Chapter 5:

The Fall Of Zion

Heaven's Codex

Date—March 24, 345 Babel Calendar

Location—Sector 7: Zion Frontlines ||  Outside Belt

Time—2000 Hours (8pm)

Its a normal night in the Eastern Wall—Border of Sector Zion. You can feel the coldness of the ocean breeze blowing from the top of the 926 feet tall wall, it would be even relaxing if the sounds of the loud canons are seized—


With the captain's order the soldiers aimed the mana powered canon to the enemies, the soldiers covered their right ears—


The soldiers pulled the cannon's strings with all their might, with that— the Mana Powered Cannons fired


"BOOM!!! BOOM!!! BOOM!!!"



With all that power, the Demons charging forward were hit and turned into ashes. Some of the Demons backed off to the waters but some still charged forward. With the soldiers of humanity holding the higher ground, the charging Demons never stood a chance.

An hour have passed and almost all of the charging Demons were wipped out until nothing's left outside the walls. But they all know, this silence wouldn't last long...

—Zion Main Unit: Above the Wall—

"Sir!! I've received all the Reports of all our Frontline Units of Zion!"


"All 35 units of the Eastern Wall defended against the attacks, our enemies backed off to the ocean this 2300 hours (11pm), thankfully we suffered no casualties this time, your Orders?"

"Stay on watch, the enemies may attack again hours from now. Deliver my orders to the other 35 units. You may go now."

"Yes, Sir!!"

The Lieutenant Exorcist exited the tent, and the Captain Incharge looked at the papers need to be signed, suddenly— a man equipped with black noble cape appeared infront of him...

"Good Evening, Captain!"

The man pulled out a very creepy smile in his face—

"W-WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!"

"It doesn't matter who I am Captain...

...all of you here will die eventually HAHAHAHA!!!"

"What do you mean?"

"You're quite slow for a Captain aren't you?"

The Captain noticed the Broken Ring above the strange man's head, its like an Angel's Ring but a destroyed colorless one. The Captain knew this guy isn't human at all...A Demon—A Fallen Angel. The Captain's eyes widened for what he realised. The man spoked with a joyful voice...

"Ohhh?? Captain you noticed these beautiful rings huh?"

"A-A-Ah yeah they are..."

The Captain quickly pulled the drawer and taken out his gun— 


But before the Captain could even point his gun, the mysterious man pointed his fingers like its an actual pistol in the Captain's head and fired a single shot with a small magic particle. The mysterious guy spoked in a cold voice—


The Captain's head exploded in all directions, leaving all parts of his head shattered around the tent. The mysterious guy catched some blood in his fingers, he lift his hands slowly and tasted the blood in his index finger—

"Tsss...not good enough..."

He walked out of the tent and came across a Female Exorcist—

"H-hey sir are you okay? You have some blood in your face, are you injured? Let me—"

The Mysterious Man punched a hole in the girl's stomach, he whispered to the Exorcists ears saying—

"How dare you touch me, human?"

The woman sprawled on the floor spilling liters of her own blood, the woman managed to say something before she passed out...

"Im so sorry, Brother"

The mysterious man walked casually killing anyone he encountered. Chopping their head off, cutting their limbs into pieces, and throwing them off the 926 feet wall. He wiped the whole 35 units of Exorcist Soldiers scattered all around the Eastern Wall in just hours of nonstop killing.

"Time for the main event HAHAHAHAHA!!"

He blasted the Extremely thick metal door allowing huge number of Demons to breakthrough to the Zion's Territories.

—Zion City—

[Farmer/Citizen]: "I can feel the grounds shaking too much, what could that be, come on its already this late?"

The citizen came out of his door and a huge dog-like creature tore his limbs alive, eating him in the scene

"Papa, what's all that noi—AHHHHHHHHHH!!!"

The peaceful Sector 7: City of Zion fallen in an instant, the citizens screams can be heard from the distance...

The mysterious man stood on top of the burning church's tower enjoying the view of the burning city—

"What a great view HAHAHAHA!!!!"

He saw a citizen running quickly to the last train bagon, the mysterious man appeared in front of the train's door and spoked—

"You, I'll make you my little messenger, go to Empire Capital—Babel and deliver these words...

...I, Leviathan will slauther you all"