Chapter 2:

Souls of Monsters and New Power.

Oppai Loli who has a Demonic Hand Goes on a Adventure

Lisa was Now walking in the Forest of Monsters This Place has a high rate of Monsters Here and Researchers and High rank Guild Member Botanists still can't figure out why Monsters Breed there Faster than anywhere else in the World.

Lisa Started to Look around for Some Monsters and so after some time looking Lisa Finds a Group of Goblins Beating up a Corpse that they Killed and so Lisa Ran Over to them and Did a Demon Punch and Turns the Goblin's Body Into Red Paste and after Smashing a few More Goblins in some tree and Lisa's Demon Hand Absorb's the Five Goblin Souls and Lisa Body Changed Slightly, Her Horns grow a bit but not Much,A bit of her Arm is Covered in More of Her Demonic Armored Hand And Last Lisa's Eyes changed From a bright Blue to a Crimson Red and so Lisa Checked Her Stats.

Name:Lisa Red
Race:Demon(90% Form Sealed)
Soul's Eaten:6
Skill Info: Limit Breaker is a Passive that is activated when the User is at 10 to 20% of Health and their Str and Dexterity Stat by four fold,After a few Minutes or when the Monster is Dead The User will Fait for a few Hours to Recover the User of Energy.

Lisa Liked that she was Getting More Power from the Souls and her Real Self and so Lisa Walks Deeper in the Forest to look for some stronger Monsters to Level up and get their souls to achieve her New goal.

Adult Orc's PowerLevel:145 to 200 each
Adult Orc's FullPower:245

Lisa was Now Hiding in a Bush and she Have found a Group of Adult Orc's who are twice her height and they Carried Iron Weapons and wear Bronze Chest and Leggings after than Lisa Jumped Out and Demon Punches One In the Head and it turns into Nothing but Bit's of Brain Matter,One of the Orc's Starts to Attack with His Long Sword and got a Clean Cut On Lisa's Back and Lisa Felt a Little Bit of Pain but sense she Have used about 10% of Her Power and her Passive the Pain was reduced.

Lisa the Grabbed the Orc who Attack Her and Used Her Demonic Arm to Crush his Head with No Work Needed Next Lisa turns to Last three and with Three Punches Lisa Blew all the of them through Multiple Trees and Lisa Absorbs The Four of their souls and then Something Happened Lisa Fainted onto the ground and After a Hour Lisa wakes up and pulls out her Small Mirror but it had a Small Crack in it and so Lisa Sees her New Look and Lisa Sees that her Horns grew up to about five inches and it was now the same color as a now a Dark Blue .

Next Lisa Sees that her Demonic Arm has Fully Take over her Armor and Last She Feels a Pair of Large Bat wings On her Back and they Ripped out of her Sweat Shirt and Her Left Hand has Start to Grow The Same Demonic Armored Hand but was Less Armored and More Flexible so Lisa can still Use it as a Normal Hand and so Lisa Checks Her Stats and was In Shock of what she sees.

Name:Lisa Red
Race:Demon(30% Form Sealed)
Soul's Eaten:10
PowerLevel:4,650(Powered By ten souls)
FullPower:6,850(Powered By Ten souls)
Skill Info: Soul Powered is a skill where the User Becomes Power By the Souls that they have Eaten and with the More Souls the More Power the User Gains

Lisa was In in Shock Of her New Power and Stats to think" i Wonder what my True Self is Like Sense this Power and Look are Something i Like,The Color Of My Skin and Sense i have Flight i Can go back to my Village And get some sleep sense it it now night time.

And so Lisa Flew Back to the Village she lived in and after people see her they realized it was Lisa Red the Same one sense they all see a Good Aura around her and not a Evil one and so Lisa Un Dressed and She fell on her Bed Fast asleep for the Next Day.

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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