Chapter 17:

NW - The Tamai Supplements #7 - Day 198

Further Tales From The UnderCurrent (Short Story Prequel Series)

Dairy I don't know what to do, I think I might burst!

You remember my last few entries, Guy's been coming over every weekend and he's started coming into town again and chatting with people and it's all been great like it should be.

Everything was right again, I mean it took ages, I felt a bit impatient... But I didn't mind! I don't mind if it takes till my 13th birthday or my 14th, or any! I just want things to be ok again, to be alright again...

It's all gone wrong and I don't understand why...

I wanted to follow him, to say sorry for all the stupid things, asking to get him the tools, the nemo, making him angry, no doing my duty well enough - But he just ruffled my hair and kept going.

Someone has to tell him, the war, between IAFS and TSU, it's over, it already ended - He doesn't have any reason to fight anymore, not even for us - This is wrong, it's so wrong!

Scar went after him but...But I don't think its enough.

I want to go, I don't want to loose him... But I have to stay here, its my duty - The meeting is only on break for a few minutes, there isn't time to try and chase after him and what could a kid like me say to stop him now anyway?

Why's this all happening so fast Dairy? I don't understand Diary, I don't understand.....

It was going to be ok, he was getting better from his sickness - Scar said his progress was amazing, even Doctor Smith said it was going well - It was all going to be alright, so why now!?

What would Father do at a time like this? How would he lead my people against something this unfair, there must be a diplomatic way out of all this - I just don't understand it!

Please come back alive, Guy.