Chapter 1:

Prosperous City of Humanity

Heaven's Codex

—Year 346 Babel Calendar, 42 years after the Gates of Underworld Incident

My name's Minoru, after traveling for an hour we reached the prosperous City of Babel. Maybe you're wondering why Im here. Weeks ago Gab, my friend—enrolled me to Babel Exorcism Academy the empire's largest Exorcism Magecraft Military Training School. I arrived too early in the City than I expected so I decided to search for a great place to take a nap. While walking I've came across a hill with a nice fertile tree.

" place to take a nap for a country boy like me hahaha!"

So I lied down and let the time pass by...


I felt something vibrating on my pocket, and yeah it's my phone. I taken a look at it and just like what I thought—its Gab, I answered it quickly

"Minoru!!! What the hell, I've been waiting for you for a whole eternity!

"G-Gab, im so sorry I'll be on my way to yah right now!"

I hanged up and ran down the hill, but before that I felt the urge that I need to say this. I taken a glance back to the tree on top of the hill and said;

"I'll be coming back sometimes, bye."

I ran through the city streets and almost get lost to the city im not familiar with.

[Mana Hologram]: The Babel Empire's Frontline is still holding strong after many years. Demons are driven back by the military's strength of our Army. With our state, Babel Empire will stand strong until the next decades!!!

[Citizens]: Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

"Tch, Next Decades huh? We'll never know what'll happen in the future, how can they be that sure?"

"Ooohh Mi-no-ruuu, just what the hell taken you for so long man?"

"Ah Gab, Im sorry 'bout that. Lets go, shall we?"

Since the classes will start tomorrow, Gab showed me around the whole City. I saw the Babel Academy's Castle-like Structure it was so cool, it was so huge that the Main tower is even touching the clouds above. If the Academy is that huge, how huge will my Dorm could be!?


After showing me around for a day, Gab accompanied me to our Dorms...


"Hmm? Minoru?"

"Where did the Huge Structured Dorm in my imagination go?"

"Sorry to dissapoint you but...theres an unexpected number of students came to enroll earlier so they got the Main Dorms, this is just a temporary one so please deal with it."

"Ahhhhhhh, never mind. I'll take it. I can take the room I want can I?"

"Yeah go on, I'll be going now. I need to write a report on the school office."

"What are you?? A teacher? Hahahahahaha"

I entered the Dorm and searched for the best room, but there's one that took my attention. Room 011 has this weird sweet smell so I decided to take it. I put down my case and lie down to the bed

"Ahw man, my feet hurts from all that walking that we did. Imma take a goodnight rest here."

I heard a door opened at my right side and...


A Silverhaired girl standing in front of the Bathroom door with just a towel wrapped on her body showed up!