Chapter 5:

How Lisa got her Demon arm and why she fight's (Side Chapter)

Oppai Loli who has a Demonic Hand Goes on a Adventure

A Long time ago Demon's and Human had a two decade long war against each other many have died from the battle and so demon's where defeated and they where Pushed back to where they lived.
None of them do not want any War's with any other kingdom but sense their King is a ruthless Leader who makes the strongest of the Bunch fight for him and he over tax the people most of the time they starve sense they can't grow food on there Land

One day a small a Mother Named Maria and the Father Named Nova where Part of a Race of demons that are born with a weapon that can take down the demon King And one day the had a Baby girl they have Named Lisa Red and she was born with the Demonic Arm which both Parents where proud of and so for the Next three months they Lived a quite Life raising there Kid and teaching her how to fight and their Stories but one day something Bad Happened.

The Demon King Called Tyrant Heard from his Servant that the Maria Family Had a Child that will Kill you and take your Place and so The King in great anger Said"I WANT THEN FAMILY DEAD YOU HEAR ME AND NO ONE WILL TAKE ME DOWN!"and so Guards where send to the How to Kill the Family.

Maria was Holding her Little Lisa in her Arm's and hears something from her door and she was afraid it was the KIng's Guards and quickly she tells her husband to Get He Baby out of her Now and so Maria Puts a Seal on her Baby to Hide her Demon appearance but it was too weak to seal the Demonic Hand and so Nova get his Daughter and Leaves in haste.

As Nova Leaves He hears the Guard's Kill his Wife in Cold Blood and he flew as fast as he can and so he flew for two day's with no food or water he grew weak and he finally got to a Human Village and so he drop's his Baby off on a Random House door step and fly's of ready to die in the forest of Monsters with a smile on his face and so he Baby girl Lisa Cried that Her Parents died Protecting Her.

After an Hour a Human Couple of the Age of 40 to 50 Came back to there house to see a Baby on there door step and they Take her In after feeding her some Milk they see that her arm was off but that did not make them not want her but want to keep her safe from the harms of fighting sense they where people who where not fighters but People who sold Mushrooms for what little coin they can earn.

A few more months later Lisa was now one years old and was different from other one years old and three reasons are is that she can walk,Talk and read but also had a thing for fighting she adore books about different fighting styles and the first book was called"How to Instant kill your enemies" and Lisa learned how to break peoples necks how ever before she can read more Her Mom and dad takes the book away from her and that was the day she never had a chance to join the Dragon fighter's and learn how to fight.

After 29 years Lisa Lives on her own and she never grew past 3ft8 and her parents died from health problems and they are in a grave that she make when she was 20 years old and so One day Lisa Red walks outside of town and did one thing that her Parents never let her Kill a Monster and so when she did by snapping it's neck Lisa gained her Memories as a Demon's child and so she set's out to get stronger,Break the seal on her and Kill the Demon King who Killed her real Parents and so she was off with her goals Hidden from anyone else.

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