Chapter 0:

Prologue: The Zaibatsu 5

The Zaibatsu 5

He couldn't stand at all that day.

The luggage below him, and the backpack on his side were enough to make him stumble from time to time.

When the two hefty policemen at his sides locked onto his fragile arms near the airport gate, all he could do was keep silent and let everything happen.

Looking downward, he felt embarrassed with the onlookers pointing their fingers and sharing their gossip.

The past few months that led up to this moment had completely shattered his mental stability.

He wasn't even controlling the way he moved.

There was now an empty shell of the greatness he had once embodied.

This was truly the end of his life.

As he felt himself be escorted away, all he could hear were the desperate cries of his parents, screaming, "EDDIE, PLEASE DON'T GO."


The Zaibatsu 5