Chapter 5:

Introductions?...Sort of...

Do I Really Have to Solve Every Problem in This World?!

Reeling from the chilling experience, Yuuta and Lea were shivering as they walked onto the school rooftop and basked in the warm sunlight sighing in relief then enjoying the soothing breeze lifting their spirits as they sat down as if they were exhausted.Bookmark here

"Well, since we're out here it's a good thing I bought these!" Yuuta saidBookmark here

He brought out two cans of juice (Apple and Peach)Bookmark here

"My Hero!" Lea responded happily.Bookmark here

"Of course!" He responded grinning.Bookmark here

Lea happily takes the Peach flavor leaving Yuuta with the Apple flavor as they opened their drinks and basked in the sun.Bookmark here

"So, Yu-kun what was that earlier?" Lea asked still drinking.Bookmark here

"What was what?" Yuuta replied confused.Bookmark here

"That glow from your pocket during our fight, what was it? Lea said poking his pocket.Bookmark here

"Oh, this?" Yuuta responded by bringing out the orb.Bookmark here

The orb was glowing faintly though the brightness of the sun hid it's luminous nature from them but it was still visible to the children.Bookmark here

"Where did you get it?" Lea spoke.Bookmark here

"Well, I've had it for a while actually." Yuuta replied.Bookmark here

"Yuuta, I had hoped you'd at least introduce me to your friend..." a voice perked up.Bookmark here

"What was that?!" Lea quipped lightly.Bookmark here

"Celeste-san, you didn't have to scare her..." Yuuta responded sighing.Bookmark here

"Well, you need to take better responsibility over this matter..." Celeste pouted.Bookmark here

Celeste then floated away from them briefly and before anything could be said she glowed brightly as wisps of energy flowed from her and began to take the shape of a little girl.Bookmark here

"Don't look Yuu-kun!" Lea blurted out covering his eyes.Bookmark here

"I can't see Lea!" Yuuta responded blindly waving around.Bookmark here

After finishing, she gently sat down with them as if just another student had joined them for their discussion.Bookmark here

"Hauu....W-w-what is this?!" Lea asked confused.Bookmark here

Celeste laughs as if she's been used to this situation years before.Bookmark here

"S-save me...Yuu-kun..." Lea spoke faintly.Bookmark here

"Lea? Lea? What happened?!" Yuuta asked now freed from her grasp.Bookmark here

After rubbing his eyes he looked and he beheld Celeste, no longer an orb she was dressed rather elegantly for a fellow grade schooler but had a hint of maturity in those black stockings along with her auburn hair with silver eyes made something leap in his chest but he couldn't find the words to describe the emotions he was feeling at this time.Bookmark here

"Uh..Celeste-san?" Yuuta spoke softly.Bookmark here

"Yes Yuuta, it's me." Celeste responded calmly.Bookmark here

"Is that really you?" Yuuta said then blushing.Bookmark here

"Of course it is, I thought it would be easier to introduce myself like this than as a mere orb." Celeste responded then poking Lea's face.Bookmark here

"Heeey! Lea-chan! Are you in there?!" Celeste shouted then pinching her cheeks.Bookmark here

"Yeow!" Lea screamed waking up.Bookmark here

"Finally, are you alright?" Celeste asked.Bookmark here

Lea then inspected Celeste round about as if verifying if she was in fact real. Squeezing her cheeks, her waist, and other parts to satisfy her curiosity.Bookmark here

"Lea-chan...I'm here you know?..." Celeste spoke slightly irritated.Bookmark here

"But how?!" Lea responded then grabbing something rather soft.Bookmark here

"Heee!!!!" Celeste flushed.Bookmark here

Immediately throwing a straight hit at Lea she then turned towards Yuuta who was taken aback by her reaction and blushed a firm red.Bookmark here

"Don't look at me!!!" Celeste reacted then landing a clean uppercut.Bookmark here

"Why?!" Yuuta responded his glasses then flying as he soared in the air.Bookmark here

Yuuta could barely remember what happened next, but he knew very well that it was memorable as he could only remember being punched soon after seeing Celeste's flushed face.Bookmark here

'Well, I guess these were our introductions?...Sort of...' Yuuta thought.Bookmark here

Author's Note: So we finally get some characterizations! Wahoo! Sorry it's been taking me a while to release more content though the drafts are still there just with minor additions. Thanks for your continued support however! (>^_^)>Bookmark here

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