Chapter 60:

katarinas deepest gratitude

love sick delinquent

at last todays the final selection i wanted to get early and prepare but

i cant believe i oversleep

too light

it wasnt shannons failt

its secindra!

i saw it that girl was dricubg really crazy

im really skrry

i wanted to play yiu accompanimet ubtil the very end

thats it of youll hace me

u mifht hace any right to do it

but i did soemthing terirble during the forst selectiob

i even thoight i should qyit playing the piano

but when i heard you lractising recently i rmeeber

back then when i just stareted llaying piano was just fun

along qith my friend...yahiro

i loce usic

si i want to face music straight on once agai.

so please let me accinabt you

thann you shannon,ill be happy

thank you si much

performace 1 from the music departemt cecilion reze

he will ve playibf


perfromer w from the music department gabriel rosebladethe first person to teach me how fun music cpuld be...was gabriel

perfromer 3 from the music departmet euphimia fildora

performer 4 from the music departmet reijimin li

performace 5 from the msuic departnetnicol carlton

he will be playing caprice bo w4 by pagabibi

the frist person to teach me how beaitiful the violib could was nicol

but its not just beaitiful now

i can feel its piwer to resonate the heart and uts kindness

persinaxe 6 from

youte laways saving me you kniw?yahiro

you eere always kind to me and worried about me and sonetim

a straight forward abd a warm perfimace jidt like you yahiro

ehat abiyt yiur clothes

i think just as i am is fine

she will be playing salut d amour

all the wondetful peiple i eet thats to this

and all the wonderful memoris i hace thabks to msuc

there were tough times and tarful times

but now theyre verry ckise ti ne

thats right

it suport me and watch ocer me

it cgeed me up and everyone else

i dedeicate this sobg to claudia

salut d amour is my first step

im going to cibtine playibf the music inside me

i had hit walls.i had been lost in the dark

i wanted to abandon it all out of anguish bit now i know

im glad i meet everyone ag the compition

i wouldbt have thoight that being in this comiption ibwould be able to meet wobdeffyl person

thank you,everyone i.metey ay the compition

to my dearest best friend clausdia

One sided love is beautiful

No expectations, nothing in return just pure love.Yes, it's hurt.But nothing can be as beautiful as a one sided love story.

To all those who have lost loved ones or were left alone, life is Unpredictable and this unpredictable things makes life beautiful