Chapter 14:

NW - The Tamai Supplements #5 - Day 140

Further Tales From The UnderCurrent (Short Story Prequel Series)

Dear Diary!

Alot happened these last few weeks, so much I'm ashamed to admit I forgot to keep you updated, my apologies.

Oh but where to start - I guess there was the day we found Guy passed out.

It was around the start of the month, I was in town and I spotted Guy - He looked out of it but that isn't so strange anymore these days, that said he had began going down the side of a house, towards the river's-edge.

I went to follow him, only to find him fall over behind one of the houses! It was really scary, Scar showed me how to check a pulse and Guy's was very weak.

I got help and before long he was with Dr.Smith who said the fall was brought on from not eating enough.

Guy really hadn't been looking after himself properly but the Doctor gave him a good, stern talking to.

After that pretty much no one saw him for a bit - I was worried but we had St.Aardig's day to prepare for, there was all the lights and bunting and baking to help with and then the ceremony and extra council meetings.

But I made sure to pray to Miss-St Aardig, I asked her to help Guy... And me too, I needed her strength so that I could help aswell!

After all that calmed down I decided it was time to do my job properly as Pontiff, I am twelve now after-all!

So I went to visit Guy, he seemed better but then he told us about it and... It was all so sad and confusing and, and, and....

I, umm, I ended up crying - Just a little bit though Ok?

But It's alright now cause he said he will come over for dinner! Well he said he would think about it, but that's pretty much the same thing right?

I think St.Aardig must really be watching out for us!

I don't know for sure, no one seems to not even the adults, but I'm hoping now that maybe everything will be ok.

And I promise not to miss any more entries, sorry Dairy.