Chapter 1:

The beautiful girl who i saw. 「私が見た美しい女の子」

What happened to that thing you mentioned that day 「Sono・hi・okotta」

I'm walking home from school, My friend Kanamine is walking behind me.

"Kousuke, Why are you walking so fast!"Bookmark here

I'm not walking fast at all, shes just slow, and on her phone playing "Takamuriburst"

I bumped into a girl running in the opposite direction as me

"Oh, excuse me", I say looking down at her.Bookmark here

god, she's cute.

She has blue eyes, short thick black hair, and a black seifuku.

Gosh, I wish I could score chicks.Bookmark here

"No... it's fine.." she says with an embarrassed look on her face

But then she looks up at me, wait... is she angry?

she quickly runs away

now I'm wondering what I did...

"What was that?" Kanamine asks.

"No idea," I state.

And after that, it was pretty normal. we chatted talked about upcoming anime/Games and discussed theories

we make it to the area where we split up. next to a tree that has lost its leaves, Probably dying.

"see you later kanamine"

I wave as I say goodbye

"Seeya Kousuke!" Kanamine says cheerfully

And with that, I continue walking to my apartment, B-002 floor 2.

Back again to my boring life, Playing MMO'sBookmark here

Bookmark here

A.A. James
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