Chapter 9:



What the hell happened to everyone in the last month? What circumstances made everything turn this way? I watched all my friends armed with blades and talismans, it kind of frightened me.Bookmark here

I turn over to see Yamada's face, it was reeking with malice and bloodthirst. I then ask him, "Yamada what's going on with you..? You're so different? What happened?"Bookmark here

Yamada gave me a devilish smile, "Shin there are some things that are best kept from others."Bookmark here

Satomi walked over and stood before Yamada face to face, she pointed her finger at his face and said, "Yamada I'm getting really tired of your sh## already, you better change that stupid act or else! I'm not playing anymore!"Bookmark here

Yamada looked her in the eye and soon walked straight past her, "Oh shut up already, like you can do anything. I can hunt them without y'all, so just stay out of my way and I'll stay out of yours."Bookmark here

Yamada passed Kazuya and went straight out of the room, no one said a word to stop him. The air became really heavy, Yamada has caused problems in the past but it was never this bad.Bookmark here

Kazuya ignored Yamada's passing and announced to everyone, "Well is everyone else ready?"Bookmark here

We all nodded, Kazuya said, "Okay let's get this over with, we have a big one today."Bookmark here

I then ask Kazuya, "Hey what about Yamada? Is he really going by himself?"Bookmark here

Everyone became uneasy and visibly uncomfortable, Kyoko then replied saying, "He isn't the same Yamada we once knew, he's much different now. This past month has done some things to us, we're all just coping differently I guess."Bookmark here

Kazuya placed his hand on Kyoko, "We will talk more about it later, let's just go do our hunt before it get's dark."Bookmark here

Kyoko nodded and we all walked outside of the room, the corridor was dimly lit with minimal sunlight. Everything seemed much spookier since the sun was already setting, I began to feel other energies all around me. I look around to see if we could spot Yamada but he was already gone.Bookmark here

I then spot something strange on the floor, I point it out to the others, "Hey guys, do you see that spill on the floor?"Bookmark here

They all look down for a few moments searching for it, Satomi then replies, "Spill? What spill?"Bookmark here

I pointed closer to it, it was basically droplets aligned in a little trail that lead further down the hallway, "See? It's right there."Bookmark here

They looked around some more, Kazuya replied, "We can't see anything, maybe you're picking up on a spirit? Does the spill lead anywhere?"Bookmark here

I nodded, "Yes it goes further down the hallway, here follow me!"Bookmark here

We all make our way down deeper into the dark hallway, an eerie feeling brushed past us as we made our way down. Soon I saw the trail lead into a classroom with the door slightly open, we all looked at each other and brace.Bookmark here

As I opened the door, I see a startling scene, "What the hell!? What's going on in here!?"Bookmark here

The others step back a bit, there was another person in the room with their back turned towards us. The person held a blade that dripped black sludge and they were standing over a disembodied grotesque mass that I can't even begin to describe. The grotesque creature was letting out a painful cry, it seemed to be hurting a lot!Bookmark here

The person looked back behind, I immediately recognized the person. He gave me a bone chilling smile with dark sludge splashed all over him. He then said to me, "I thought I told you all not to follow me, why are you here?"Bookmark here

Satomi called out to the man, "Yamada stop playing around and put it to rest already!"Bookmark here

Yamada replied back in a snarky tone, "And if I don't? What are you going to do?"Bookmark here

Satomi held her peace and gave him an angry look, soon Kazuya replied with, "Yamada this is not right, it's our job to put these sorry souls to rest! This completely violates our trust we made with the Spirit Medium."Bookmark here

Yamada turned around and pointed his blade at Kazuya, "I don't give a damn about trusts or promises, I only want vengeance! I'm going to send them back to the Other Side in my own way!"Bookmark here

Kazuya objected to him, "You're playing with fire Yamada! You of all people know the dangers of committing this taboo!"Bookmark here

Yamada answered back, "You're damn right I know! I know better than every person here, but I'm not letting that stop me from what I wanna do! If you have a problem with it, then come at me!"Bookmark here

Kazuya clenched his fist in rage, he then replied in a collected tone saying, "You're going to regret this one day, you're going to regret this big time."Bookmark here

Yamada rammed his blade straight into the grotesque creature, I saw a small fountain of black sludge spewed out from the wound. Yamada then replied, "I don't care what happens anymore, if I'm destined to go down then I will go down fighting!"Bookmark here

Kyoko and Satomi grabbed Kazuya's shoulders, Kyoko then whispers to Kazuya, "It's not worth it let's go Kazuya, we still have a job to do."Bookmark here

"Yeah it's not worth dude, he's already lost in his vengeance. However we still have a job to do." Satomi added.Bookmark here

Kazuya gritted his teeth, "Grrr fine alright let's go, I can't stand the sight of this guy anymore."Bookmark here

We all turned around and departed from the classroom, I turned back to look at Yamada one last time, Yamada began to repeatedly stabbing the monster with his sacrificial blade over and over again. He is truly not the same person I once knew, what happened to you Yamada?Bookmark here

The mood was kind of shifted from earlier, however we pressed on looking for other creatures. Everyone was dead silent after the incident and I felt it was inappropriate to ask anything now. After some time, I felt a few smaller energies coming from a specific classroom. I stopped in front of the classroom door and told the others, "Hey I feel something in here!"Bookmark here

Everyone raised their blades and braced themselves, we then barged into the class and there we saw 4 entities standing around the class. They looked like normal humans but were very pale in skin tone and stood motionless around certain areas, after I saw them I was rushed with memories again!Bookmark here

I knelt down in pain, my head was throbbing again, "Gyak!? Damn it!"Bookmark here

I saw images of these motionless creatures getting cut down one after another. The culprit that slayed these things was blotted out, however deep down I knew who it was.Bookmark here

