Chapter 1:


Worthless Demon Lord!

                          June 7 2062

"Hey, go out with me." I Miyamoto Saiki, needs to confess to a girl because I was ordered to.

"Is that how you ask a girl out? You the wrost." She looks at me with a strong glaring eyes, and of course I look back to.

'Damn I want to hit her, just accept it already.' Is what I had in mind.

"Of course, I wouldn't date a hag like you." I just said something to a girl that you should not say.

She performed a high kick on me and "The why ask me out in the first place!" Hitting me in the face and bouncing me to the wall, and to the ground.

'Of course, I could have dodge it easily but I have my own reasons'

She walked away saying "If you ask me out again your dead!" She said it with a furious voice, walking away in the corner.

"I want to kill her!" I said it as I set my fist on fire. "You can't do that master-"

This is my fairy, of course I am the only demon lord to have a fairy assisting me because I don't know how to date girls.

"Tsch. She hit me flying in the wall and in the ground. She should have held back you know." I know I should hold back but, this is the 4th time making me go hug a wall.

"Master, you should know how a girl feel if you ask her out like that."

"Like how the hell am I supposed to know that!" I don't care about dating stuff and anything about this demon lord thing. Maybe if I win this thing I might know who my father really is.

I Miyamoto Saika, despite being human, I am actually half demon, not by those who won the candidates, nor my mother is a demon. That is because my father is a real demon, that is where I got my powers from, and my reason is to find him and find my mother.

"Hey, master! Hey!" What an annoying fly, well whatever.

"At least let me take a break from this dating thing, my mid terms are comming and I need to prepare." Even though being a deliquent I still need to have a normal high school life and keep it normal as I can. But maybe,


"What was that!"

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