Chapter 1:

How I met "destiny" in the Abyss! However it wasn't the destiny I quite hoped for, so I decided to use my head a bit to make my own destiny!

Shin x Kyoko: "LOVE" is a bloody battlefield, but my Fangs are Sharper!

Hey Admin S again! That was one hell of a prologue, I think I more or less get the idea of the whole Abyssal Retreat thing. 

I guess it's safe to assume that we might actually get something pretty original after all! Anyways let's get back to the fun stuff!

10 years later on the Night of the Abyssal Retreat...

The Moon gave a faint red glow, and underneath it was a Great Festival where all the Dwellers of the Night roamed free. There were werewolves, vampires, ghouls, zombies, skeletons, ghosts, spirits, demons, goblins, and even mythical beast all gathered together under the same banner and peace. However there were 2 vampiric families that shared the same ulterior motive, to fix their mistakes by using their own children!

The father called to his Son, "Shin are you ready to meet destiny tonight?"

The Son replied in an ecstatic tone, "I was born ready!"

The father smiled and said back, "Then go and fulfill your destiny!"

The Son thought to himself, "I'm not doing this for you Dad, I'm doing this for me..."

Shin moved out quickly in search of his "destiny", and on the other hand there was a small pink haired girl standing next to her beautiful Crimson Mother. They stood out quite a bit due to the Mother's stunning appearance, but there was an even more alluring young lady right next to her.

The Mother asked her Daughter, "Are you prepared Kyoko? There's many fine young men to choose from tonight!"

The Daughter then replied, "I will do the best I can! After all I had the best teacher growing up!"

The Mother chuckled at her daughters words, "Hahaha your words humble me, now go! Waste no more time here! For you have a date with destiny tonight!"

The Daughter quickly moved away from her Mother, as she walked off, she thought to herself, "I'm not doing this for you Mom, I'm doing this for me..."

Soon both of the kids began searching everywhere to seek out this potential partner they've been waiting for. However try as they might, no one really stood out to them despite the party having thousands of attendees to choose from!

They searched for hours and after awhile they began to lose heart about the whole ordeal. They've waited 10 years for this night and now it just feels so wasted. Though some people did approach them, they weren't worth much. Just some werewolves trying to make moves on Kyoko or succubi trying to seduce Shin for his royalty status.

Soon Shin found himself standing outside of a drink bar pouring himself some fine red wine, he then asks himself aloud, "Man this whole thing was a huge waste of time, I couldn't even find one person interesting! I think I might just dip soon..."

That was when a particular female voice replied back to him, "Sheesh tell me about it, my Mom had some high hopes that I would find a good guy here but all the guys that been coming up to me are dogs!"

Shin turned around to see the female voice and what he saw next widened his pupils. The girl had long pink hair and her eyes had a reddish glow inside of them, she was adorned in jewels and precious stones and had a long white and red dress on. She had a gold necklace on that bore the Yuki crest on it.

In contrast, Shin just had a black and maroon suit with a bright red bowtie, he even bore his families crest on his left shoulder. His eyes also wielded confidence and royalty for he had been practicing his appearance.

The beauty before him caught him by complete surprise, he then fumbled on his words, "Holy moly you are gorgeous! Wait no, I mean I didn't realize you were a pretty lady! Wait no that's not what I meant either! Well it's not that you're not pretty but-----"

Kyoko began to laugh while interrupting his mangled words, "Hahaha it's okay I know what you're trying to say."

Shin replied, "Y-You do?"

She nodded her head and smiled, "Yes of course I do, I did intend to impress some folks tonight, however I was getting the wrong kind of attention hahaha! You are quite handsome yourself I might add."

Shin began to blush a bit, he's never been called handsome by anyone other than his Mom before. New feelings began to arise in him, Shin didn't know how to process them.

Shin replied, "N-No one's ever said that to me before..."

Kyoko tilted her head in confusion, "Really? I had the impression that you were popular with the ladies."

