Chapter 4:

0.4. Girl on The Street

We Got 'Shipped' by the Goddess

The next day, morning.

After a quick wash, I made myself a light breakfast of bread before heading out. The sun hadn't risen, the time was still early.

I greeted the guard at the gate.

"So, where did you send her?"


"That girl from last night."

"Last night? Was there a girl?"

"Didn't I tell you there was a girl.."

"What happened to you?"


"Your face."

I quickly took out my phone and flipped the camera.

Holy moly.. what did I just do?!


"Morning Mister Avner."

Kouhai just arrived, placing hirs bag down on the floor, xe shifted hirs seat and sat.


"Mister Avner? Did something happen?" kouhai asked.

I raised my head.

An exasperated expression bloomed on hirs face. Covering hirs mouth with both hirs hands, hirs elvish ears twitch in surprise– cute.

"What.. happened?"

I tapped the pen all over my face yesterday as I was trying to decipher the demonic grimoire–

I couldn't say that obviously.

"It was an accident."

"Your nephew?"

"No. I live alone. I was using a pen last night to write stuff and didn't realize I was poking myself with the pointed tip."

I came to the office early and took to the lavatory– just to find that I couldn't wash it off with conventional soap.

I gave up eventually and prioritized getting my work done. I didn't come to the office two hours early just to fool around.

Today is the day I need to submit a full letter and schedule for the manufacturing plant. After which I need to contact the logistics department to prepare the warehouse to bring in the supplies that have just arrived. Then I need to type out the new itinerary based on my second boss' (Pu'er Julis) draft due to some restructuring happening in the sales and marketing department. And finally, finish up the spreadsheet for this stack she left me with yesterday.

"Pu'er will not be in the office today. She's having a meeting at headquarters," I said.

"Is it?"

"Yeah. And here."


I passed my kouhai hirs share of work.


"Wow, what happened to you?"

I was having a short break at the pantry when one of my colleagues, Steven, approached me and gave a verbal slap to my face which looked like it had been slaughtered by a 5-year old.

"I accidentally poked the wrong place using my pen."



"Nothing. You have it rough too huh.."

I totally got that joke. Steven you pervert.

I sipped on my Pu Erh tea, watching as Steven slotted a capsule into the coffee machine.

While waiting for the coffee to brew, he turned to me and stared at the cup in my hand.

"Is that Pu'er tea?"

"I'll assume I don't understand what you mean."

"Right. Right."

I turned towards the office and noticed kouhai talking with Davina. Good luck. I'm rooting for you two. Maybe.

"You know there's a rumor going around that apparently Pu'er's boss likes her."

"I heard."

"I personally think they're a good match."

"Same here."

I placed my cup on the counter and took out my phone to text my first boss.

["My friend, you're screwed."]


"Mister Avner, are you going out to eat today?"

"I am."

"Then can I join?"

"If you're alright with.. actually no. I'm sorry. I'm having a proper dinner with Mister Winston today."

"O-Oh. I see.."

"Maybe tomorrow."

"Tomorrow is a Sunday."

"Oh right. Then next week."

"Right. See you next week then."

I waved kouhai goodbye as I cleared up some of the papers on my desk. Arranging them based on projects into their respective compartment, I double checked my priority list before deciding to wind down.

I took out my phone..

Three missed calls. Hot damn, of all times my second boss could call me?!

I quickly called her back.

Doot. Doot.

I put my phone on mute and tucked it into my bag because I needed to focus on my work. I can't believe it backfired.

The ring of death echoed in my ears..

["Avner Franc."]

A chilling tone came from another dimension..

"I-I'm really sorry?! What is it?"

["You.. nevermind. I'm heading over to the office. Why did you not pick up?"]

She's calmer than expected, her mood is good perhaps? I heard the background noise of a car engine, is she driving? Bad Pu'er.

"I was trying to focus on my work so.."

["Whatever. I'm coming to the office now. Are you free for dinner later?"]


Holy duckling. Did something happen to her today?

"Did something go wrong during the meeting?"

["No. It actually went really well. Thank you for helping me with the charts yesterday."]


What's up with her tone of voice? Where goes the angel-reaper who's constantly aiming for my life?

["Let's have dinner somewhere. There's something I need to talk about."]

"Um.. I'm sorry but.. I actually have my evening booked by.."


"Your boss.."



["Nevermind. Some other day then."]

"Y-Yeah.. apologies. If not, we could always talk on the phone or something.."

["No. It's quite personal so I don't think it's appropriate to talk on line like this. Enjoy your dinner later."]



I looked at my phone screen.

Huh. She hung up on me.

Could her 'personal issue' have to do with my first boss? Such thoughts crossed my mind as I waited for my messaging app to load.

["Boss. How did the meeting go?"]

["We'll meet at Wisteria at 6:30 pm."]


["My secretary said she had something on tonight. "]




He sent me an image of the location where we'll be having dinner. Isn't this Alskan Spire?

["Wait for me in front of the Wisteria restaurant. 24th floor."]

["Ma dude. I'm poor."]

["I'm sponsoring."]

["Don't regret."]

I looked away from my phone and rubbed my eyes.

Just what is going on?