Chapter 1:

The Beginning Of A New Era

École de magie

{St. Laure- Headmistress room}
"Hayama Akira, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..........................................., Give me info. on him!"-HeadmistressBookmark here

"Yes, Height: 6'02,Weight: 110,pounds,Eye color: Deep blue.Character sketch: A boy with Blue hair dyed with black at the bottom.A cold heart person, Really popular among everyone but doesn't really care for anybody.Having a rather sad past but has a strong will.Lives in an apartment in lunar street flat no:1107 (alone).Mother and Father working overseas in company UARC(undefined atomic research center), Admission Rank:1st,"-someoneBookmark here

"Rather a lonely boy, oh my! Call the student council president immediately !"-HeadmistressBookmark here

*knocks door*
"Come In, Izumi Ai!"-Headmistress
"............................."- Izumi
"I have found a perfect person to fit on. Take this"-Headmistress
"hmmmmmmmmmm"- Izumi
Bookmark here

*end*Bookmark here

I am Hayama Akira.(I am gonna narrate my own story.Above thing was just extra's). So this the most renowned prestigious school St. Laure.
"I am here to pick you up, Hayama Akira!"-Someone
Your name-(I asked)
"I am Izumi Ai, Student council president"-Izumi
hmm....Bookmark here

(Background students)
"Oh that is student council president"
"yeah yeah"
"She has such a fine beauty touch"
"Her long soft golden hair"
"Long eyelashes"
"Purple eyes like blade to pierce our heart"
"khyaa khyaaa its Izumi-san"
"Who is with Izumi-san?"
"Maybe a new transfer student"
"Do student council give this special treatment to every new student"
"I don't think"
"Isn't he handsome..?"
"Khyaaaa IKR"

*ENDS*Bookmark here

They sure know how to make a fuss, *sigh*.Well, she is really something to not go overhead over heels for me. Usually, something like this happens.(me-------------------------< Person with me{ FLIRT}).Well it is better!Bookmark here

"This is your classroom 1-A "-Izumi
So I am in this classroom.
"Well let me introduce me to new student- Hayama Akira"-Izumi
*goes to her place*
*Hey isn't he a cutie*
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"Nice to meet you Hayama-san, I am your homeroom teacher Hideki Eji. Pls Introduce yourself in front of the class"-Hedeki-SenseiBookmark here

I am Hayama Akira. I used to live in U.K 'coz of my parents' job.Now I have shifted to Japan and I am kinda independent.I hope to get along with you from now on.Bookmark here

All eyes of the girls and girls were staring at me as I introduced myself.I felt kinds chill around my spine, but there was only one pair of an eye that was not at all focused on me.It was Izumi's eye.Then now almost every eye was paying attention to me I felt a little bit creepy so I asked Sensei when do I need to sit.He suggested that I should sit beside Izumi.He said sitting beside Izumi is a plus point as she is a good guide and she is in student council so you may require talking with her.I didn't expect my myself to sit beside Izumi looking at her eyes made me seem like she hates me and doesn't want to be near me at all.I think somebody really cursed my luck for me to sit beside Izumi.I sat on my allotted place.Then I thought of giving her a little bit of greeting so I turned my neck a little bit but then.....Bookmark here

*Sigh*-IzumiBookmark here

She sighed.I wondered why Izumi sighed, never the less I don't care.I am not gonna greet her anymore.Bookmark here

The place near Izumi was quite comfortable as it was in the last corner of the classroom, near the window.So I can doze off easily out there.After few period It was recess.It was all fuss near me girls and boys both were attracted to me since I was a foreigner student and have come to Japan.I gave them a death stare and they left me alone.I asked one of the boy sitting near me where the cafeteria was, as I knew it was pretty pointless to talk to my so-called "guide".He gave me the direction and then I went to the cafeteria to buy some food.I purchased a melon bread and found a cozy and a lonely place to eat .The bell rang and I headed to my class.The day ended easily.I reached my locker to take my shoes and to go home.Bookmark here

(Random Talks)
*Hey do you know the Student Council Rumor!?*
*Yep Yep I know, the student council student can use magic. They fight who is the best magician..*
*Ha ha*
*And also believed to have special power*
*Seriously who spread this rumor*
*Ha ha ha ha*

{ENDS}Bookmark here

It is useless to hear their weird gossips.*sigh*.A very husky, soft and cold tone said to me

"They are not weird gossips but the"
"Ehhhhh" Bookmark here

I was quite amused to hear her voice so cold especially I wasn't able to listen to last words as she said it very softly.Bookmark here

"Let's go to Headmistress room.She is calling you"-Izumi
Bookmark here

I didn't do anything wrong! Why are they calling me? Maybe for administrative businesses...
While I was thinking I already reached the Headmistress room.Bookmark here

*KNOCK*Bookmark here

"Yes.Come in"- HeadmistressBookmark here

Headmistress lifted up her head.Before she lifted her head I wasn't able to see 'coz she was hidden in in the massive piles of paper.Headmistress' eyes shined.She saw me but I think for a matter of milliseconds what I saw was that she was grinning but in the other second it vanished like dust.She started speaking.Bookmark here

"So! Here you are Hayama Akira"-HeadmistressBookmark here

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