Chapter 3:

Joining the Guild and a Great Rage.

Oppai Loli who has a Demonic Hand Goes on a Adventure

Lisa was waking up from her Bed Today she is going to Join the Guild Like she wanted for the Past twenty Years and so Lisa Pulls out a Shirt and Cuts two Large Holes for her wings and so after taking a shower and eating some food Lisa was Now Dressed in the Same clothes and so She walks outside to Join the Guild Called "The Dragon Fighters" the Name Lisa Chuckles at the very Cheesy Name for one of Many Strong Guild that People Talk About almost all the time and so Lisa goes back walking over to the Guild

Lisa walked Inside of the Guild and Many People where in shock why was a Demon Here none the Less a Full Grown Adult One and Lisa did not let the Stars Bother her and so she flew a few inches in the air sense her height make it had for her to see the Lady at the desk and so Lisa ask if she can Join and a Conversation ensues.(Desk Lady's Name is Alice)

Alice:I am sorry we do not allow Demons To Join this Guild Please Leave Now.

Lisa was in shock of this and said in a calm Voice.

Lisa Red:Sorry But i will like to Join and Just Because I am one so Let me Join.

After some Back and forth a Voice on the Second floor tells Alice to Just Let Her Join and so Lisa was told that she needed to fight one of the Few Strong Guild Members and so Alice called Over Their Great Sword User Leon and so a Tall five foot Man with Bulky Iron Armor and a Great Sword Made out of Steel Walked over and was told that Lisa wanted to Join the Guild and so both of them where Told to go to the back of the Guild and Both of them got to the right and left side of a Large Training Area and so the Both walk outside.

Lisa on the right side and Leon was on the Left side of the Training Area and so Lisa and Leon Goes into there fighting Stands and so the Fight Starts(Here are there Power Levels)

Lisa Red:4,650(Powered By ten souls)
Leon Neo:6,250(Suppressed)

And so Lisa Red Flew At Leon at high Speeds and Does a Demon Punch and Leon Blocks the Attack with his Great Sword a Great Force was Felt and Then Leon Hit's Lisa with his Great Sword and she was Send Back a few feet before Lisa hit a wall She regain Mobility with her flight and so Lisa Power Up a Bit (PowerLevel:6,150 75%)

Lisa Fly's at a higher Speed At Leon and Did another Demon Punch Catching Leon off Guard and a Fist filled with Demonic Energy and he was send Flying into a Large Stone and Lisa though she had won how ever Leon Got up in a bit of Pain and he says this.

Leon Neo: You are One of two People in my Life to Make me Feel Pain and now let me show you some of my Power.

And then Leon Starts to Power Up,Lisa was in shock of the Power that she was feeling and so after A Few Seconds Leon Stop's and Leon's Sword was now Covered in Fire and Leon Looked a bit Crazy and then Leon Attacks at a Blinding Speed.
(Leon Neo"Fire Spirit Power Up": 14,450 1% of Power)

Leon dis a Speed Blitz On Lisa and Keeps sending her Flying and Hitting Her over and over again Until Lisa was in the air and was slammed down into the Ground with a Large "CRASH!" and so Leon Landed on the ground and though He won But Lisa Stands up from the Large Hole that she was in and with Bloody wounds Lisa's Inner Rage grew Large and her Passive skill Limit Break activated and Lisa was now In the Air Flying and Her Demonic Arm had a Dark Aura around it and so Lisa Goes Hyper Speed at Leon and with a Loud Demonic Roar.

(Lisa Red "Demon's Rage and Limit Breaker":75,580 Beyond Limits)

As Lisa Goes at full speed and as Leon Tried to Block hit His Great Sword Broke in two and a with a Force of a Small Mountain Lisa Punches Leon with her Demon Punch and Sends Him Flying right through the Stone Bolder after that Lisa Pulls out her Demonic Hand and Starts to Charge up a Demon Blast and Before She can Do the Attack Lisa Felt sleepy and Landed onto a Shoulder of the Guild Leader and Leon was Healed Up and was send to the Sleeping Room on the third floor and so the Guild Leader turns around and Look at Alice with Shame on her Face and so Lisa was Healed Up to and was send to a Healing Ward.

A few hours Later Lisa wakes up rubbing the side of her head of what Happened and then she looks up from the bed she was in,Lisa sees the Tall Guild Leader Looking over her and then the Leader talks.

Guild Leader:Hello my Name is Moto and i am the Guild Leader of the Dragon Fighters you have Shown Great Power In you and i Under Stand that you where not In Control of what you where doing and i with the power that is in me Make you a guild member of this guild,Your Rank is F rank which is the Lowest for new recruits now go Home get some sleep and i will talk with Alice tomorrow.

Lisa got a Guild Card in her hands and the Guild Leader left the Ward and Lisa does not remember what happened but she shakes it off and flew back up and Fell Asleep in her Bed for the Next Day.

This Novel Contains Mature Content

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