Chapter 8:

NW - The Tamai Supplements #2 - Day 20

Further Tales From The UnderCurrent (Short Story Prequel Series)

Dear Dairy,

I finally got everyone to come visit Guy! They were kind of nervous at first but after I lead the way they all followed - Scar says I looked like an Abhailen general leading a mighty charge!

Of course everyone loved the big green Nemo, it was like a playground with all the really little kids climbing up over it. I do have to admit though that I'm a little ashamed of one thing...

I couldn't help it! Before I knew it I was showing off my pilot chair, the one Guy got for me - Bragging about it and stuff... No I mustn't complain, I shouldn't of bragged that was unbecoming of me, the responsibility lies with me alone - Pontiff's down brag...

Luckily the others didn't seem to mind and I think even Guy looked happy!

That was yesterday evening, after I wrote day 19's entry - But today something else happened.

The shipment came in, on time as usual and better yet they even managed to get it!

It was only last week that I put forward the idea to the council so I thought the tools might not come until next shipment but they actually got here in time for this one!

Scar dropped them off at Guy's house for me, I was going to go over today to see what I was sure would be a delighted expression but instead...

I was in my room when I heard talking outside - When I looked out the window I saw Guy talking with Uncle Elder, Guy's face, it was all, cloudy...

I wanted to go talk too but it didn't feel right.

After a bit he started getting upset, waving his hands around, so Elder brought him inside and made tea - I sat outside the door.

I know it was wrong and I tried apologising but...

Well Elder told guy about the shipments and how the goods are distributed - I guess it calmed him down? Honestly he looked really sad, I don't get it.

Once he left our house I chased after him, I wanted to apologies for eavesdropping and its my duty to check people are ok you know?

But it was like he couldn't see or hear me.

I called after him but he just kept walking with his head staring at the ground and his hands in his pockets - I thought it was my fault for calling 'Guy', after all he might not release that's what I've named him and thought I was just calling for 'a guy'.

I caught up for him by one of the bridges but it was like he couldn't see me neither.

When I stood in-front of him to get his attention he just ruffled my hair and walked around me - After that I just kind of headed home.

I suppose he was really deep in thought or something. I hope he's ok, I really thought the tools would make him feel more at home...