Shin let out a deep sigh, "Ugh I don't know, I guess I just draw the wrong type of attention. All the girls that've been coming up to me seemed like harlots!"

Kyoko began to laugh at this, "Hahaha I guess you and me both!"

Kyoko then took a drink from her cup, but she realized it was now empty. However after over 80 years of refilling wine glasses for his Dad, Shin could spot an empty glass a mile away! Shin then seized this opportunity to fill her empty cup, he spoke up and asked her, "I see that your goblet is empty, do you mind if I poured you a drink?"

After 80 years of being served alongside her Mother, Kyoko could spot a true servant a mile away! Kyoko seized the opportunity to be served by a man, she then replied, "Please do." She then hands the goblet to Shin and Shin refills both his cup and hers.

He soon handed the goblet back to her, they both raised their goblets to their mouths to drink. Kyoko then realized this was the perfect opportunity to learn this young mans name!

Kyoko called out to Shin before he could drink, "Wait! Hold it for just a second."

Shin lowered his goblet, "What is it?"

Kyoko swirled her glass around and began to get really nervous, she really wanted to know his name but she didn't want to outright ask him. She started to tense up due to the silence and didn't know what to say, so she decided just to go with the flow!

Kyoko averted her eyes away from him, "Y-You're a vampire too right?"

Shin nodded his head, "Yes I assumed you were since your eyes gave off such a beautiful glow."

Kyoko blushed when she heard this, the only other person to tell her she had beautiful eyes was her Mom. Kyoko then responded back saying, "W-We should make a toast! A toast between two bachelor vampires that don't even know each other's names yet!"


Shin tilted his head in confusion, "Is that all? Okay let's start this toast by saying our names!"

"Huh?" Kyoko replied.

Shin reached out and kissed her hand as per custom of the Akai Tsuki's when they meet a female, "Allow me to formally introduce myself, my name is Shin Akai Tsuki of the Tsuki Bloodline of Royal Vampires. I am the next heir to the throne, what is your name?"

Kyoko finally learned his name, she felt kind of happy knowing it. Soon Kyoko leaned in and kissed his cheek as per custom when a Shizuka Yuki meets a new male, "Hello Shin, my name is Kyoko Shizuka Yuki of the Yuki Bloodline of Royal Vampires. I am also next in line to the throne, it is my pleasure to finally meet you."

They both smiled and laughed at each other, then they both drank their drinks. However a loud voice made an announcement that rang through the whole festival.

"Attention all Dwellers of the Night! It's finally 12am and you know what that means! It's time for our annual slow dance!"

They both thought to themselves, "SLOW DANCE!?"

Shin and Kyoko began to see others gathering together fast, a new strange feeling began to bubble up inside of them as well as a faint pink mist began to waft around the floor.

They noticed the pink mist wafting around the floor, they realized what it was.


They just looked around nervously at each other, the music soon shifted to fit the scene and more dancers entered the floor. Neither of them knew what to say but deep down they both wanted it, they were very conflicted.

Soon Shin remembered the words of his Dad, "Shin are you ready to meet destiny tonight?" Shin knew this was the destiny he's been preparing the last 10 years for, and he isn't going to mess up now.

Shin strengthened himself once more, "It's now or never!"

Shin shrugged off his nervousness, fixed his confident smile and extended out his hand to Kyoko. In a polite and gentle tone he asked her, "May I have this dance Kyoko?"

A new profound feeling emerged in both of them, Kyoko couldn't contain her blush or smile! However she wanted to seem calm and collected before the handsome young vampire.

Kyoko smiled, "I thought you'd never ask..."

"It would be my pleasure Shin." She then reached out and met his hand, and soon they headed towards the dance floor.

As they walked towards the dance floor many emotions bubbled up inside of them, there was many mixed feelings and even contrasting thoughts. However they both had one common thought in mind as they walked...

"I'm going to make Shin/Kyoko confess first!"