Chapter 1:

Ch.1: Join Or Die!

Saibapunku No Resistance

Somewhere, Kuzioto, Japan

14 of June, 2369

2:55 PM (Friday)

We were in a dirty classroom, it looked like a prison cell that hasn't been cleaned for 50 years with broken windows, hella splinters in the floor and roof where it seems it could fall down any moment, heck you could hear mutated rats go on cannibalistic genocide up there.

The only thing that was good, modern and functional were all the advanced tech that we have.

Saiba Punku, a 14 year old middle school student at Gomi Middle School, had just finished listening to a boring ass history of Dapan, which he explained on FlatTech a device which you can put anywhere and it will show a holographic screen with a processing power at least 10.000 stronger than one of those ancient gaming pc's from centuries ago.

Saibu sighed.

"Alright class this was history for today, make sure to make the homework seen on page 69 section 2, I will send it to your MG's."

In this world everyone has a microchip implanted into their heads called MG, which stands for Mega Genkai Chip or Mega Goated for the younger kids.

Finally this stupid day is over its finally weekend!

Everyone left the classroom including Saiba when he was heading to the first floor another sandstorm forced itself through the hallway, like the cum that just plurges out the peepee without being able to stop it. The sand got into Saiba's dirty dark blue hair and into his clear brown eyes.

Fuck this is already the third time today!

His full black uniform was dusty and stained as fuck, apperently they forgot how to wash clothes lmao, but not that it matters even if you did the next it would be dirty again anyways.

Saiba dusted himself off for what it's worth and finally headed outside the damn school, now walking along the sidewalks.

All the structures around him were in short, medium and tall sizes. The colors were always around the same, it was either filthy white, shitty gray or poopy brown with garbage maintenance since I guess the majority was too broke for that, only the government facility and massive companies were known to have fancy looking buildings.

The cars were pretty much the same for centuries, the only difference being that now we have automatic opening doors and a 100% AI self-driving system that can never ever make a miscalculation.

Man I wonder what I will do at home this weekend, but I gotta be there quickly as I forgot my gas mask today. I don't want to catch that pollution after all.

After walking for 2 more monotone, more bland than our bedsheet ass blocks, he passed a Data Center. It was from a famous, more like the infamous company Surtatorship Tech. It is a collection of information, surveillance footage and other shady stuff probably not disclosed to the public.

Suddenly, just as Saibu wanted to cross the road to continue walking, laser and energy shots could be heard from behind.

He just got jumpscared as if he was playing that animatronic from centuries ago.

"What in the actual fuck!"

Saiba turned around and saw four heavily armed and unregonsible, blast through the Data Center's entrance.

"Come on, we gotta move quick!" A male voice shouted.

Sirens could be heard from a distance.

“Shit the Dick Peepees are here!” Another female voice claimed.

Another person went into a white van that was parked in front of the center, however they noticed Saibu saw them.

“Wait, that kid saw us, what do we do?”

“Just kidnap that bastard!”

Kidnap?! Fuck I need to get out of here and quick!

Saibu tried to nigero dayo but the van started to accelerate and caught up pretty much in an instant. The van’s side door opened and a hand grabbed and and yeeted him inside the car.

“What the fuck, leave me alone!”

“Shut it kid before I punch your skinny ass to death!” The male voice threatened.

“Ugh Kaku I’ll take care of this, your shiity voice makes me wanna hang myself.”

The woman was now getting closer to Saibu and he was about to shit his pants.

“Hey criminal, you better stay away from me or else I will pee on your face!” Saiba had a horrified expression on his face.

“Hahaha sure buddy!”

The next thing Saiba knew, the lights he couldn’t afford went out.

???, ???, Japan

???, 2369


Saibu just got slapped harder than a league of legends player that hasn’t showered for 3 months.

He woke up and started to look around.

It was a small room with white walls and it had black carpet flooring. There was a big red couch in the middle along a wooden stand that had a FlatTech on it. This seemed to be a living room in a middle sized apartment.

“Rise and shine little shit!”

Where the fuck am I?

And why am I tied to a damn chair? I never said to anyone that I am into bdsm so why?

Ugh let me start asking questions or else I won’t get any further. I soooooo wanna shit my pants right now, but I gotta seem confident!

“Who the hell are you people and where am I?”

“Starting to ask questions now huh? For a brat you are quite smart.”

Saiba took a closer look at this woman, she had long black hair, clear red eyes and pale skin. She was a bit on the shorter size and was wearing full black casual wear, you know like the kind you use for robberies and stuff.

“But isn’t that common sense, missy?”

“Shut yo bitchass up, anyways let us introduce ourselves.”

Man she sure is rude, this hoe got taught no manners.

“I am Akari and the old man sitting on the couch is Kaku”

“Hey I am only in my thirties you wrench!”

“Excuse me, do you want me to castrate you?!”


Kaku stood from the couch and stood next to Akari. He had short white hair, purple eyes and tanned skin, he wore the same black outfit of course.

“Besides us there is Sara and Taiku, but they are not here at the moment.”

“Okay that’s nice and all, but can you please let me go? I mean I got school and parents and a home ya know. Unlike you people I live a totally legal life.”

“Hahaha kid.” Taiku laughed. “The only thing you learn at school is weird ass indoctrination and math, because everyone has to suffer. Supreme education is only reserved for the elite.”

“Okay mister that was suuuuuuuuuuper interesting *cough* Anyways if I may ask since you people will probably won’t let me go. What in the actual fuck is your goal? Y'all came straight out of a Data Center!”

“Oh that…. Uh Kaku you can explain this part.”

“Oh kiddo glad to see that you are putting attention to our noble cause! You see, since the pre dystopian times, the biggest medium on the planet, also known as porn was always censored in Japan centuries ago and the uncensored versions long lost or heavily protected. In Dapan it's worse, even the boobies get censored and it doesn’t just limit itself to DAV but also to manga, TV shows and the entire entertainment industry! We want to take this government and attack their Databases in order to release free uncensored Dapan content to the world!”


“Are you fucking serious? Are you joking or being ironic?”

“Uh no…”

“Miss Akari, why do you help this man out?”

“Listen you little brat, I want to read my yaoi doujinshi uncensored okay?”

“Of course It always has to be the fujoshis, damn it! Like we are living under a totalitarian regime with constant surveillance and no room for privacy. I think they are even looking when I am taking a shit at school! Our water quality sucks and the air is dirtier than my sweaty balls at the end of the day. Heck we have to walk around with gas masks as if we live in some post apocalyptic society and all you think about is free uncensored pornografic media?!!”


“Who asked for your input, listen, now that you know everything I will give 2 options.”


Akari pulled a laser gun out of her shirt.

“Join or die!”