Chapter 3:

The next day 「次の日」

What happened to that thing you mentioned that day 「Sono・hi・okotta」

The next day after school, I'm walking alone, Kanamine had to go somewhere.

The streets are busy, and it's cold.

and I think some old man stole my wallet on the train...

god damn, I'm hungry too.

but that's when I saw her

the girl from yesterday that I bumped into

her arm has several bruises, and her cute seifuku now has holes torn in it.

I grab my backpack and run to her.

She looks up at me, Her eyes still have tears

I reach my hand out to her, and she grabs it quickly

I can feel her pulse...

"are you going to hurt me?" she says still on the ground

"No, I'm here to help you, now what's wrong"

for some reason, she burst into tears

AAAA... fuck what did I get me into...

she jumps up and hugs me 

shes so warm...

I put my hand on her thick black hair and pat her head.

"anyways what's your name?" I ask awkwardly

"Inori..." she whispers... "Inori Ayanami,"

she looks up at me from my arms.

at this moment I realized how beautiful she was.

"Um... I probably can't go home so do you mind if I stay at your place..."

I'm surprised....but what would mom think?

I gulp and say "sure"

and with that 
I'm now stuck with this mess..

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