Chapter 4:

True Form and Taking all the Quests.

Oppai Loli who has a Demonic Hand Goes on a Adventure

Lisa wakes up from her Bed with a headache and so She walks over to her bathroom and looks into the mirror and Lisa was surprised of what she was seeing She was now full formed a demon she had sharp teeth,Her Horns where not a full 7 inches and he wings has grown a bit and got Thicker and Her Left arm is now covered in the Same Demonic arm but it's more like it's part of her skin and has another crimson eye but it was a lot smaller than her right arm And Last Lisa see's a Long Demon tail right behind her and at the end it had a heart shape design at the tip of the tail.

Lisa then goes into her shower and starts to clean herself as she did Lisa wanted to know what happened if she played with her tail and so her ten inch tail goes in her face and Lisa Starts to rub it and Lisa got a shock of pleasure and quickly Lisa stop doing what she did and finish taking a shower dressing up in a pair of clothes that let her wings and tail to be free and out in the Open and so Lisa checks her Stats to see if anything changed.

Name:Lisa Red
Race:Adult Demon
Soul's Eaten:10
PowerLevel:12,850(Powered By ten souls)
FullPower:20,480(Powered By Ten souls)

Lisa sees that sense the seal was gone she now has her true power reveal it self to her and so she walks outside to the guild so that she can get a quest and enjoy getting some money for herself, Lisa was now in front of the guild desk where Alice was and so they both talk.

Alice:Hey i would like to say sorry for what i said and did yesterday i was not thinking right and i just wanted to get rid of you so i got Leon to "Duel" you in hopes of killing you i got a talking by Moto and can you forgive me?

Lisa Red:I will forgive you this Once but if you try to kill me again i will not forgive you not kill you but not forgive you ok.

Alice quickly say ok and then ask Lisa if she wanted to take a quest and shows Lisa her Options
Quest#1:Kill Ten Orc's (30 coins)
Quest#2:Complete One Dungeon (Reward 50 Coins)
Chain Quest#1:Kill One Wyvern (Reward 120 Coins and a Egg Incubator)

Lisa then said that she would take all three of the quests and so Alice gives three quests sheets of the Quests to Lisa and so She is off to finish these quests and Prove to other guild members that even someone like her is not evil and People in this guild will give her respect.

Lisa was now doing the second quest to Complete a Dungeon sense killing ten orc's was easy for her to do and the Quest Paper has a Check mark on it and She found out that is how she is going to known that she finish it,After an hour of walking Lisa had found a dungeon to enter and she sees a sign and it say's "Dungeon of the High Orc's Beware".

Lisa then walks inside of the Dungeon and then walks over to the first Part of the Dungeon and torches Lit up by them selfs and 10 High Orcs spawned and they all wear leather armor set's and wield Spiked Iron Clubs and Lisa Power up to 100% of her Power and She Wants to End this with her Demon Blast and the Battle Starts.

High Orc's PowerLevel:8,000 to 12,000(for Each High Orc)
Lisa Red PowerLevel:20,480(Full Power)

Three of the Orc's Charge at her with there clubs in hands and at Hyper Speed Lisa Grabs two of the High Orc's Head's and Crushes them against each other killing them and the third one had a giant Hole in his Chest with a powerful demon fist and the Body fell onto the ground and died in a giant pool of blood the Seven other High Orc's where in Pure Horror of what Happen to their bothers and they did not Move and Lisa realized that they where distracted and Starts to Charge Up a Demon Blast in her hands and so a Dark Aura goes around her Two Demonic Hands and in only Seconds Lisa Shoots out a Blast of Demonic Energy at the Seven the Blast was Large and was going even faster in Speed and so the Blast Hit all Seven High Orc's Killing them All in One Hit in a Glory of Blood and Gore.

Demon Blast PowerLevel:38,450(Full Powered)

Lisa smiled at her easy win and so She absorbs all ten of their souls and now had a count of twenty Souls in her and Now feels even More Powerful and so Lisa checked her Stats.

Name:Lisa Red
Race:Adult Demon
Soul's Eaten:20
PowerLevel:32,650(Powered By Twenty souls)
FullPower:45,865(Powered By Twenty souls)
Skill Info Update:Your Demon Punch turned into CrimsonPunch which is a More Powerful Punch fusion of Demon and Crimson Magic.
DemonBlast turned into Demon Beam You can Now Shoot a Beam of Demonic Energy and the More you Charge the More Powerful it can become.

Next new Skill is called OverDrive this skill will Multiply all of your Stats by 100% but can consume your Mana very fast so only use it in seconds,And with each level will increase the power of it by 10% each level and take less amount of Mana overtime with each level.

Lisa was a bit shock that two of her skills evolved to become more powerful and so Lisa once again walks down to the Next floor of the Dungeon.

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