Chapter 2:

A Long Way To Home

I am a Ghost in Love

My name is Tadao. I'm currently following someone and I'm ashamed of doing this.
But please don't get me wrong. I just want to read the manga the girl bought.
This is a manga that I feel as if it is describing me while reading it. That's the reason.
I won't haunt anyone!

Where is this girl going? Walking on these roads should be an indicator of how much people have developed. If I had a body right now, I would definitely trip and fall.

It's already dark, but the girl still hasn't arrived home! Does this girl know where she lives?
Isn't it a little dangerous to walk in the dark in such a desolate place? This girl has to get home soon or I'm going to take the manga out of her bag and run.


Surely some punks won't come and bother her, right? If that happens, I definitely won't be able to read the manga!

Hey, big sister! I wonder if you can give these young people some money? a burly high school student said.


Give the money and go home now!
Oh, she ignores them. That's probably the best thing to do.

Is the big guy chasing the girl? I guess I should do something. But if I do something, there will be more chaos.

But as soon as they started teasing the girl, I took action.
I know. This was something I had to do. But that's something that shouldn't be done by a ghost.
Because we ghosts shouldn't interact too much with people unless people came to our places to be afraid.
It would be bad if there was tangible evidence that ghosts exist. By doing this I made the life of all ghosts difficult.

All this happened at once. And the girl, I think, passed out from fright.
Since I couldn't leave a girl in such a place, I found out where she lived from the note in her bag and took her there.
After sneaking in through the window and leaving the girl in her room, I left. I hope neither the girl nor the punks remember or ignore what happened tonight.

The girl's family seems pretty wealthy. The girl is also a painter or art student, I guess. 

Aoi. I think that's the girl's name.

Anyway. I'd better go home.