Chapter 1:

Usual Dullness


*ring ring ring ring*

The alarm which I am very familiar with has been going off for a few seconds now. I have heard it so many times now that I recognize the pattern and could do it myself.

It was still dark behind the curtains, but I still opened my still-closed eyes and found a very familiar ceiling in the room barely brightened by my night light which was placed under my bed.

So I woke up again, huh...

The same gray ceiling without any decoration. I looked around the room and saw the usual things at their usual spots. To my left was the usual wall, and to my right by the window is the study table where my computer is placed and where I usually do my studies, by the foot of the bed is the closet that is mostly closed, a leg table in the middle of the room, and by the far right of the room is the kitchen, bathroom, and the door to my room.

I reached for my phone which was charging by the headboard of my bed and turned the alarm off. Then I look at the time.


I need to get up.

Even though my body felt like a heavy rock, and the comforting feeling of being in bed still lingering throughout my body, I carried myself out of the bed.

Like usual, I went to the kitchen to cook breakfast, which is mostly oven-cooked bacon, scrambled eggs, rice, and water. After putting the dishes at the sink, I would check the weather. Then go to the bathroom to take a shower, and brush my teeth. Then to my closet to put on my uniform.

By 6:30, I would be ready to leave. I would take my key for the apartment and car, phone and charger, wallet, and lastly my backpack, then leave through the door. As usual, I turn it to the right in a 45 degree manner in order to lock it.

Since my school is a little bit far from my apartment, my father gave me a car. It was one of those cheap ones, but I did not mind.

By 6:47, I would be parked at the school’s parking lot. I would get out of my car, put my I.D. and backpack on, and then lock it.

*beep beep*

Which means it is locked, of course the sound is something I have already memorized also.

While walking towards the entrance, I put on my earphones and listened to music. I turned the volume to where I could stop hearing the noises around me.

I head straight to my class and sat down on my usual seat, it is placed at the far left corner of the room where the windows are located. On the wall behind my seat is the small locker for all the cleaning utensils such as brooms, mops, and etc. Beside that is the board where schedules, club forms, and etc. are posted. Ahead of my sight is the blackboard and a table for the teacher that would come in.

My classmates are on their usual circle, some are talking while some are doing the homework they have not done. 

And here I am, listening to music alone as usual...

I thought while staring outside.


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