Chapter 1:

The Power that Flow's Through Me.

Oppai Loli who has a Demonic Hand Goes on a Adventure

Lisa Red was Waking Up from her Bed Today she is going to Do something else Then Collecting Mushrooms,She is going to Kill some Monsters Sense She wants to do what Adventurer's at the guild do Slay Monsters and gain More Power and Maybe Fame.

Lisa walked over to her shower and took off her Pajama's and Starts to Clean Her Body and After a few minutes Lisa Got Dressed In Sweat Pants and a Short Sleeve Shirt and She Never Covered Her Armored Demonic Hand Sense She Never was bothered By Look of it Sure the Large Crimson Eye that is On top of her Hand Can Look Uneasy But People Never Seem to Mind well the Guild Keep Spying On her For some Reason and so She walks outside of a New Day.

Lisa Then walked outside of the Village and was now walking on a Long Stone Path She was Looking for a Monster to Kill But she did not want to fight One that is Too Strong for her to Kill and so after walking for a few Minutes Lisa have Found a Single Orc With a Large Wooden Club and so Lisa Sneaks Up to the Orc and then Lisa Snaps the Monsters Neck Killing it Instantly and after the Body Fell to the Grassy Floor.

After Lisa did that Her Right Arm felt Extreme Pain go through and so after A minute or so Lisa got up from the ground and Lisa Pulls out a Small Mirror she had and looks at herself She notice that Her Demonic Arm grew a little up her arm and Now She has Tiny Horns on top of her Head Quickly Lisa Checked Her Stats.

Name:Lisa Red
Race:Demon(98% Form Sealed)
Soul's Eaten:1

Skill Info Demon Punch is a Skill where the User Using their Demonic Fist to Punch a Monster with Demon Energy,With each Level the skill Becomes More Powerful and gain more Knock Back.

Lisa was in shock of what she was reading her hole life was a Life she was a Demon this Entire time and Her Parents never told her and Lisa thinks.

Lisa Red: My "Parents" Never Let Me Play with other Kid's and never give me the chance to Be a Adventurer and Only Let me Pick up Mushrooms and Herbs for all my Life but secretly i Learned to Snap Necks of Monsters by a training group but i was dragged back to my house after My "Parents".

After Wiping the Tears off of her Face Lisa wanted to Know who was Her Real Parents and Gain More Power while Slaying Monsters and Taking their souls and so Lisa walked to the forest of Monsters to slay some More Monsters and gain Back her Original Form.

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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