Chapter 3:

0.3. Girl on The Street

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

Her hair smelled really good.

That's what I thought while teaching her how to formulate a complex spreadsheet into a chart for the presentation she was going to have in tomorrow's meeting. She had trouble trying to illustrate everything into a simple, easy-to-understand format.

I leaned against the table, she observed from nearby, nodding without noticing how our shoulders were touching.


It makes my heart waver but.. I can't betray my friend, AKA my first boss. He confessed a while back that he has feelings for her.

"Got it?"

"Yes. Thank you a lot for your help."

"Good luck tomorrow."

"I will."

I waved her goodbye and left.

I got on the elevator and pushed the button.

I took out my phone.

["Want to have dinner together?"]

["I'm having dinner with the company staff today. Sorry."]

["No worries."]

I feel bad for how busy my first boss is most of the time. Meetings here, meetings there, it's a never ending treadmill of work.

Compared to his life, I think I'm absolutely blessed to be working fixed hours.

The elevator came to a stop.

I got out and was about to leave the lobby when I noticed my kouhai sitting at the 'usual spot'. Xe looked like xe was in a daze.


"Hm? Mister Avner."

I walked toward hir.

"Haven't you left?"

"Oh. I was waiting for you actually."

"No pickup?"

"I just realized that my sis is out of town. So I need someone to drive me back home."

"What if I'd already left? You didn't even text me."

"No way. I know you haven't left. Saw you with the boss, I just didn't want to disturb.. my bad," I dropped my fist on hirs head gently, xe apologized prompt.

"Nevermind. I'll drive. Follow me."

Kouhai normally sits somewhere in this location whenever xe's in need of a ride home. This isn't the first time that its happened.

I clicked the keys to unlock my car.

"Have you eaten dinner," xe asked, pulling hirs seatbelts on.

"I was planning to."

"Eat out?"


"I haven't eaten."

"Fine by me. Where do you want to go?"

I started the engine and began pulling out.

"I don't know. I'm fine anywhere."

"The usual then."


"How do you even find the people to delegate to? I don't understand?"

Lianne's brows knitted together. Xe stuffed hirs mouth with fries.

We were at our usual dinner spot that whipped up various food items, seated close to the window.

I find that hirs has a childish taste preference. A quartet of small burgers, each with doggy-style flags and a side of fries and mashed potato with thick gravy.

As for myself, I had mala-ramen at XS spice tolerance. It's bearable if I have a glass of milk tea with me.

"You just have to find them. A lot of trial and error is required to find the right person for the right job. It's not like I created my partnerships in a few months."

The reason why I'm able to get so much work done as an admin is because I outsource some projects to people working in third world countries.

Obviously, I don't delegate anything that infringes on important company data like sales numbers, salary numbers and the likes.

"You'll get it eventually."

I slurped my noodles, kouhai just nodded away.

"Actually, I heard a rumor."

"A rumor?"

"The boss of our boss likes our boss."

"Boss and secretary. Most people would liken them to that cliche."

"So is the rumor true?"

"No idea."

I shrugged nonchalantly.

Meanwhile, in my mind I'm telling my first boss:

Who did you leak your secret to, man? The skeleton in the closet is dropping out. You'll need to dig a grave for it soon.

"How about you? Do you have anyone you like?"


Kouhai nodded. What an odd question to ask at thai sort of time.

Pu'er's image flashes past.

"Not particularly."

Kouhai nodded again, this time, with a more contemplative countenance.

"How about you?" I asked.

"I think you should already be able to tell by now.."


Xe pointed at me with a fierce look– like a threatened kitty. Don't claw me!

"Don't say anything."

"Aye, aye captain!"

Xe heaved a sigh and sucked on the straw, hirs cheeks puffed up.

Xe somehow looked a tad disappointed. Maybe xe's in need of some love advice?

"Davina is pretty quiet in the office. You'll have to approach her yourself if you want her to notice you. I wouldn't say you don't have a chance.. actually, office romance is going to affect overall productivity, isn't it?"

"You're one to say."


"Nothing," kouhai grumbled.

I silently prayed for their happiness in my heart.


I sent hir home. Xe lives in a flat located close to the Frazel Cove in Zone 11. An ELRT connecting station is being built, so xe'll eventually be able to head over to the workplace without needing to hitchhike on hirs sister's car in the near future.

I also live in a flat, just in an entirely different location.

Parking my car, I got out and carried my bag.

This place gives me the creeps all the time. Today especially it seems, the officers didn't notice that there's a broken light here. It was flickering a few days before. I suppose it finally gave out today.

I had to use my phone flashlight to make my way through the dark. It's like walking into some haunted parking lot.

I turned on the curb and..

My heart stopped.

But not for the reason you think. No, not a ghost or ghoul.

A girl.

A girl with blue hair wearing a white dress fainted on the paver.

I quickly rushed over.

"Hey, are you alright?"

I quickly rolled her over..

My heart skipped a beat.

Who is this? She's like.. a goddess… but smells like lavender detergent for some reason.

I nudged her shoulder to call her awake.

I slapped her cheeks.

Her breathing is steady, xe doesn't seem to be struggling..

Not cardiac arrest.. so what is this?

I think I should call an ambulance in a situation like this but.. she's too inconspicuous. Who in the world wears such a revealing white dress at night?

What should I do? I don't want to be called a pedophile?

There's no smell of alcohol and..

Right. That's it.

Call the night guard.

I rushed over to the elf at the guard post working the night shift.

"Mister. There's a suspicious blue haired girl lying on the street near the parking lot," I said, pointing my hand in that direction.

The guard picked up his walkie-talkie and said some gibberish before returning to me.

"I'll go check it out."

"Thank you."

Confirming xe had banked the curve, I made my way up the stairs.

Wheewh, problem solved.

I returned to my apartment. Taking off my shoes and socks, I dropped onto my bed.

"I'm so tired.."

What if the guard rapes her?

"I don't think that'll happen."

What if she's suffering from a sudden brain hemorrhage?

"I should've called for the ambulance huh?"

I should stop thinking about it. The guard has it settled, don't involve myself unnecessarily..

"Right. I still have 'that' I need to do."

I forced myself up and took a shower. Then I tossed my clothes into the washing machine before coming to the living room– which is really just a small space in front of my bed, that is.

I pulled open my shelf and took out the grimoire and notebook hidden underneath.


A mess of glyphs that I can't understand.


"Where did I stop?"

I tapped the ball point part of the pen on my chin.