Chapter 7:

A Virtual Reality Street

A Moribund Hero

Leon blinked many times to get used to the sight of glaring metal beneath the sunlight. It was everywhere and of every type. Iron doors. Silver window panes. Bronze buildings were kept together by cast iron studs and struts.Bookmark here

Free-floating around the streets were colorful digital images. They interwove around people to try and bring their attention to products being advertised, or ran up and down the walls with intricate patterns. He suspected they would rearrange into another image or scenery when viewing through a device.Bookmark here

Most of the bricks and mortar were nestled in between giant boulder crops, dusty lanes, roads, and back alleys. One thing that puzzled him was the sign of rust stains on some of the walls.Bookmark here

"Has it rained here?" He voiced his puzzlement aloud.Bookmark here

"Rising damp from the underground caches," Wolf naturally answered to put the man out of his misery. It was the first words Leon had said after they left the infirmary and entered the outskirts of Scarf City's urban streets. So, words worthy of an answer.Bookmark here

Leon nodded and returned to his silent observations.Bookmark here

They stopped at the start of first main street, which was crowded with people and life.Bookmark here

"Stick these on and don't take them off." Lucy shoved a pair of dark-tinted visor glasses before Leon.Bookmark here

"Thank you." He sighed with relief when he donned the glasses that made the glare easier to bear.Bookmark here

"Stay close to us. Needless to say, don't remove your hat or coat. You look local. If someone asks you a question, you let me do the talking." She added.Bookmark here

Indeed, when Leon glanced around, most people were wearing similar fedora hats, neck scarfs, jeans or shorts, boots, and weathered overcoats. Guns holstered at hips. Gloves on their hands. He noticed some of the people similarly dressed to Lucy and Wolf carried swords, guns, or various range weapons on their backs. Everyone was wearing dark tinted or full chrome visor glasses.Bookmark here

She faced him, wearing her own dark-tinted visor glasses. "Also, you try to run or cause any problems, you get this."Bookmark here

She clicked her fingers three times, which sent a nasty jolt of a static shock to his wrists. It was so nasty, that the shock traveled up to his nape and near shorted his semantic storage chip.Bookmark here

"Understood, clearly." Leon huffed when the pain stopped.Bookmark here

"Glad we can be friends." Lucy heartily patted his back.Bookmark here

"I'm activating yah visor CPU. Yah be able to navigate the area from yah display screen." Wolf's voice entered Leon's ears via the visor.Bookmark here

Leon nodded and felt grateful for the aid.Bookmark here

The visor view was a much more appealing viewpoint of the streets compared to what was reality. The floor was pristine cobblestone. Buildings of white, clean marble were nestled between sweet-smelling blossom trees and evergreen elms. The colors of the world were crisp and inviting. People appeared interesting and attractive.Bookmark here

If he didn't know better, he would believe what he was seeing, even smelling, as the visor also utilized pressure points and sensory triggers to make the scenery smell and feel real.Bookmark here

"Far cry from reality." He mumbled to himself.Bookmark here

Wolf chuckled. "What isn't, lad. That's virtual reality for yah."Bookmark here

Leon nodded and connected to the FTP link of the CPU system, for an offline copy of the visor navigation file. He hoped he wouldn't be running out of storage anytime soon, but he was originally purposed for sieges, so he had been fitted with a thousand terabyte capacity. Fortunately, the file size was small, so he still had plenty.Bookmark here

He followed Wolf and Lucy's lead into the rowdiness of the bustling crowds.Bookmark here

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