Chapter 2:

My First Day is Far From I Expected

Heaven's Codex



I quickly taken my case and ran through the door while covering my eyes. But all of a sudden, I felt my whole body's getting numb.


Due to how weak my knee became, I ended up being face-planted on the corridor's wooden floor. The Silverhaired girl came out of her room wearing a long pink pajama dress and kicked my butt.

"What were you planning just now huh?!?!"

"There's a small misunderstanding miss, I never intend to peak on y—"

"Shut Up!!!! I'll make sure to kill you, pervert!!"

"Did u just casted a Immobilizing Spell on me? For this small reason?"

[Immobilizing Spell: Commonly used spell for Combat, it intends to paralyze the enemy]

"Its not a 'small reason' if someone tried to peak on you!"

A blackhaired ponytailed girl came down the stairs and saw my situation. Man, I never thought my first day here will this embarrassing. Im wondering what's Gab doing right now, sure thing he's eating that fruit cake he bought at the shop earlier *sigh*

"W-What's happening here, Ashley?"

"This pervert right here planned to peak on me!"

"Oy, I never do such thing!!!!"

"Shut up, no one's talking to you"

Suddenly a orangehaired boy came out from nowhere—

"Yooo! Dinner is—What the hell is this?"

"He tried to p—"

"I don't care HAHAHA, this dorm has two boys now HAHAHA"

The blackhaired girl got shocked and asked—

"So you're the new one in here????"


"See Ashley? You should learn how to concider things first before jumping into solo conclusion HAHAHA" the orangehaired guy joked

"Hmp!!! Hey four-eyes!! Next time I saw you doing this again, I'll burn you alive. Im Ashley Zolner, never forget that"

After she turned her back, she disabled the Immobilizing Mana she casted upon me. She closed the door with a BANG, I can still hear her heavy footsteps behind the scary. The blackhaired girl and the guy helped me stand-up. 

"Im so sorry for what Ashley did, please understand her side too."

"HAHAHA its nothing"

"Im Heva Heinrich, the head of this Dorm—Nehl! Please assist Minoru to his Room."

"Yeah I'll do that, I'm Nehl Laurentius you can call me Nehl. Follow me upstairs."

"Ah wait up! I-Im Minoru Albreicht, we're born from different races but lets get along in the future!!"

After we eat dinner together, I directly go to bed. I need to take some good rest 'cuz tomorrow will be the First Day of class. But still, I ended up staring in this unfamiliar Ceiling, recalling that day...that day, where I couldn't do anything to protect them...

—The Next Morning

I realized I didn't turned on my phone's alarm, and my room's alarm clock has no batteries in it! So yeah, my first day is fucked up. I ended up running down the dorm corridors while eating the sandwich I prepared, I EVEN PUT A KETCHUP ON IT INSTEAD OF SPREADING JAM!!! Unfortunately Nehl and Me shares the same fate, WE'RE BOTH LATE!!!! We ran through the Garbage alley just to caught up on the Train departure and Luckily, we caught up!

"Whahhh—whahhh—What the hell, man!" (huff)

"We (huff) shares the same (huff) fate, hahhhhhh!!"

"We're brothers now HAHAHA (cough)"

After all that running we arrived at the Academy Gate. We're very thankful we are not that late, there's still students searching for their Classroom and Section names so I'll pretty much do the same. Nehl and I part ways on the gate.

"Excuse me, Excuse me, Excuse m—"


I accidentally struck on someone's shoulder too hard, he ended up out balanced and fell on his butt.

"Im so sorry, I didn't, mean to—"

"Tssss!!!! YOU DIDN'T KNOW WHO I AM???"

"Sorry, I don't know you but I'm Minoru Albreicht! Sorry for what I did, its my fault."

I offered my hand on him but he slapped it away—

"You lookin' for a fight huh?"

"I'm not, its just an accident..chill out!"

He suddenly threw a heavy punch on me. Good thing I dodged it, but I can feel the Enhancement Magic he used. Other students noticed what's happening and started to look at us like its a boxing ring. He threw another punch to my Face but I still be able to dodged, I didn't noticed his next attack will be direct to my stomach. My body can't react that fast.

The Heavy Punch hit me directly in my Central Torso and sent me backwards. It's so painful that I fallen to my knees enduring it.

"Shit!!! I received a direct hit!! Ack!!"

"Ohhh? So that Enhancement Spell really is useful huh?"

[Crowd]: WOAAAAH!!

"I'll teach you a lesson, Freshman"

A Silverhaired girl came out of nowhere in front of me and spoke loudly—


I recognize this voice, surely that's—Ashley Zolner...