Chapter 2:

Iam the demon lord Tyrant! 『私は悪魔の主です!』

What happened to that thing you mentioned that day 「Sono・hi・okotta」

When I'm at home and not at school, I'm Playing MMO's and I transform into the Demon Lord tyrant named Daikamura, Leader of Ryo Kyu Ten, a guild me kanamine and some other players made in Freethesky Online.

i scream in the mic to kanamine

"Hey revive me!,Revive me!!!"

she screams in the microphone


God, she gets annoying sometimes

kanamine is my childhood friend. shes short, has pink hair and is usually wearing white dresses, Don't ask me why she just does.

We do a lot of quests, Buy some stuff, and chat in the lobby.

and then my mom screams my name from downstairs to go to sleep.

"aight" i say

"night" kanamine says in the voice chat.

and now I sleep.

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