Chapter 0:

Who has the Sharpest Fangs? I guess we're about to find out, maybe?

Shin x Kyoko: "LOVE" is a bloody battlefield, but my Fangs are Sharper!

Hi my name is Admin S and I was given the task to narrate a story that's happening right now as we speak! Apparently it's a story about redemption and something about having the Sharpest Fangs? Hopefully it's something original and actually worth reading or else I'm just wasting my time...

But before we begin, let's head a bit into the past before we get into it!

Every 100 years in the Realm of Eternal Abyss, a Grand Festival is held to ensure the future and tranquility of the Abyssal Inhabitants. This festival has been named The Abyssal Retreat and has been considered sacred since it has been preserving the survival of the Realm for over 4,000 years!

However this upcoming feast will be much more entertaining...

10 years ago before the Abyssal Retreat...

Outside of a dark castle far off from the cares of the world, there stood a distressed but handsome looking man accompanied by his only Son. The Son was around 84 years old but had a younger appearance due to his vampiric lineage. The father and son stood under the moonlight at the highest peak overlooking all the splendor of the world.

The man looked at the son and said to him, "My Son hear me well, our Blood is slowly losing it's luster. Our Blood has lived many centuries away from the cares of the world, however it seems as though our way of life is finally coming to a bitter close."

The young boy looked into his fathers eyes and replied back saying, "Father, Father! What do you mean? How can that be?"

Little did the father know but the young boy had already foreseen this conversation, so he only played along to it.

The father peered over the horizon while swirling his red wine, "It's just that we have lost our influence and power in the recent years, and it seems as though it's getting worse and worse with every new generation. I'm not sure how much longer we can go pretending that everything is alright. It grieves me dearly that I am leaving all these problems to you."

The son lowered his gaze and stared out to the moon before them, "Father I wish I could do something! Is there anything I can do to save our Blood?"

The father looked at his son with a pleased expression, those words sang hymns in his heart. The father ruffled his young sons hair, "In matter of fact there may be one way."

The Father took a drink of wine, "Son you are getting to that age where you must find a suitor. Someone refined, and someone who's worthy enough to represent our great name!"

The son became interested in this saying, he responded back, "A suitor already? But I'm only 84, aren't I too young still?"

The father shook his head and responded, "Nonsense my Son, you are already approaching a century and I don't feel my old vigor anymore. I think the time draws near for when I have to pass the torch unto you."

The Son nodded, "My father how would I even find someone worthy of me! There are none in this castle that I even bat an eye too, no noble nor maidservant interests me here!"

The father turned to the son and replied, "Have you ever heard of The Abyssal Retreat my Son?"

The Son chuckled, "Yes that's where you met Mother right? It's the great festival where all the dwellers of the Abyssal Realm come and have a extravagant feast!"

The father nodded and took another drink, "It's not just a great feast, it's much more than that."

The Son tilted his head, "What do you mean by that?"

The father noticed his cup was empty and signaled his Son to fill it, as the Son refilled his cup the father answered back to him saying, "It's the most sacred event in the Abyssal Realm, it ensures the survival and safety of all the abyssal dwellers. It's where I met your mother and saved our Family from imminent demise, and furthermore it's where I want you to look for a potential suitor!"

Shin became even more interested in this saying, he then replied, "But how would I even do this, seeing as though I've never even spoken to a woman with romantic interest before!"

The father knew his Son's worry for he had the same worries 400 years ago, he knew that he was the only one who could help his dear Son overcome this obstacle. The father took another drink of wine and said unto him, "The Abyssal Retreat is in 10 years from now, from now on I shall train you personally to become the best man you could be! However it's going to be the most tough and brutal training of your life! Are you ready for it Son?"

The Son knew his duty and resolved it deep in his heart, he answered back to his father, "I will do my best father! I will be the one who saves our great name!"

These words echoed in his fathers heart and he grew merry, he chuckled at his son and patted him on the shoulder, "I'm looking forward to it Shin, our future belongs to you."

