Chapter 4:


Heaven's Codex

After I get a mouth from Gab I entered the main hall and waired my uniform's coat, I figured out my Class and prepared to go in. Along the way I saw Nehl wondering around the Corridor

"Oyy!! Minoru!!"

"Nehl, lower your voice! We're in the corridor."

"Oh hahahaha sorry, what class are you in by the way?"

"Uhh, Class 1-A...What's yours?"

He clinged his arms around my shoulders and sayed—

"Hah! Knew it, I'm waiting for yah actually. Our classmates will be happy to see you, I heard you make an uproar earlier in the gymnasium huh?"

"Ehhh? You heard 'bout it?"



We walked together to our classroom—Class 1-A. I opened the sliding door and I saw my classmates glaring at me. Im surprised all four of us in the Dorm is together in one class, well ofcourse that means that "girl" is here too. You know who I mean...

"Welcome our New Classmate, Mark Albreicht!!"


[Heva]: Welcome!!!

[Ashley]: Hmm? You're here too? What a shame...

I vowed infront of class but something really feels off...their glare is burning me alive. A guy at the back asked me...

"Minoru Albreicht wasn't it? Weren't you the one who kicked Gino's ass this morning?"


"You still don't realize what you've done? You just offended a Royal House heir. Founirr Family has a big influence in the Whole Empire, you just put our class in danger!"

[Others]: "Yeah, Gino Faunirr is also our Senior. Its easy for him to bully our class because of what you just did!"

"Oh, Im sorry."

I vowed my head again for the second time. Nehl spoke—

"Tch! So what if he's a Faunirr?!?! So what if he's a Senior delinquent!? What Minoru did is the right thing! Don't vow to these faggots Minoru, they're just cowards."

—The guy at the back and the whole class gone silent for a momment, until the bell rings. Heva signalled us to take our seats, the teacher is coming, I can still feel the classroom's heavy atmosphere. I seated at the last row besides the corridor's window, I can clearly see students passing in the corridor.

Heva suddenly discarded a piece of crumbled paper on me, I thought he's making fun of me until she signaled me to open it. Something's writen on it—

"Don't worry, they're not actually mad at you...

...I'm not mad at you hahaha"

I looked at Heva's face with a shoked expression, she wears a very bright smile on her face, she looks so cute. I looked away immediately, I can feel my face getting ears feels hot.

I crumbled the paper once again and slid it inside my pocket. We heard the sliding door's sound, the teacher is coming. Then suddenly...

"Hello everyone,

I'm your Class Adviser,

Gabriel Carter."

[Everyone]: EHHHHHHHHHHHHH?????

I can't control my voice anymore, I ended up shouting—


"Mr. Minoru, please calm down."


[Classmate]: "Huh? Gabriel Carter? The Sector 1 Highest? What???"

"Sector 1 Highest??? What's this Gab???"

"You have some quite connection Albreicht." Ashley said

"Please, all of you sit down. We'll gonna start"

I have many questions in my head right now but I guess they'll wait until the day's over. Gab turned on the Holographic Board and jumped in the Lesson—

"Everyone, Welcome to the Academy of Babel. For those who didn't know, all of you here will be taught all about EXORCISM, your performance here will determine your future Exorcist Mage Rank:

—Arch, Dominions, and the highest order The Seraphs...

EXORCISM, it basically means Killing Demons and by that it means...THE FRONTLINES...

...since the Empire was built, Babel Empire's Frontline held strong till this day. We maintained our large territory for almost decades of nonstop defending."

—Gab projected a 3D Holographic Map in each of our tables—

"What you can see right now infront of you is the full scale map of the Empire, from the day the Empire was founded they devided it in 7 Sectors...

...Zion: Sector 7,

Judea: Sector 6,

Samaria: Sector 5,

Syria: Sector 4,

Golan: Sector 3,

Sinai: Sector 2,

and the Main Sector — Babel: Sector 1"

I never thought the last humans alive would build such a huge Empire like this. Im...just too amazed. The Human Territories are spanning almost millions of kilometers in all direction, I can't believe they managed to defend this very huge fort.

"Every Sectors has 1 Seraph Mage, and here in Sector 1 that Seraph Mage is in front of you"

[Whole Class]: W-Whoaaaaaahhhh

I didn't even have the slightest idea that the one who saved me is the highest Seraph Exorcist of All Sectors...Gab, Unbelievable...

"Its a battle...behind those walls are Warzones, a war where we only have no choice but to defend. Do you still wish to defend The Empire with your lives on the line?"

[Nehl]: "Ofcourse we are, I dont like sitting behind these walls doing nothing. We're like pigs inside a pen"

[Classmate]: "Y-yeah Nehl's right!"


(*Intense Background Music*)

Gabriel spoke loudly to Minoru—

"Your answer, Minoru."


...will fight till the end"

"Very well, then show me your Resolution!!"

(*Intense Background Music*)