Chapter 5:

NW - The Tamai Supplements #1 - Day 1

Further Tales From The UnderCurrent (Short Story Prequel Series)

Dear Dairy,

My name is Eb-- is Tamai, I am 11 and a half years old and I live with my guardians - Auntie Mary, Uncle... The Elder and his wife and Si Sorry, Scar.

A few months ago a strange man arrived in our town, at first he was hurt pretty bad but he healed up in time and began to live here.

He's middle-aged I think, very tall and broud with short black hair, 'buzz cut' I heard someone call it.

He was a soldier, apparently there is a big war going on right now but the adults don't tell me too much more then that - It doesn't involve our Abhailen people so it isn't really very important.

As town pontiff it is my duty to visit and care for all residence, now that the stranger is one I get to talk with him sometimes.

On one of my visits I found he had begun keeping a journal!
He snatched it off me before I could read it all but it seems quite complicated - I never knew Guy liked to think about things so much.

Oh! 'Guy' is what I call the stranger - He still won't tell anyone his name, at first it was 'that guy' but then Scar told me he knew someone called 'Guy' once, so that's what I've started calling him.
And Scar is what Guy calls my guardian, its a pretty cool nickname right!

Of course I've heard of diaries before, we even practised some exercises on them at school - But I've never really seen a proper one.

I asked Miss.Elder about it and she showed me hers. Apparently she has been keeping diaries all her life!

She only managed to bring a couple with her when she moved here to the town with the rest of us but they really are beautiful - They have embroidered covers and drawings and she has the most wonderful handwriting!!

Anyway I decided to keep one of my own. Miss.Elder had dozens of journals from just her time here, she keeps track of almost every detail of everyday!

Mr.Guy on the other hand only seems to do them at random - I think I'll try find a balance between those two, The Elder always says that; 

'Almost all things are better when in balance.'

Having Guy here is pretty fun, I get to ask him all sort of questions - Like he's really from the outside! Not the outside from ten years ago like the other adults but the current!

Usually he just answers my questions by saying; 

'Don't Know, Don't Care' in his grumpy voice but sometimes if you ask the right question he gets all nostalgic.

I asked him if they have forests as beautiful as ours here, back where he's from - He started to tell me about this place he was once 'deployed', some sort of rain-forest with massive tress taller then the dome is and dense to the point it's like looking at walls of green and brown.

And apparently they have all sorts of cute animals! Scar even admitted that there were some even he hasn't seen!

I really want the other kids to come see Guy but they all say they're scared - I don't get it, sure his face is a bit mean looking and he isn't very talkative most of the time but I think he's a good person deep down.

Scar says I'm just different to the other kids, I guess that's to be expected of the Pontiff - I talk different to them and I have my duties most of the time that they spend playing games...

But I'll keep trying! I'm sure Guy has more cool stories too, I want to learn all about the world outside the Dome!!