Chapter 8:



A loud rumbling shook the classroom, everyone became immediately aware and cautious. I then ask them, "What do you mean by the Others are coming?"Bookmark here

Yamada gave me a pissed off look, "Are you stupid or something? It's the damn revenants we summoned! We unleashed a whole f###### storm of them when we did the séance!"Bookmark here

Kyoko then buried her face in her hands, "I really don't want to go back out there, it's scary..."Bookmark here

Kazuya then embraced her to comfort her, "It's alright, we're all here together Kyoko, let's just be strong okay?"Bookmark here

Kyoko fearfully nodded her head, "Okay I'll try..."Bookmark here

She was clearly uncomfortable with whatever we are about to do, I start feeling uncomfortable too.Bookmark here

Satomi then spoke up saying to everyone, "Hey guys I don't mean to interrupt but we got to get ready, they're waking up pretty fast this time."Bookmark here

Yamada agreed, "Yeah everyone start grabbing your stuff, it's time to hunt."Bookmark here

Everyone began equipping themselves with strange looking daggers and slips of paper with peculiar engravings on them.Bookmark here

I became confused, "Hey what's happening now? What are y'all doing?"Bookmark here

Yamada replied back to me in an annoyed tone, "What does it look like we're doing? We're getting ready to defend ourselves you idiot!"Bookmark here

Kazuya then shushed Yamada and answered me in a polite tone, "Hey chill out Yamada, he doesn't know. Shin we're getting ready just in case we need to put any spirits to rest."Bookmark here

"Put spirits to rest? Is that what the daggers and papers are for?" I asked.Bookmark here

"Yeah, we need them to defend ourselves against any hostile entities. They're some of the only things effective against them." Kazuya explained.Bookmark here

"How do you know it's going to work?" I questioned.Bookmark here

Kazuya picked up a dagger to show me, "These aren't ordinary blades and daggers, no these are much different."Bookmark here

The dagger had smaller markings aligned on the edge of the blade, it also gave off a faint glow that I could somehow feel?Bookmark here

Yamada began running his finger down his blade leaving a small trickle of blood, "These bad boys have a thin layer of spirit coated on, therefore giving us power to tear even spirits apart without any special training."Bookmark here

"What!? Tear spirits apart!? How would you even...? Wait how did you even get your hands on these things..?" I replied hastily while examining one.Bookmark here

Yamada began to laugh hysterically, "Hahaha they were a gift from a very special person. There's a reason why they're called sacrificial blades hehe."Bookmark here

Satomi urged him to stop, "Yamada you really need to learn how to shut your damn mouth already! You talk way too damn much sometimes."Bookmark here

Yamada smacked his lips at her, "Tsk whatever, let's just hurry before it gets dark."Bookmark here

They all agreed in unison, Satomi then turned to me and said, "Shin we'll answer more questions later, for now we got to fulfill our club activities as the Occult Research Club!"Bookmark here

"C-Club activities!? Is hunting spirits a club activity for you!? What kind of Occult Research Club is this!?" I demandingly asked.Bookmark here

Yamada gave a grimacing smile, "The kind of Occult Research Club that hunts down the Occult..."Bookmark here

I reply back surprised, "What!? What the hell does that even mean!?"Bookmark here

"What the hell happened to everyone in the last month!?"Bookmark here

Kyoko turned to me and interrupted my thought, "Shin you also have an important role to play that we living people can't do."Bookmark here

I asked her, "And what the heck is that?"Bookmark here

Kazuya answered in her place saying, "You need to sense out the spirits around the school, you can still feel them right?"Bookmark here

It then clicked in my mind, I turn to Kazuya and say, "Yeah I think I can, I can feel vibes and weird energies all around. Is that what that is..?"Bookmark here

Kazuya and Kyoko nodded, Satomi spoke up and said, "Yes sir that's it! Are you able to tell us where there at now?"Bookmark here

I took a moment to see how close by they were, they felt close but I wasn't able to give a concrete location, "I can feel them close by but they seem to vary in size, some feel stronger than others..?"Bookmark here

"Can you give exact locations or no?" Kazuya asked.Bookmark here

I shook my head, "No I don't think I can, but I'm sure I can follow their energy if I tried a little harder."Bookmark here

Yamada called out really annoyed, "Ugh this is useless, how about we just go around and hunt everything we find?"Bookmark here

"Yeah let's go with that for now, I just get this over with already so I can go home. " Satomi commented.Bookmark here

Everyone girded themselves with talisman and sacrificial blades, I could tell that everyone was a bit uneasy and shook. I felt nervousness wash over me, I have no idea what we're about to do but it's not going to be pretty.Bookmark here

So many questions swarmed my mind, looks like I will need to wait before they could be answered. Why are there spirits here at school? Why do WE need to clean them up? Why are we even at school to begin with? Why can't we just go home and be safe?Bookmark here

Kazuya walked over to the classroom sliding door, "Alright guys we're wasting too much time here, let's go clean up the school so we can all go home!"Bookmark here

"It's about damn time..." Yamada muttered.Bookmark here

Everyone else rallied in unison, "Yeah!"Bookmark here

Whatever's about to happen, I know that at least everyone else is accustomed to it... I think at least..?Bookmark here

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