replied to me saying, "We can explain more later, however..."Bookmark here

*Rattle Grumble*
Bookmark here

There was a loud grumbling that vibrated through the classroom, the group then stood to their feet and looked around area.Bookmark here

Kazuya announced to everyone, "Damn it looks like it's time..."Bookmark here

Kyoko grabbed his arm and got behind him, Yamada then spoke up, "Yeah looks that way... I was hoping for a quiet night..."Bookmark here

I call to them asking, "Hey what's happening now? Tell me?"Bookmark here

Yamada turned to me and declared, "It's the Others. They're finally waking up."Bookmark here

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