Chapter 4:

The Mysterious Orb

Do I Really Have to Solve Every Problem in This World?!


"That hurts!"

". . . ."

After some sores developed on their heads Kaede was rather pleased with herself as she then walked up to the podium while the two stood next to her like some sort of entertainment for the students.

"Good Morning Everyone, I hope we're all primed and ready to take on the exams today." she spoke cheerfully.

Everyone cheered with excitement as if their fellow students' situation was not really important for some reason.

"Just like your fellow classmates they really are eager to put their full effort so you'd better watch out." she grinned as she motioned for them to go back to their seats.


Yuuta walked back rubbing his head then taking his seat while Lea proceeded next to him her cheeks all puffed up at the embarrassing moment they just had as Kaede began lecturing the class.

'What was that earlier?...'

He fishes the orb out of his pocket, still white and clear like before though now it feels warm as if it was alive. Cradling it in his palm he then places it back in his pocket looking out the window pondering what had happened.

'I guess it's another trip to the lab tonight...' He sighed.

'Or you could just try to communicate with me?' A voice rang in the air.

"Who's there?!" Yuuta spoke alarmed.

"Is there something wrong Moriyama-kun?" Kaede said

"Uh, nothing. I'm sorry!" Yuuta responded flushing red as the class laughed.

Lea however was curious about this sudden outburst from Yuuta so she decided to keep a close eye on him throughout the lecture.

'I must be tired...' He reluctantly decided as his answer then continued looking out the window.

'You know for a smart child like yourself, you're not really intelligent aren't you?' The voice spoke again.

'Okay, now this definitely has to be real...' Yuuta thought in response.

'Of course it is, you're just taking longer than expected is all.' The voice spoke sighing.

'Alright, so what then? Do we introduce ourselves to each other?'

'Well, I already know you Yuuta. I've been with you for a long time.'

'How? This doesn't make any sense to me-' 

Yuuta then thought of the Orb, the only anomaly to his daily routine as he then took it out and cradled it in his palm. It was still warm to the touch and clear and transparent.

'Took you long enough, now allow me to introduce myself.'


'I am Celeste, The Spirit of The Divine Dragon. I am one of many who wielded the power of the dragons throughout history.'

'Spirit? Dragons? History?'

'You may recall me in those fantasy books you have been reading lately as a matter of fact.' She laughed in response.

Yuuta then recalled the comic in question with a young fair maiden battling the forces of evil alongside her comrades and the dragons.


"Moriyama-kun, I do not know why you feel the need to disrupt homeroom today but I sure do hope you have a good reason as to wasting our time." Kaede said walking over to him as the room suddenly chilled.

'You know, you really do have a poor habit of keeping your excitement down...' Celeste sighed.

Yuuta had no response to either comment as his face went pale of embarrassment and despair.


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