Chapter 6:

The Message

Heaven's Codex

...Three Days passed After the City Of Zion siege

Date — March 27, 345 Babel Calendar

Location — Sector 1: Capital , Babel

Time — 8:34am

We're about to ride the train to the school, I'm alone with Heva sitting on the Train Station's Waiting Chairs. I feel the sudden awkwardness between the two of us, so I thinked out a topic to start a conversation with her—

"H-Heva?!"  "M-Minoru!?"

We simultaneously faced and called each other, causing the awkwardness to rise stronger—

"Y-You say it first, Minoru!"

"No no, Heva, go ahead!"

When im about to say the useless topic I came out with, I noticed a slow train bagon stopped on the Station. I fixed my glasses and stared on it, its white paints seems like scratched and i noticed a lot of burn marks all over the bagon—

"That one's kind of...unfamiliar"

"Huh? What?"

"No, I mean that Train Bagon...wasn't Babel's Trains are painted Red?"

"Hmmm, now that you say that, yeah it is..."

We saw a dirty and seems like wounded man left the train bagon. Concerned, Heva ran to the man's direction...

"Sir! Are you okay? You're wounded!"


[Crowd]: *murmur* *murmur*

I helped the man stand up, he said a very strange sentence—

"This is a message: 'I...Leviathan will slauther you all"

Upon saying those words he barfed liters of blood, his eyes bulged upwards, blood started to came out from his eyes and nose, and he screamed so loud in pain..


I sensed what's going to happen and jumped to Heva covering her—The man's head exploded in random directions covering the whole floor with blood. The parts of the man's head were all shattered on the floor, some of the people who saw the scene started puking for how disgusting that was...

"H-Heva! You okay?"


Heva saw what happened behind me and her eyes widened, he lift her hands to her lips covering her mouth, she spoke with a shaking voice—

"What happened here?"

"To think someone would put such a cruel spell, its frightening.."

"Minoru, can you get off me now? Lets go back to the Dorms and wash up!"

"Yeah sorry, we better call Gab too."

I taken off my bloody coat and lied it to the man's corpse

"Rest in Peace, sir."


We entered my room and I immediately ringed Gab—

[Calling: Gab — Status: Ringing]

[Minoru]: "Gab!!!"

[Gab]: "Minoru, what's that I heard just now? Some of the Academy Students saw you drenched with blood along with Heva! What happened?!"

[Minoru]: "That's why I called you, we saw a suspicious looking train bagon on the track earlier and a man showed up saying a message..."

[Gab]: "A man...? Message?"

I looked on Heva's face and said the man's last words—

[Minoru]: "I...Leviathan will slauther you all...after saying that, his head exploded."

[Gab]: ...

[Minoru]: "Gab?"

[Gab]: "What's the bagon color?"

[Minoru]: "White designed with Yellow Lines on the sides."

[Gab]: "Its Zion's Sectoral Train!! Thanks for the Information Minoru, now its confirmed..."

[Minoru]: "What's Confirmed?"

[Gab]: "You'll know this anyway, listen...

...two days ago we received an overwhelming news

...the Zion Sector 

...has Fallen."

[Minoru]: !!!

Heva heard what Gab said and our eyes widened for what we heard. Heva spoke on a shaking voice...

"Oh my god..."

[Minoru]: "How about the Zion's Seraph?!?!"

[Gab]: "Three days ago there was a Sectoral Conference happened in the Capital, every sector's highest Seraphs were obligated to join the conference...while the conference is ongoing we don't know Zion is suffering from a huge enemy attack."

[Minoru]: "Tch!"

[Gab]: "With the Emperor's Order we hidden the news from the public eyes to avoid panic, but now...we won't be able to conceal it, the news will surely reach the people. And after that..."

[Minoru]: "...State of Calamity"

[Gab]: "Yeah, if our enemies started to move again, they'll reach the Inner Belt Sectors—most likely the Boundary of Syria the Sector 4."

[Minoru]: "I'll hang up now..."

[Gab]: "Thank you for the large information you've given, and..."

[Minoru]: "Hmm?"

[Gab]: "Please, Minoru...

...Stay out of this."

[Called: Gab — Status: Call Ended]

The two of us remain silent for a momment, I placed my phone on my table and lift my hands to my forehead due to frustration. Worst case scenario will be the Fall of the Whole Humanity Empire, this is really depressing.

"I'll wash up now"


I entered the bathroom and started washing up my body, I stared to the mixture of blood and water pouring on me in the shower. I shouldn't frustrate Heva no more. I spoked with a echoing voice from the bathroom...

"Heva, you can go now, you don't have to accompany me anymore. You've seen enough.."

"No, I'll stay here..."

—Heva noticed Minoru's Glasses dirted with blood particles

"Do you mind if I wipe your glasses? There's some blood particles on it."

"Go ahead, I don't mind."

Heva wiped my glasses with her soft handkerchiefs. I don't know what happened to me but I asked a pointless question out of the blue—

"Heva, is it really okay for you to stay inside a boy's room?"


"Hahh!? Sorry!! I didn't mean—"

She interupted what I'm still saying and answered the question

"I-Its okay, if it's yours..."


"Minoru, do you think...the world's going to end any momments now?"


...I'm lying if I say no, but there's still hope for us, believe me!"

"If you say so..."

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