Chapter 6:

Second Floor and the Big Boss.

Oppai Loli who has a Demonic Hand Goes on a Adventure

Lisa walked down to the second floor of the dungeon and the second floor was a lot bigger than the first and so after walking inside of the room a Message appear in her Mind.
You are now facing a trail of Combat fight 100 high Orc's and get a full heal of both Health and Mana Good Luck.

And so Lisa feels the ground shake and a bright light at the end of the room and One Hundred High Orc's are spawned and are wearing full Bronze Armor and have bronze Maces and all of them look angry and so Lisa Starts to Charge up her Power and the room shakes all the High Orc's did not move but look at Lisa with some scared and Anger after a few seconds Lisa was now at Full Power and the Battle Starts.

Lisa Speed Blitz Over to the Horde of High Orc's and with both of her Hand's covered in Crimson and Demon Power and she Starts Punching High Orc after high Orc and then fly's back Lisa Starts to Fly in the Air and sees that she only got 30 of the High Orc's and as she Flew in the Air Arrow's where being shot at her and Lisa dodges some of the arrow's but others are hitting her in the Arm and left wing with Made her hurt and Lisa was Now Mad and she Roar's and all of them stoped to feel the Power coming from her.
FullPower and Angry:75,865

And so Lisa goes at Hyper Speed at the High Orc's and Starts to rip them Apart Body's where falling on the floor and their Screams filled the room and somewhere outside of the Dungeon a Bunny girl Merchant though she heard a Scream and she though she heard something and goes back to her travel.

Lisa was now calm and the rest of the High Orc's died from Shock and other's died from a Heart Attack from Pure fear and so Lisa's Demonic Hand takes all the High Orc's Souls and Absorbs them and Lisa felt a Massive Power Flow though Her and so she check her Stats.

Name:Lisa Red
Race:Adult Demon
Soul's Eaten:120
PowerLevel:85,450(Powered By HundredTwenty souls)
FullPower:145,865(Powered By HundredTwenty souls)

New Skill Info:CrimsonBomb is Skill that Allow's the User to Charge Up a Bomb of Pure Demon and Crimson Magic and the More time Spend Charging the More Powerful it is and each Level makes it take less Mana from the User.

Lisa then closed the Window and walks over to the Large Door and Opens it and then she walks in the Door Closes and the room Lit's Up with torches on the wall and the Boss Walks out it was a Large Bright Red Wyvern it was 10 feet tall it had sharp Claws on it's feet,It's Eye's where a Black as night and it's Jaw Looks like it can Crush a Body in a Second and so Lisa's goes to her full power knowing that if she tires to be cocky she will Die and she will not Kill the Demon king and so the Battle Starts.
Lisa Red FullPower:145,865(Powered By HundredTwenty souls)
Red Wyvern:245,000
Lisa uses Her OverDrive Skill and she glowed a Crimson red and felt Power go through her and Lisa Charges at high speeds at the Wyvern.

LisaRed FullPower and OverDrive:385,750

Lisa Rams Her Demonic Hand into the Wyverns Mouth and Sends Him Lunching into a Wall with a Large "BOOM!" and Lisa then Stops the OverDrive Skill and checks if the Wyvern was dead and before she can do anything the Wyvern Ran at her and Strikes her with it's Claw Ripping the shirt and drawing some blood then it grabs Lisa and throw's her to a wall and She felt Pain as she lay down onto the floor the Wyvern though he had won but then Lisa got Up from the ground with blood all over her Body She lifts her Head and her eyes where not Crimson Red and Then She Roars a Louder Roar then before and so Lisa goes at a speed that then wyvern did not see her movement.

LisaRed BeyondLimits,LimitBreak and Demon's Fury:2,275,450

The red wyvern was now shitting it's self of the Power that was coming from her and tries to book it and before it can do anything Lisa Uppercuts it's Jaw turning the bone's into Dust and was now flying in the Air and then Lisa Speed Blitzes Attack the Wyvern Over and Over Hitting it around the room like a Pachinko Game After Slamming Both of Her fists onto the Skull cracking it and the Wyvern falls to the ground with a Large "THUD!" and a Giant Crater was Made and Lisa sees that the Wyvern was in death door and then Puts both of her Hand and Starts to Charge Up a Demon Beam and the Wyvern was Standing up with broken bones and One eye was Missing and the Last thing it sees was a Gigantic Beam of Demon Magic and he closes eye's to take he faith and he was Consumed by the Demon Beam and he was turning into as then into nothing.

DemonBeam BeyondLimits:8,675,450

Lisa was now healed by the Dungeon and was now calm and Her Demonic Arm absorbs the Wyvern Soul and Lisa Leaves the Dungeon with all three of her Question done and Quickly fly's back to the guild to turn them in after putting one some new clothes on and then walks inside of the guild and returns all three of the quests she got another chain quest after killing the wyvern and so with 200 coins in a bag she was given to a fellow guild member and so she walks home with a Large Egg Incubator in her Hands and walks in her home after putting the Incubator right by her Desk Lisa quickly falls asleep after using all of her Energy in that fight and falls asleep for the next day.

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