The Son thought within himself, "I'm not doing this for you or this failing family Dad, I have my own dream to follow and I won't let anyone or anything interfere."

The father and Son soon trotted back down into the dark castle, the moon luminated over them and saw them no more. 

Little did the father know but that conversation will be in the heart of his son for the next 10 years.

At the very same time, there was another failing royalty suffering from the same fate. A very illustrious woman in royal red garments sat on the throne in the presence of many subjects. Her hair was crimson red and she had a fire in her eyes, there wasn't one in that room that wielded beauty like her.

However there was something that plagued her mind, something that kept her from enjoying herself amidst the Royal Feast.

The Crimson Haired woman called out to one of her court subjects, "Sir Yamada, where is my Daughter? Bring her here to me at once!"

The court subject placed his arm over his heart in fealty, "Yes my Lady! Right away!"

The court subject departed in a flash, it was soon that a young girl with light pink hair stood before her. She was only 86 years old, but obviously looked much younger due to the vampiric blood in her. The small girl then knelt before the Crimson Haired woman, "I am here Mother, what do you require of me?"

The Mother stood up from her seat, she then walked down and raised the girls head with her soft gentle hand, "Come let us depart to my quarters, I have an urgent matter to discuss with you."

The small pink haired girl arose and went with the Crimson Beauty, they headed towards a long dark corridor illuminated by dim candles. Soon they came across a large door that stood at the furthest end of the hallway, the small pink haired girl opened the door for her Mother and they walked inside.

The Crimson Haired beauty walked over towards the large bed and sat down, she pats the bed and calls out to her daughter saying, "Come here my Kyoko, no need to be so formal when we're alone."

The pink haired girl walked over with a bright smile on her face, she sat down awkwardly on the bed as though she wasn't used to her Mother's kindness. The Crimson Mother saw her daughters nervousness and gently embraced her, this gave the daughter reassurance and made all her worries fade.

The daughter already knew something was wrong, so she built her courage and asked her Mother, "Momma I can feel your distress, what plagues your mind?"

The Mother let out a deep sigh, "I'm sorry my lovely Kyoko but my mistakes put us in this dire situation."

The daughter already knew what was going on but played ignorant just like the Son, she then asked, "What do you mean momma? What's happening?"

The Mother thought that her daughter was still too young to understand, however this was the direct opposite because the Daughter already had searched the stars and foresaw all of this. She was just waiting for the right moment to act!

The Mother savored in her daughters embrace, before long she said to her, "The time draws near, and soon you will take my place as Matriarch of the Yuki Bloodline. However our Bloodline has lost many over the years in my reign and everything seems so hopeless for us. It tears my heart knowing I'm leaving behind such a legacy behind for my kin."

The Daughter continued to act ignorant to the situation, so she replied back saying, "I don't understand Momma? Why is everything hopeless? Please tell me Mother..."

The Mother knew it was only a matter of time before her daughter stepped into destiny, the Mother stroked her hair and replied back, "As mentioned before I want you to find a male suitor of high status at The Abyssal Retreat so you could fulfill your mission."

The Daughter smiled devilishly and responded, "I already know that Mom, you don't need to worry about a thing. I will find this man and make him submit to me so that our Family can be saved!"

The Mother gave a relieved nod, "Ah thank the Night! I'm glad you understand your role Kyoko, may the Stars always bless you and your path!"

The Daughter already had the knowledge of The Abyssal Retreat and knew about her Mother's agenda to save her Bloodline by using her own Daughter's destiny and sense of duty. However our lovely Kyoko had other plans in mind.

"I'm going to find this man and make him fall for me, then I will begin my own conquest as the Matriarch!"

The Mother and Daughter conversed about many things afterwards, the Mother felt very sorrowful but also very happy to have such a brilliant offspring. 

What's going to happen to the Son and Daughter? Just how much do these kids know? And do they really know everything? 

I'm getting tired of all this waiting, let's fast forward to the present!