Chapter 13:

NW - The Tamai Supplements #4 - Day 72

Further Tales From The UnderCurrent (Short Story Prequel Series)

I don't see Guy much anymore - They brought him up at today's council meeting, everyone is really worried.

He sulks around the place and his skin is all pale and his eyes are always so bloodshot.

The other kids all run away if he gets close - I try to talk but, but the words always get caught and I end up walking away.

Sometimes I try to wave at him on the street, even that seems to upset him.

So ya, I don't see guy much anymore. I kind of miss our talks.

I know he just saw me as a little kid and I know I made him mad and sad but...

He's the first one who treats me like a normal person. All the adults just see the pontiff when they look at me and even the kids are wary.

They don't say it but the others my age are creeped out by me, they think it's weird the way I talk and the words I use.

Guy didn't care about any of that, I was just another person in his eyes, I think.

The other grown-up's would tell stories about the glory of Abhaile, Guy would just talk about pretty forests and oceans.

I feel really lonely again but I can't tell the adults that - I have to be strong like father always was - I have to be the Pontiff.

I wish I could talk to Guy again, its been months since he shouted at me...