Chapter 16:

NW - The Tamai Supplements #6 - Day 170

Further Tales From The UnderCurrent (Short Story Prequel Series)

Dear Dairy,

He finally came over!

It's been almost a month since we asked him to, but Guy really did come for dinner.

In fact he's been much healthier looking these last few weeks - I've seen him on lots of walks around the woods and the fields and town.

He waves at people again, if a little sheepishly - It's kind of cute to see a grown-up acting shy, though the Elder said I shouldn't say such mean things.

I've come across Guy a few times now on the side of the river or sitting on big boulders - Just kind of looking out at stuff.

I don't really get it all, grown-ups get sick for reasons that I don't quite understand. The Elder's wife says I will when I'm older - But I'm glad anyways!

Sometimes I sit with him and we just stare at the sky. If its making him feel better then I don't mind if he spends the whole year staring at the sky!!

We got an assignment at school, its about an essay around an adult who we admire - We've done one like it before but this time, well maybe I could ask Guy, he might even tell me his name and stuff - Oh and maybe when his birthday is too!

We could have a big party to make up for him missing my birthday and St.Aardig's day!!

Then again maybe asking him stuff like that is what makes him so sad?

I guess I'll see what Scar or Miss.Mar  Miss.Elder thinks first.

Then again does Guy even have birthday's where he's from? Elder says birthdays weren't really a thing before we came to the town - Maybe Guy's never heard of one?!

Oh, I'm being called for dinner so I better go, I'll write again tomorrow.