"Yamada... Why do you harbor so much hatred for them?"Bookmark here

I saw a total of 8 entities viscously decimated right before my eyes, afterwards the memory flood stopped and I was able to get back up. I lifted up my eyes and was caught off guard, "What the hell?"Bookmark here

I saw the others assassinating the entities with their sacrificial blades, they did one clean slash right through the necks of the entities. The entities started to melt back into sludge soon after being slashed, quite disturbing to watch but I held back my disgust. You can tell they've done this for a little while, they seemed so used to it.Bookmark here

There was one left and he helplessly watched my friends execute the other entities in the room. He never batted an eye and instead black sludge began to run from his eyes and a gut wrenching smile streaked across his face. He started becoming more distorted every passing second, something in me told me it wasn't good.Bookmark here

Kazuya then shouted to Satomi, "Satomi! Kill him hurry!"Bookmark here

Satomi pointed her blade towards the entity and rushed with haste, "I'm on it!"Bookmark here

She quickly jammed the blade straight into the entities skull, the entity melted almost instantly and Satomi stepped back away from it.Bookmark here

"Execution!" Satomi declared with triumph.Bookmark here

Kazuya called out to the others, "C'mon guys we still have a few others to get before going home."Bookmark here

I interrupted and asked, "Hey what the hell are those things!? Why did they turn like that for?"Bookmark here

"I'll explain on the way to the next, c'mon show us where the others are!" Kazuya stated.Bookmark here

We all quickly exited the door, and soon I pick up on another trail, we began our next pursuit. This one seems to be leading towards the old history room that's been vacant for years. Bookmark here

I turn to Kazuya and ask my question again, "Kazuya what happened back there? Why did all that happen?"Bookmark here

Kazuya wiped his blade clean from the sludge while saying, "Well for starters those things are very dangerous but also very common entities. They are generally peaceful and don't do much unless they see you notice their existence. After in which they begin to morph into those dark ugly creatures kind of like what Yamada was torturing in the class. They become more powerful and much harder to deal with when fully transformed."Bookmark here

Kyoko added to Kazuya's explanation saying, "They can also attack and or curse you if not dealt with properly. They commonly show up in places where tense emotions are created, the Spirit Medium calls these entities Visitants."Bookmark here

Satomi then commented, "Basically they're something you don't want to piss off."Bookmark here

They keep mentioning this Spirit Medium, who the hell is she?Bookmark here

"Who is this Spirit Medium they keep referring to? I should probably ask them."Bookmark here

"Who is this Spirit Medium you all keep referring to? I keep hearing her name but I don't know who she is?" I asked.Bookmark here

Kyoko replied saying, "She's basically an expert when it comes to the Other Side. We've been going to her a lot ever since our sixth sense was awakened, she's been giving us tons of information and pointers regarding the paranormal."Bookmark here

Kyoko then said something that piqued my interest, "It's funny because you've actually met her more times than we have Shin."Bookmark here

I answer back, "Really I have? Who is she then?"Bookmark here

They all nodded, Kazuya then replied saying, "Have you ever wondered why we're hunting ghosts inside of our school for club activities?"Bookmark here

I shook my head, "I have but I don't know why?"Bookmark here

They all shook their heads at me, Satomi added saying, "Well let's just say that our Club President wanted to get rid of some unwanted visitors from the Other Side."Bookmark here

I became confused, "What? What does that have to do with anything? Who's the Club President anyways, I forgot to ask."Bookmark here

Kazuya chuckled, "Let's put it this way, The Spirit Medium gives us advice on the paranormal, while the President gives us club activities."Bookmark here

I became more confused, "What does that have to do with anything?"Bookmark here

Kyoko giggled a bit and facepalmed, she then spoke up saying, "You really are a dummy after all hehe!"Bookmark here

All the confusion immediately left my mind, "What? What do you mean? C'mon don't leave me in the dark here, just tell me who these people are?"Bookmark here

Satomi teased me saying, "Jeez you really are Shin after all haha!"Bookmark here

*CRAAAAAAASH*Bookmark here

The building rattled, the sound of a loud crash echoed through the halls. We all immediately stop laughing and look around. Soon a door is flung open straight ahead of us, it was then that I sensed a horrific aura from that area.Bookmark here

Kazuya and the others brandished their weapons and stood their ground, we all then saw something hideous and wicked come out of the room.Bookmark here

"Alone... alone.... I'm all alone..."Bookmark here

A dark mass stood at the end of the hallway, it had an uncountable number of hands and feet covering the entire surface, and had 4 different heads that moved in perfect sync with each other. I never seen anything like this before and fear instantly paused me in place. The hideous monster kept breathing the words, "Alone... Alone.. I'm alone..."Bookmark here

Kazuya interrupted our conversation and said to us, "Guys I hate to interrupt but we got a bigger problem at hand!"Bookmark here


The ground around us began to shake, I know it's about to go down!Bookmark here

Kazuya stood his ground and alerted the others, "Guys stand your ground, this one has to be from the contract!"Bookmark here

"Contract!? What contract!? What even is that!?" I shouted in terror.Bookmark here

Kazuya looked at me and said, "There's no time to explain, all you need to know is that's an Abomination that we were contracted to kill! However we need your help this time!"Bookmark here

"Abomination!? What the hell dude!? What am I supposed to do about that?" I blurted out.Bookmark here

Kazuya looked at me with pure determination and asked, "Basically we need you to lure him as furthest away as you can, there's only one way we can defeat it since it's fully morphed."Bookmark here

I shouted out in disbelief, "L-Lure!? You want me to lure that thing away!? How do I even do that!?"Bookmark here

What he said next completely sent shivers down my ghost spine.Bookmark here

"Just get his attention and run away like absolute hell!"Bookmark here

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